Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 514 - If I Don’t Defeat You, I’m Not Your Father!

Chapter 514: If I Don’t Defeat You, I’m Not Your Father!

“It’s good that you have confidence in yourself, but don’t be too confident! It’d be embarrassing if you lose!”

“I’ve never lost before!” Tang Xiao scoffed.

“That’s because you haven’t met my soldiers!”

Tang Jinyu retorted back. His tone was cold and domineering.

“Tang Jinyu, you’re so arrogant!” Tang Xiao smiled faintly. “Don’t ever ask me to show mercy!”

Tang Jinyu didn’t want to say anything harsh to him. So, he changed the topic and said in a deep voice, “If Jian Qi can survive till the end, I hope you can stop!”

Tang Xiao scoffed. “Are you so sure that your Special Fire Team will win? Aren’t you thinking too much?”

“Are you afraid?”

“Don’t try to provoke me. Don’t you know where I was when I used this trick?” Tang Xiao said coldly.

Tang Jinyu pursed his lips. If he were not his father, Tang Jinyu would have already made a move on him given his attitude.

Suppressing his anger, Tang Jinyu asked again, “Why not?”

Tang Xiao held the phone in his hand. He admired his son’s persistence.

This proved his position!

However, Tang Xiao knew that Tang Jinyu was extremely responsible.

In fact, he would always protect his soldiers. This time around, this soldier’s identity was even more special to him. This meant that Tang Jinyu might do something even more unexpected for that girl.

Just like right now.

Tang Jinyu did not wait for Tang Xiao’s reply. “Are you afraid?”

“I’ve never done anything I’m not confident of!” Tang Xiao said domineeringly. “Let alone that girl, I’ll even eliminate you!”

Tang Jinyu smiled. “It’s settled, then. If Jian Qi is still alive, please stop whatever you want to do to her, including suspicion!”

“Tang Jinyu, don’t you think I would be even more suspicious if she survives till the end?” Tang Xiao asked in a hostile tone.

“She can survive until the end. Isn’t it too narrow-minded for you to suspect a capable person?”

Tang Xiao was speechless.

Damn it. Why do I have such a son?

It was one thing for him to side with her, but he was still dissing him!

“I’m narrow-minded?” Tang Xiao scoffed. “I’ll tell you what it means to be narrow-minded. I’ll kill you!”

“Kill me? You really know how to joke.” On the other end of the phone, Tang Jinyu’s voice was filled with mockery.

This made Tang Xiao even more irritated. “Tang Jinyu, just you wait. If I don’t defeat you, I’m not your father!”

“Don’t be too full of yourself. It’s not good to be humiliated!” Tang Jinyu retorted calmly.

“I…” Tang Xiao was furious.

The subordinates standing at the side were shocked. It was the first time they saw him so angry.

Instructor Tang was the first person to make Tang Xiao so furious!

Were they really father and son?

After saying that, he hung up the phone and turned to his subordinate. “Gather everyone. We’ll have a meeting in ten minutes! I want everyone in the Special Fire Team to die!”

The subordinate nodded and left.

Tang Xiao gritted his teeth. Tang Jinyu, just you wait and see. I’ll make you suffer so much that you’ll doubt life!

How dare you insult me like that!

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