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Chapter 512 - Who Is Stronger Between Tang Jinyu and Tang Xiao?

Chapter 512: Who Is Stronger Between Tang Jinyu and Tang Xiao?

Lightning smiled. As an elder of the Special Fire Team, he had the right to speak.

“The Special Fire Team and the Rising Dragon Team have done six drills. Three wins and three losses for each side!”

Jian Qi smiled. “Does that mean we’re on par?”

Lightning smiled and remained quiet.

Jian Qi looked at him. It seemed like this was a troublesome matter!

“I heard that the Rising Dragon Team recruited three new recruits last week. That’s why they don’t have as good a chemistry as us. Don’t worry, goddess,” Feng Yi said.

Jian Qi smiled. “I’m not worried. I’m excited!”

Everyone looked at Jian Qi’s excited expression and did not seem worried at all.

This girl had always been good at adapting.

“Think about it. In this world, who would have such a bright chance to fight with their future father-in-law? The most important thing is that they can aim at him from afar and eliminate him! They can even capture him. It’s so exciting just thinking about it!”

Jian Qi smiled smugly.

Everyone was speechless.

Young lady, you’re so arrogant. If your future father-in-law finds out, aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to marry Boss in this lifetime?

“I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s arrival.” Jian Qi chuckled. “Do you think he’ll be angry if I kill Instructor Tang’s father in front of him? Will he ignore me?”

“Should I prepare an apology gift to appease him?”

Everyone was speechless.

D*mn, dog food does not exist at all!

“If Instructor Tang gets angry, help me keep an eye on him. Don’t let him get upset.”

Everyone chuckled.

Perhaps, they were worried that they would be eliminated by the other party. It would be extremely humiliating!

This girl was probably planning to eliminate Tang Xiao!

Leng Yu was rather rational.

“Jian Qi, let me remind you. General Tang Xiao is more intelligent and wise than you think he is. Be it in terms of combat arrangements or other aspects, he’s indeed extraordinary!

“He has never lost in any of his battles!”

Jian Qi was confused. “Didn’t you say that Fire and Rising Dragon won three rounds each?”

“Tang Xiao did not participate in the three drills that Rising Dragon lost!” Leng Yu said.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. He was so capable.

“In other words, Instructor Tang lost three times to his father. Moreover, his father wasn’t present during the three times he won!”

That was insane!

After all, she admired Tang Jinyu’s strategies!

He was a sly old fox!

If he was even more powerful than Tang Jinyu, then this person would be quite troublesome!

Tang Jinyu wasn’t easy to deal with. Now that he was stronger than him, it would be even harder to deal with him.

“No!” Leng Yu shook her head. “Whether it’s the three drills that Tang Xiao led Rising Dragon to win or the three drills that Boss led Fire to win, the father and son have never really fought each other!”


“They haven’t fought each other in so many years?” Jian Qi was surprised.

According to her thoughts, they should have done a few rounds!

“That’s right!” Lightning smiled. “That’s why you’re really amazing, Big Sister Qi. When you came, the scene that we’re looking forward to the most appeared. We’re excited that Boss and his father are going against each other!”

Jian Qi was speechless.

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