Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 507 - Jian Qi, Can I Believe You?

Chapter 507: Jian Qi, Can I Believe You?

Crocodile was stunned by Tang Jinyu’s expression.

What did this have to do with Big Sister Qi?

Why was Boss staring at Big Sister Qi with an indescribable expression?

Jian Qi stood on the ground and looked at Tang Jinyu in confusion. Why was he staring at her?

“Crocodile, get out. Tell the others to gather in half an hour!” Tang Jinyu said in a deep voice.

Crocodile nodded. He was curious, but he’d know what was going on later.

Crocodile left and closed the door again.

Jian Qi blinked and smiled. “Instructor Tang, I’m standing upside down. Can you not look at me with such a weird gaze? I’m scared!”

Tang Jinyu put down his documents and walked toward her. “Jian Qi, when are you going to tell me the truth?”

This was an interrogation from the soul!


“Don’t tell me what you said just now is the truth. It’s fine to lie to others, but you just need to tell me when you’re going to tell me the truth!” Tang Jinyu interrupted Jian Qi’s words. There was a glimmer of light in his eyes.

Jian Qi stared at him and blinked.

Instructor Tang, didn’t you just say that I was talking nonsense?

Jian Qi looked at him and blinked. “You still don’t believe me?”

Tang Jinyu stared at her deeply. “Jian Qi, can I trust you?”

Jian Qi was speechless.

She didn’t even dare to talk nonsense with such a pure gaze!

Tang Jinyu didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He just stood there and waited.

Jian Qi knew that she couldn’t stay quiet for too long, or else it would mean that she had given in to his suspicions.

Jian Qi was curious about what Crocodile had brought in just now.

Why would Tang Jinyu look at her with such a strange gaze when he saw it? Then, he asked her in such a serious tone if he could trust her.

Did he really find something?


The more nervous Jian Qi was, the faster her brain worked. In the end, she denied that Tang Jinyu could find out her true identity.

It was impossible!

Moreover, how could a rational person like Tang Jinyu have such a ridiculous idea?

If she hadn’t experienced it herself, she wouldn’t have believed it.

“Instructor Tang…”

Just as Jian Qi was about to reply, Tang Jinyu interrupted her again. “Jian Qi, I hope that you’ll consider this carefully. Your words will affect your future plans!”

Jian Qi was speechless.

This was clearly a threat!

It was a blatant threat!

“You can trust me. I swear on my character…”

“Where did you get your personality from?”

Before Jian Qi could finish her sentence, Tang Jinyu attacked her directly.

“Instructor Tang, is it really okay for you to hurt me so badly?” Jian Qi’s lips twitched. Her delicate face was flushed red because she was standing upside down, and her delicate face made her look even more innocent.

Tang Jinyu didn’t say anything as he stared at her.

Jian Qi sighed. She knew that she would not be able to escape today. “You can trust me. No matter who I am, I’ll never hurt you or anyone in the Special Fire Team!”

She sounded serious.

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