Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 472 - She Didn’t Say Goodbye to That Person!

Chapter 472: She Didn’t Say Goodbye to That Person!

From the beginning, he only used Ai Xi. He only gave her the necklace because he trusted her.

Fortunately, it was through this wiretap. Otherwise, the incident would have been leaked by this stupid woman!

Steve’s eyes turned cold.

He was curious about the other woman’s voice.

Who was that person? How did she know about Number Seven?

Was she really her friend?

Why didn’t he know that Number Seven had friends?

Number Seven had always been a loner. Honestly, if she hadn’t touched something she shouldn’t have, she would have been a natural killer!

He didn’t want to give up such a useful knife!

After all, Number Seven’s talent was the best among the same batch!

However, such a good knife was ruined!

However, why was there such a problem?

Someone was investigating this matter!

Steve’s face darkened.

He couldn’t let anyone find out about this!

Perhaps he should send someone to investigate who this girl was.

Moreover, was there another force behind this person?

Looking at the bug, Steve broke it with a pinch of his fingers and threw it out of the window along with the necklace.

As he started the car, the tires pressed against the necklace on the ground again. Then, the car disappeared into the night.

Not far away, Jian Qi walked over and looked at the necklace and wiretap.

She frowned.

At first, she wanted to leave, but she thought that it was too much of a coincidence that Steve appeared at the same time. That was why he called the police. They were so busy that Steve couldn’t even handle a group of mercenaries, so why did he rush here immediately?

She didn’t think that she would get what she wanted after waiting for a while.

She couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Now, it seemed like Steve was indeed using Ai Xi!

Ai Xi’s death had something to do with Steve!

So, her death had something to do with Steve, right?

Jian Qi’s expression darkened as she looked at the wiretap and necklace on the ground.

Now, her next target would be Steve!

For some reason, Jian Qi felt that her own death was not as simple as it seemed. In fact, she was even more suspicious that there was a more terrifying force behind Steve.

The only thing she did not understand was that she was just a small special agent back then. Even if those missions couldn’t be exposed, there was no need to kill her.

After all, she didn’t have the heart to gossip about those things!

Therefore, she wouldn’t reveal any secrets!

Jian Qi felt dizzy. There were too many things that she needed to sort out.

She turned around and left. As she walked, she threw her mask and red wig into the dustbin.

In the end, she even discarded the jacket.

She intentionally avoided all the surveillance cameras and was about to return to her car.

After all, the current situation was beyond her expectations. She would probably face a near-death situation in the future. She wasn’t strong enough to fight against the entire anti-terrorist department.

Moreover, she had yet to say goodbye to that person!

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