Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 465 - She’s Gone

Chapter 465: She’s Gone

“That’s good.” Tang Yiyi sighed in relief.

“Brother, rest well. Don’t become too tired.”

“Yes, I’m hanging up. Take a shower and get some rest. Don’t worry, okay?” Tang Jinyu said softly.


After hanging up, Tang Jinyu sighed helplessly.

He didn’t know what to say about Qiao Bo’s status in the entertainment industry. It was just like how Jian Qi used to be a member of the entertainment industry. He didn’t even know if she would go back to the entertainment industry in the future.

However, he would never tell her not to do it just because she didn’t like it.

Moreover, who was that girl afraid of?

He was worried that Tang Yiyi would become the biggest victim of this incident.

This wasn’t what he wanted to see, but it seemed like Tang Yiyi couldn’t leave Qiao Bo.

There was something different about her. If not, she wouldn’t have opened an entertainment company under such great pressure!

It seemed like he should talk to the old man about this!

“Boss, how are you?” The door of the room was pushed open, and Crocodile and the others walked in.

Tang Jinyu retracted his gaze and looked up at him. “Did those people leave?”

Crocodile nodded. “We arrived just after we picked up the helicopter!”

Crocodile looked at the phone in Tang Jinyu’s hand, his eyes shining with excitement.

Did he see the picture?

No wonder he didn’t see Big Sister Qi in the room. Did she get punished and ran away again?

Crocodile was so excited that he couldn’t control his emotions. He was about to ask something when Leng Yu beat him to it. “Boss, where’s Jian Qi?”

Tang Jinyu frowned. “Isn’t she with you?”

Moreover, Crocodile sent him a message!

Tang Jinyu looked at him. Crocodile’s smile froze.

Boss, you look so scary!

“Where is she?” Tang Jinyu asked him.

Crocodile: “…”

Why did he ask him?

“I personally sent Big Sister Qi downstairs to the car. At that time, I even told her to be careful on the road. Why didn’t she come back?”

Crocodile looked at everyone staring at him with dangerous eyes. “I really sent her downstairs. Can you not stare at me like that?”

Tang Jinyu remained quiet. His expression darkened.

At the thought of Jian Qi’s abnormal behavior for the past few days, he suddenly had a bad feeling!

Could it be…

He took a deep breath, and his expression darkened. His pale face seemed to have become paler.

“Does she have any communication devices?” Tang Jinyu asked.

Leng Yu shook her head. “No, her backpack is here!”

This meant that Jian Qi had nothing on her!

Tang Jinyu’s expression darkened. “Leave someone else to take care of the injured. The rest of you go and look for her!”

As Tang Jinyu said so, he reached for the IV drip on the back of his hand.

“Boss, your injury!” Leng Yu said worriedly.

Everyone frowned.

“Boss, you stay. We’ll go and look for her.”

“Stop talking nonsense. Let’s go and look for her!” Tang Jinyu threw the IV drip away and put on his jacket before walking out.

Everyone knew that they couldn’t convince him, so they could only let one of them follow Tang Jinyu while the rest of them went to look for Jian Qi.

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