Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 463 - Who Is the Owner of the Phone Number?

Chapter 463: Who Is the Owner of the Phone Number?

Jian Qi touched his red hair and smiled wickedly. “Be good. I still have something to do. My Little Tang Tang is still lying in the hospital. I need to take care of him!”

“It’s true that women don’t stay when they’re older. You forgot about me now that you have a man!”

Jian Qi smiled. “Yeah. I’ll accompany you for a few more days when we get back!”

“Be careful. Don’t let yourself get hurt,” Coco said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t!”

Jian Qi hugged him again before leaving the room.

Qiao Bo looked at Coco’s reluctant expression and couldn’t help but smile. He was actually very envious of them.

Jian Qi put down her bank card and calmly walked out of the room. She looked at the people outside and smiled. “I’m going back to the hospital now. Instructor Tang is still waiting for me. Thank you for your hard work!”

“Big Sister Qi, take care!” The two veterans smiled.

Jian Qi was confused. “What do you mean?”

“It’s fine. I just want you to be careful on the way!” Crocodile walked over and smiled. “Big Sister Qi, I’ll take you downstairs!”

As Crocodile spoke, he quickly pulled Jian Qi away. When he saw Leng Yu walking over, he quickened his pace.

“What did you do to me? Why do you look so guilty?” Jian Qi looked at Crocodile.

Crocodile smiled brightly. “I didn’t do anything. Big Sister Qi, don’t be suspicious. Take good care of Boss and greet him in our stead. We’ll rush over after we’re done here!”

Crocodile said as he pushed Jian Qi into the car, “Big Sister Qi, take care. Be safe on the way.”

Jian Qi stared at him and couldn’t help but laugh. “What did you do? I’ll call Big Sister Leng Yu later!”

Crocodile: “…”

Jian Qi didn’t continue talking to him. She started the car and left, leaving Crocodile alone in the road.

“Leng Yu…” Crocodile couldn’t help but wail. He turned around and went upstairs.

Jian Qi didn’t return to the hospital but went to the clinic again.

She had to make use of this time to treat her eyes.

Moreover, she had something else to do during this process.

As she thought about it, Jian Qi quickly took out the phone and switched it on.

With one hand on the steering wheel, he quickly dialed a number.

Norman was about to pack up when his phone rang.

It was an unknown number.

He frowned and picked it up. “Hello, who is it?”

“I want to meet him in an hour!”

The familiar voice made Norman’s eyes darken. Holding the phone, he subconsciously walked toward the window where there were fewer people.

“I might not be able to do it today. Can you wait until tomorrow?” Norman asked. He was rather upset about the red-haired girl’s sudden request.

After all, there were so many things to do tonight that he couldn’t even handle them!

Moreover, he wanted to know who she was.

Jian Qi ignored him and said, “I’ll tell you where to bring him ten minutes before the agreed time!”

After saying so, Jian Qi hung up the phone without giving him the chance to refuse.

“Hello? Hello?” Norman shouted.

The beeping sound angered him.

After taking a look at the caller ID, Norman frowned and walked toward the office.

He wanted to find out who she was.

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