Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 449 - Sooner or Later, I Will Take Over This Antiquest!

Chapter 449: Sooner or Later, I Will Take Over This Antiquest!

Jian Qi did not waste time talking to the middle-aged man and placed the white powder bottle in front of him.

The man raised an eyebrow and smiled. “You’re so cold. You didn’t even say a word!”

Jian Qi said coldly, “Look at what’s inside. Quick!”

“Little girl, you’re crazy!” The man said. “You’re here to ask me for help. Shouldn’t your attitude be better?”

“You’ve already accepted the money. What nonsense are you talking about?”

The man’s lips twitched. He looked at Jian Qi’s unfriendly expression and did not say anything else. He opened the bottle and took a sniff.

His smile froze.

“This thing…”

“Is there a problem?”

The man smiled and put down the bottle. Then, he walked toward Jian Qi and stared right into her eyes.

Jian Qi stared at him emotionlessly.

The man stared at her for a full minute before looking away.

“Your eyes were hurt by this thing, right?”

Jian Qi nodded.

The man smiled and returned to his seat. Then, he looked up at her. “You’re very lucky. I’m the one who did the research on this thing. Unfortunately, things produced from my research are never a joke!”

“Moreover, I’m very curious. Two mercenaries bought this item from me a few days ago. According to what I know, they were the recently wanted terrorists. Now that you have this item, little girl, your identity is not simple!”

The man smiled.

Even though she was exposed, Jian Qi remained calm.

This man charged astronomical prices for treating patients. And his patients were definitely not good people. If he was not tightlipped, he would have died countless times!

Therefore, she was sure that he wouldn’t say anything!

“I’ve already given you the money. Since it’s your medicine, let’s begin the treatment!” Jian Qi wanted to leave as soon as possible. She didn’t want to cause any more trouble.

“I can treat you, but isn’t thirty million too little?”

“How much do you want?” Jian Qi asked.

Damn it. I handed everything I have already!

“I want another thirty million dollars. I promise I’ll treat you until you’re sick of it!” The middle-aged man said with shining eyes. He didn’t give up on the chance to scam her.

Jian Qi’s mouth twitched. Damn it. He really knows how to trick people!

This was a black shop!

Just you wait. Sooner or later, I’ll come and take down this illegal store!

Jian Qi thought to herself as she nodded coldly. “Sure, but I don’t have that much money on me right now.”

“I’ll give you three days!” The man smiled cunningly. “However, I’m only responsible for half of the treatment. If you don’t have the money in three days, I’m sorry. Your eyes might be worse than they are now!”

Jian Qi nodded. “Sure!”

Just you wait!

She was taking advantage of the situation…

As the night deepened, everything around them became under control.

Tang Jinyu met up with Lightning and Feng Yi. They were already hiding around the terrorists and could see the people in the room.

Other than Qiao Bo and Coco, other crew members were also there. There were twenty of them, but they could only see nineteen!

“Boss, there are six people from Country A!” Lightning said.

“Maybe there’s something wrong with the information, or someone has been killed!” Feng Yi said.

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