Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 446 - Boss, You’re Exposed!

Chapter 446: Boss, You’re Exposed!

From afar, Leng Yu could see what was happening through the scope. She frowned when she heard what Tang Jinyu said.

Was Boss being overly concerned?

“What happened?”

On the other end of the earpiece, everyone couldn’t help but worry.

After all, they couldn’t see what was going on, so they couldn’t help but panic when they heard this.

“What happened to Big Sister Qi?” Lightning asked again.

Leng Yu looked into the distance. “Boss… kissed Jian Qi.”

Everyone was speechless.

What did that mean?

Wasn’t Boss still telling her not to die?

Leng Yu calmly explained, “Boss thought that Jian Qi was going to die soon, so he couldn’t control himself and started talking!”

Hearing that, everyone started gossiping.

“What do you mean by that?” Zhao Yu asked weakly.

Everyone wanted to refute him. Young man, aren’t you focusing on the wrong thing?

Leng Yu looked at Jian Qi, who was staring at Tang Jinyu with a confused expression. She smirked. “Boss is too worried. He forgot that everyone is wearing bulletproof vests. The mercenary shot Jian Qi just now, but it didn’t pierce through the bulletproof vest!”

Hearing that, everyone fell silent.

So… Boss, you’ve been exposed!

All of a sudden, everyone felt a little sad. The girl was already on the verge of ascending to the heavens when their boss had spoken to her with a cold expression. Now, it seemed like she really wanted to go to heaven!

Tang Jinyu heard what Leng Yu said.

Jian Qi blinked. The warm touch on her forehead was too surreal!

Tang Jinyu was stunned when he heard Leng Yu’s voice through the earpiece, and he suddenly froze.

He gently pushed Jian Qi away and stared at her.

Jian Qi forced a smile. “I was about to tell you…”

Tang Jinyu’s eyes darkened. It was dangerous, but Jian Qi’s smile deepened. “The blood belongs to the mercenary next to me. Although the bullet didn’t pierce through the bulletproof vest, it still hurts!”

Tang Jinyu glanced at the bloodstains around the mercenary. Then, he looked at Jian Qi. After making sure that she was fine, he helped her up.

At that moment, Lu Yao rushed over.

“Are you alright?” Lu Yao asked worriedly.

Jian Qi was about to say something when Tang Jinyu commanded him, “Bring her to the hospital!”

Jian Qi was stunned. “I’m not injured. The bulletproof vest protected me!”

Thinking that Tang Jinyu did not believe her, Jian Qi almost took off her clothes for him to see!

“Your eyes!” Tang Jinyu said solemnly. His tone was filled with worry.

Tang Jinyu’s words reminded her that even though she had used two bottles of water to clear her eyes, the effects weren’t obvious. Her vision was still blurry.

That white powder was troublesome!

However, Jian Qi did not want to affect the entire operation because of that.

“My eyes are much better now. I’m fine!” Jian Qi said.

Tang Jinyu was suspicious. “Lu Yao, take her to the hospital!”

“Instructor Tang, we’re on a mission right now. Are you trying to affect my progress?”

“It will only affect you if you don’t treat it!” Tang Jinyu said in a deep voice.

Jian Qi pursed her lips. How stubborn!

“Then, I’ll go myself. Let Lu Yao stay!”

How could Tang Jinyu not know she was thinking? If she were to obediently go to the hospital, she would be a ghost!

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