Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife

Chapter 314 - Do You Still Have Any Sense of Shame

Chapter 314 Do You Still Have Any Sense of Shame

“It’s not that simple? Sister Su Jing, I don’t understand what you mean.”

Hearing Su Jing’s words, Wang Yaoyao was anxious. What did she mean by not being so simple? Could it be that Su Jing didn’t want to let You Xuanheng go? Do you still want to keep him under house arrest?

Su Jing looked at the angry Wang Yaoyao, She hurriedly went forward to appease Wang Yaoyao’s emotions. She could not offend this young miss now, because Wang Yaoyao still held Yue Kai’s shares in her hands. She still had to persuade her kindly, but after You Xuanyao got her hands on it, this Wang Yaoyao would no longer be of any use. Su Jing would definitely not be any more kind to her.

“Yaoyao, you need to be anxious. Listen to me. Who told you to come here to find You Xuanheng?”

” You Xuanyao said, what he said is that Youheng asked him to meet him here, so I hurriedly came over.”

Hearing this, Su Jing’s heart couldn’t help but thump. Could it be that You Xuanyao already knew that he had put You Xuanheng under house arrest? If that was the case, he would definitely blame himself.

“Don’t you think it’s strange? You didn’t see You Xuanheng’s relationship, but you saw me. Don’t you think something’s wrong?”

Su Jing reminded Wang Yaoyao and couldn’t help but walk out of the warehouse to take a look. Fortunately, You Xuanyao pulled behind Tian Mi’s warehouse and hid after hearing the conversation between the two of them.

Su Jing did not see the two of them, but Tian Mi saw Su Jing’s face. That face was actually somewhat similar to her. This Tian Mi’s shock was too great.

She suddenly remembered the scene when You Xuanyao pulled her away from Su Jing. Could it be that You Xuanyao had a ghost in his heart?

Tian Mi raised her head to look at You Xuanyao beside her. You Xuanyao did not notice Tian Mi’s abnormality at all. She was leaning her head out to look at the situation outside.

Tian Mi was a little disappointed. Was it because she was somewhat similar to Su Jing that You Xuanyao was with her?

Anyone would have such an idea at this time. Tian Mi was no exception. However, in the current situation, she could not ask. She could wait for You Xuanheng to come out and talk about it later.

Su Jing and the others had already guessed You Xuanyao’s thoughts. Now, You Xuanyao had to start planning his next step. If he really couldn’t, he was prepared to show himself and directly take You Xuanheng away.

“What’s the matter? Perhaps You Xuanheng is here to see that lover, but you just happened to catch him?”

Wang Yaoyao’s thoughts were too childish. Su Jing did not experience any further entanglement with her. She was thinking about how to make up for it so that You Xuanyao could blame her for not talking about it.

“This isn’t important. The important thing is, do you really want to take You Xuanheng away?”

“Of course. Otherwise, why would I have come all the way here in the middle of the night?”

“Alright, then you can take him away. However, there is one request that you must agree to.”

Wang Yaoyao was very curious about Su Jing’s request, but regardless of whether she could agree or not, she still wanted to take You Xuanheng away. There was no doubt about this matter.

“What requirements? Tell me first.”

“Tonight, you take You Xuanheng with you, and then …”

Su Jing whispered in Wang Yaoyao’s ear. When Wang Yaoyao heard the scriptures, she couldn’t help but reveal a shy expression. However, it was obvious that Wang Yaoyao was very satisfied with Su Jing’s proposal. She silently nodded in agreement.

Su Jing and Wang Yaoyao carried You Xuanheng to the back seat of Wang Yaoyao’s car. Su Jing patted Wang Yaoyao’s shoulder and watched them leave the waste car treatment plant.

After a while, Su Jing drove her own car and left this place.

Only then did You Xuanyao dare to pull Tian Mi out and walk towards the place where they parked.

“Yao, that …”

Tian Mi wanted to say something but she hesitated. You Xuanyao stopped and looked at the little woman beside her. What happened to her? She suddenly became so strange.

“What’s wrong? Did you find anything?”

Yes, Tian Mi discovered something big. It was that her appearance was so similar to Su Jing’s, but Tian Mi was a little hesitant. Should she say it out loud? Because she did not know what kind of reply she would hear from You Xuanyao. What kind of situation would Tian Mi fall into?

“Nothing much. I guess I’m a little tired today.”

In the end, Tian Mi did not say anything and kept these words in her heart.

When You Xuanyao heard Tian Mi’s words, he felt a little ashamed. Indeed, his little woman had been too busy these past few days for his sake. She should let him have a good rest at home.

You Xuanyao reached out and picked up Tian Mi horizontally. Tian Mi suddenly soared into the air and couldn’t help but cry out, but she was gently gagged by You Xuanyao .

“I’m afraid of being discovered.”

You Xuanyao was the only one who still had the mood to kiss around at such a time.

Tian Mi looked at her man in You Xuanyao’s arms. This man was really good to her. He could just sense that she was thinking too much. You Xuanyao did not have such thoughts. She and Su Jing were just coincidental.

You Xuanyao’s car followed closely behind Wang Yaoyao and saw that Wang Yaoyao had brought You Xuanheng to the parking lot below her apartment building.

The car stopped for a long time and no one came out. You Xuanyao was too worried. He couldn’t help but get out of the car and borrow the cover of the car to get close to Wang Yaoyao’s car.

Wang Yaoyao’s car glass was covered with a protective film. She couldn’t see what was happening inside, but You Xuanyao heard an ambiguous voice coming from inside. The voice was clearly a woman’s voice. Could it be that Wang Yaoyao wanted to rob her?

You Xuanyao quickly stepped forward and pulled open the car door. The door was unexpectedly unlocked. The scene inside was simply too difficult for a grown man like him to open his mouth.

It turned out that Wang Yaoyao was lying on You Xuanheng’s body, doing indescribable things

“Wang Yaoyao! What are you doing? You’re just a girl, do you still have any sense of shame?”

You Xuanyao was really angry. In the past, she thought that Wang Yaoyao was an ignorant little princess. Occasionally, he could turn a blind eye to her willfulness. However, she actually dared to attack You Xuanheng and even used such a despicable method. Was this something a normal girl could do?

When Wang Yaoyao heard You Xuanyao’s words, she was jumped. She hurriedly looked for her clothes and put them on her body. She reached out to close the car door, but You Xuanyao tried her best to stop her from succeeding.

You Xuanyao reached out and pulled You Xuanheng over, tidied up his clothes, and helped him out of the car.

Wang Yaoyao dressed randomly and hurriedly ran out. Looking at You Xuanyao’s departing figure, he hurriedly chased after him in a certain direction.

“You Xuanyao, listen to me. Don’t leave!”

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