Best Delinquent Wife's Order: Rise Again, Hubby

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The bar manager slapped Anhao’s hand away. “That’s right! You’ve hit the jackpot today! The other girls are hoping that you’d collapse from all the drinking so they can take your place! I wouldn’t have given such good stuff to you had you not worked here for more than a year.”

“Alright, alright! I’m on it, I’m on it!”

After nodding vigorously, Anhao wobblily ran to change into her usual work attire and put on a special smart wig in the restroom. She planned to earn that hefty sum before crashing for the night.

Both the attire and wig she wore while working in the bar were actually unconventional fashion of this modern era.

First, they fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the bar. And second, most men nowadays favored lovely girls. Those perverts would never take advantage of her due to her adopting such a disguise which made her feel safe and secure.

After that, she then asked her manager for the client’s address. However, the bar manager said with a frown upon seeing her being terribly wobbly while walking, “Look, I think it’s best not to force yourself to do it. Look at how drunk you are now. What if…”

“Don’t say that! That’s five thousand dollars for five bottles of Louis XIII! Can’t you see how awake I am now? I’m even more awake now than ever!”

Snatching the address written by her manager and making an OK sign, Anhao spoke while hiccupping. “Just wait until I make my triumphant return with a huge stack of cash!”

The bar manager helplessly covered his face.

Usually, Gu Anhao was still considerably dependable. She might be terribly drunk, but she was always crafty and resourceful, so he was not worried that anything would happen to her. The bar manager then signaled for her to take her leave.

Anhao stopped a taxi after excitedly heading out of the bar and traveled all the way to Deways Hotel. Despite being so drunk to the point where her vision was blurred, the amount of money she could make from delivering the bottles of alcohol was stuck in her head.


Deways Hotel was one of A City’s best 5-star hotels, and only politicians and people of high status in commercial circles were able to afford it.

After getting out of the taxi, Anhao kissed the note containing the address while carrying those five bottles of cognac before proceeding to waddle her way inside.

On the note were the words ‘Room 1608 of Deways Hotel’. She entered the elevator and pressed a number before closing her eyes. While waiting patiently for the elevator to reach her destination, she was trying hard to withhold the dizziness in her head.

A while later, the elevator made its stop at the sixth floor, and she made her way out the moment the elevator door opened. As she struggled to open her drunkenly obscure eyes, she was searching for the door numbered 08 and finally found it. And then, she rang the doorbell.

After pressing the doorbell for quite some time, someone finally opened the door. Anhao then proceeded to lift up the five bottles of cognac and professionally said with a pretty and seductive smile. “Excuse me, Sir. Here’s the alcohol…”

“Gu Anhao?”

While walking out of the room, the man suddenly said her name with a somewhat cold and doubtful tone.

Anhao was wide awake in shock, while her blurry vision suddenly turned crystal clear.

It was Zuo Hancheng’s gloomy face that made her freeze the moment she took a closer look.

‘Zuo Hancheng! You again!’

Three hours ago, he sent her back to her school and patiently asked her to sleep early. The obedient-looking face she had while waving goodbye some time ago was completely in contrast with her currently astonished face.

She looked like a dissolute escort from a nightclub, especially with her repelling thick makeup, the afro wig on her head, and her unconventional attire along with some heavy metal jewelry!

“Ah! Sorry, Sir. Wrong room.”

Pretending to not know him, Anhao hurriedly took a big step back and was about to run off with the five bottles of cognac after turning around.

“Hold it right there!” Zuo Hancheng called out with a strict tone.

Anhao paused and ground her teeth, she turned back and glared at him. “For what? You’ve seen me dressed like this before! Not to mention you were present in the bar a month ago…”

“Put down your stuff and come in.” His voice turned even stricter and irresistible as he was so pissed off upon taking a glimpse of her disguise.

Anhao stared at him and then glanced at the numbers 608 on the door for the second time. It was at this moment, she realized that she went to another room instead of Room 1608.

She never thought that she would be this unfortunate to run into Zuo Hancheng!

“No! I never expected that you’d come here and have one night stand with whatever chick so late at night! And I really have no intention of disturbing you; I just stumbled upon your room by mistake!”

Anhao randomly picked an excuse to avoid involving herself with him again and then began to skedaddle.

Zuo Hancheng rolled his eyes. “Gu Anhao, I won’t say it a second time. Just get in here now if you don’t wanna be sent back to Gu Residence.”

Upon hearing these words, Anhao’s feeling of seemingly being acupunctured was a bolt out of the blue.

‘Gu Residence! Gu Residence! Can’t believe this man is threatening me with the thorn of my past! How mean!’

Unwillingly entering the room, Anhao saw a bearded foreigner who was wearing a neat formal suit. And beside him were some documents and a laptop. From the looks of it, both he and Zuo Hancheng were discussing about something in the middle of the night.

Just as Anhao was walking into the room, the foreigner asked in inarticulate Mandarin the moment he saw that Mr. Zuo had brought a girl in, “Mr. Zuo, this is…”

“My apologies, Michael. There’re some private issues I have to take care of for the time being. So, how about you give the transnational cooperation agreement to my assistant first, or we reschedule our discussion to some other time?” Zuo Hancheng said after returning to the living room.

Anhao was a bit clueless about the cooperation they were talking about, but the foreigner seemed to treat Zuo Hancheng with respect. Just then, he started to tidy up the things beside him. “Very well then, we’ll talk about it some other time. So, I’ll leave you to it.”

Anhao, who was standing beside Zuo Hancheng, tilted her head while watching the old foreigner. She planned to take advantage of the foreigner by letting him stay for a bit longer so that she could get herself out of this as soon as possible.

As Anhao was about to say something, Zuo Hancheng suddenly gave her a warning sign.


With just one glance, he knew exactly what she was attempting to do, despite the fact that she had not done anything yet!

‘Is it possible that this man is actually my nemesis instead of an angel who descended from heaven and rescued me?’

She never expected that she would come across such a person when she was muddle-headed and got married to him that time!

The foreigner packed both his documents and laptop in a jiffy like he was afraid to delay whatever Zuo Hancheng was going to do and make him feel displeased.

Anhao felt that something was not right the moment the foreigner politely bid them farewell and left the room, leaving only herself and Zuo Hancheng. She carefully put down the cognac bottles and secretly took a glance at Zuo Hancheng.

In an attempt to prevent him from interrogating her, Anhao bought herself some time and said, “It’s late already, and you came all the way to the hotel just to party with a foreigner? I can’t believe how strange the hobbies of rich people like you guys are!”

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