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Chapter 272 - Chapter 272: Fancy Show of Affection (3)

Chapter 272: Fancy Show of Affection (3)

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“No, it’s very appetizing. It’s just that seeing that everyone is talking, I’m too embarrassed to eat.”Anhao said honestly.

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? You’re the granddaughter-in-law of our Zuo family.”Xu Yuan looked at her and smiled.” Hurry up and eat. Otherwise, when it gets cold, we’ll have to ask Aunt Wang and the others to bring it back to the kitchen to heat it up again.’”‘

Anhao nodded and obediently picked up her chopsticks. However, she didn’t eat immediately. She was considering that the conflict wasn’t only with Chengxin but also with herself.

Although Zuo Hancheng and Zuo Yue were trying their best to protect him, it seemed that he was setting more obstacles for his future by completely ignoring the existence of the old man.

Anhao turned to look at Master Zuo, whose eyes were cold and his face was filled with displeasure. He couldn’t even eat.

“Grandpa, this is the first time I came to the Zuo family. I thought you were a loving old man, but I was intimidated by your imposing manner as soon as I entered the house, so I didn’t say much. However, I know that this is very wrong. If I have offended grandfather in any way, please forgive me and give me a chance to be filial to grandfather.”

After she finished speaking, Anhao nodded respectfully at the old man.

Although the old man didn’t like Anhao and didn’t accept her existence, he was still a smart and sensible girl after hearing what she said. His expression softened a little, but it was just a little. However, his tone was still unhappy.

“I’ve been around for so many years, and my children and grandchildren are all busy, including Zuo Yue, the useless girl, who is also unwilling to accompany me. Cheng Xin, although not my biological granddaughter, is better than my biological granddaughter. I want her to be my granddaughter-in-law, and in my eyes, only she has the qualification to represent my granddaughter-in-law’s identity to honor me.”‘

“As for you, Gu Anhao, no matter how beautifully you put it, I will still treat you the same. The Zuo family doesn’t welcome you.”

“The main gate of the Zuo family is no longer my world.”Zuo Hancheng suddenly said,” I’ve already let go of everything in the Zuo family five years ago. This was a choice that Grandpa made for me. I brought Anhao back only because Grandpa said that he wanted to see his granddaughter-in-law. It’s not because I wanted Anhao to come and beg you to let her enter the Zuo family.

She’s my wife. Whether Grandpa agrees or not, she’s still Mrs. Zuo.’”‘

Old Master Zuo looked at her coldly and said,”Hancheng, you’ve grown wings!”

You dare to go against me like this?”

“Grandpa, you are so old, yet you are making things difficult for a young lady like Anhao. As your grandson, I can’t stand it, and as Anhao’s husband, I won’t tolerate it either.”As Zuo Hancheng spoke, he lifted the hand that he and Anhao were holding under the table.

Anhao was stunned. She was completely caught off guard and her hand was raised just like that.

Everyone saw the two of them holding hands. The old man glared at him in confusion.”What do you mean?”

“It is better to destroy ten temples than to destroy a marriage. As an elder, although Grandpa is old and sometimes muddle-headed, he should not be so muddle-headed as to personally destroy your grandson’s marriage, don’t you think so?”

Zuo Hancheng had a faint smile on his face, but it did not reach his eyes.

Old Master Zuo looked at their hands and his face turned cold. He suddenly turned to look at Cheng Xin beside him. “Chengxin, you’ve been in Cold City for so many years, but in the end, he’s heartless. It’s all my fault for causing you to suffer such harm.

There was a hint of disappointment in Chengxin’s eyes, but she managed to control her disappointment perfectly. After she lowered her eyes, she smiled with a strong expression, “”Grandpa, I grew up with Hancheng, and I used to like to stay by his side. Although he was very busy, he always took extra care of me. Although I was hurt when Hancheng left the United States five years ago, it has been so long, and my heart has gradually become numb to waiting.”

Chengxin’s words were not stupid, but it sounded like she had no choice but to give up. However, the unwillingness and disappointment in her tone were not hidden at all.

“Hancheng, since Miss Gu is your choice, I wish you all the best. “Chengxin smiled and raised the glass of red wine in front of her. At the same time, she looked at Anhao.”Miss Gu, have a drink.”

Anhao instinctively wanted to pick up the glass, but before her hand could touch the red wine glass in front of her, Zuo Hancheng’s hand suddenly pressed down on her.

He pressed her hand down.” Anhao just got pregnant. She can’t drink.’”‘

“Look at me, I almost forgot about this. Then… Han City…” Chengxin finally found an opportunity to look at Zuo Hancheng again. She gazed at him gently and raised her glass again. “Then let’s have a drink…’

Before she could say anything more, Zuo Hancheng had already taken the glass of wine in front of Anhao and drank it. Before Chengxin could react, he had already put down the glass and smiled politely.

Chengxin took a few deep breaths and held back the urge to say something. Since Old Master Zuo was right beside her, she couldn’t act too domineering or despicable, so she just held it in and drank two mouthfuls of red wine with slightly red eyes.

Seeing Chengxin’s forbearance, Grandpa Shen’s heart ached. Then, he saw that Anhao really didn’t seem to have much appetite and was just casually eating a few things in front of her. Suddenly, he remembered something.

“Xu Yuan, find some time to bring Gu Anhao to the hospital for a check-up. I want to see if she’s really pregnant.”

Old Master Zuo said as he looked coldly at Gu Anhao, who suddenly stopped eating.”You like fish so much when you’re pregnant? Isn’t the smell of fish disgusting?”

Anhao’s entire body stiffened. She had no idea what it would be like to be pregnant. If Zuo Hancheng had not reminded her just now, she would have already drunk. It was even more impossible for her to know what to eat now.

She hesitated and was about to put down her chopsticks when Zuo Yue, who had been quiet for a long time, suddenly frowned and said, “”Grandpa, you’re really old and muddle-headed, aren’t you? Even I know that not everyone who is pregnant will have morning sickness. There are many types of pregnancy reactions. Do you have to be so suspicious?”

Old Master Zuo was still looking at Gu Anhao, observing all the expressions on her face.

Anhao regained her composure after hearing Zuo Yue’s words. She put down her chopsticks calmly and saw Zuo Hancheng looking at her. She raised her eyes and looked at him.

Others might not be able to see her emotions, but Zuo Hancheng could tell that Anhao was telling him with her eyes that she could handle the situation..

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