Best Delinquent Wife's Order: Rise Again, Hubby

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

In the midst of her struggle, it was at this moment Anhao noticed that she was straddling Zuo Hancheng. Right now, her wrists were restrained and she was in his arms, this kind of position made their relationship look even more intimate.

She froze immediately and withdrew her hand with full force, releasing herself from his hold in anger.

Lucky for her, Zuo Hancheng did not force her or do anything to her. Instead, he let her retreat to the passenger seat.

Looking in the rearview mirror of the car, he appeared unaffected, and his clothes were still neat and unruffled even after going through Anhao’s struggles.

On the contrary, Anhao in the passenger seat, no longer had the unruly and frivolous manner she normally had, as she proceeded to tidy up her somewhat messy clothes. While strictly guarding herself against the man beside her who would really use a more direct treatment on her just as he had claimed. She hastily pulled that blazer of his and used it to cover her thighs.

Zuo Hancheng did not say a word upon noticing her being on guard out of fear. Suddenly, he leaned over to her.

By the time he was near her with a seemingly oppressive strength, Anhao retracted her neck quickly and leaned closer against the seat.

She thought that she could finally escape from whatever troubles Gu family had in store for her when she decided to marry this stranger without hesitation a month ago.

However, after getting married, the man vanished for a whole month. And now, this was their second time meeting each other. He not only tore down all her barriers and pretense, but also thought that it was time for her to fulfill the obligations of a wife.

She originally thought that this was her way out, but she never thought that she would end up blocking all the possible ways out due to her impulse.

Anhao nervously retracted her neck until a trifling sound could be heard by her ear. After that, she instantly opened her eyes and looked at the man who was helping her buckle up.

Noticing that she was so afraid to the point where her face was pale, he caressed her head instead of teasing her again. “You don’t need to return to the dorm at this hour; I’ll find somewhere else for you to sleep.”

The gentle touch on her head made her trembling heart start to pace itself.

The man backed off from her and put his hands on the steering wheel. She then carefully held tightly onto the blazer that was covering her knees. After looking at her seat belt, she looked at him from the corner of her eyes.

Zuo Hancheng’s slender fingers turned the steering wheel and his car headed into the traffic. Anhao thought that she was safe until she suddenly heard him faintly ask, “Why the bar again? Still don’t wanna explain?”

“None of…”

Annoyed that he was being a busybody, she originally wanted to say “None of your business”. However, she was afraid of what he would do to her due to their status as a married couple, Anhao muttered while withholding the humiliation, “I always head to the bar to sell alcohol every night because pay and commission is quite generous there. ”

There was a moment of silence for the man.

She knew that people would be bewildered to see such a mayor’s daughter actually reducing herself to selling alcohol in a bar.

However, Zuo Hancheng did not pry as to why she would do so. With a crisp and strict voice, he said, “You’re not allowed to go there anymore.”

Anhao was instantly pissed off and was unable to control her temper. Then, she turned and looked at him while sitting up straight. “What is it to you?!”

Since the car was driving on a road full of neon lights at full speed, the man fixed his eyes on the traffic ahead instead of her. “I’m your husband, and I have both the right and eligibility to guide your future decisions.”

Anhao’s face tingled. “You want to guide me? Why…”

Anhao was already so used to saying the three words “Why would you”.

However, Anhao knew why. Because he was her legal husband; because she made a mistake of marrying a stranger due to her fight with those psychopaths at Gu Residence.

‘I wanna marry you!’ After that, he vanished due to some urgent matter that day, which she still felt was better for her too. She not only managed to escape the Gu family, but also would not have the need to have a bond with a stranger nor let him disturb her own life.

‘It’s just a marriage certificate; it would never affect my life anyway. I killed three birds with one stone.’

Who knew that after making an appearance today he would be so pompous so as to claim that he was going to tell her how to live her life.

Anhao held back her words and took a deep breath. “At the bar, I only sell alcohol, I don’t sell myself. Plus, I’m an adult now, and whatever I wanna do is none of your business. I bet there’s no such rule in the law, right? So, why meddle in whatever job I do?”

“You’re short of money?”

“… Not really.” Anhao continued to hold her temper in. “I have both the school fees and pocket money Gu Tianming gives me monthly in my bank account. Even though I don’t get hundreds of thousands of pocket money that celebrities and rich people would give, I’m still not short of money either.”

“You’re not short of money, and yet you sell alcohol in the bar every night?”

“I like it, and I’m willing to.” Anhao lifted her chin. “Even without the monthly allowance Gu Tianming unwillingly volunteered to give me, I can still depend on the money I earn from selling alcohol to support myself until I get to study in a university.”

Zuo Hancheng did not say a word upon hearing the indifference and disobedience of this girl, which reminded him of the way the so-called Gu family treated her.

Anhao gave out a satisfied snort, thinking that he had lost in the argument.

Upon sending her back to Enchanting Bar, Zuo Hancheng let her take her school bag and all her stuff.

Then, she took the time to call Chunchun on the phone. Upon realizing that Chunchun had opened a random room in the bar to stay in after being sober, she took her things with relief.


Going into a high-end estate, the car stopped in front of an independent duplex house.

Anhao had a look at the surroundings through the car window and recognized that this was the most high-end Liujing Gardens built in A City a few years ago.

The price was impressively costly. Not everyone would be able to afford to live here, let alone rich people. This estate might be expensive, but it mostly consisted of independent duplex houses. Therefore, there were only sixty-six of them in the entire estate, and the people who lived here were extremely wealthy.

As Zuo Hancheng parked his car in a separate parking lot in front of a duplex house, Anhao became even more curious about who this man here actually was…

She had seen many celebrities and magnates in A City for so many years despite the fact that she was often looked down upon in Gu Residence. But, where on earth did Zuo Hancheng come from? And who was he anyway?

While being suspicious from the bottom of her heart, she was relieved that the internal door locks were finally unlocked and she got out of the car.

Anhao did not have a good sleep last night, and she had been up and about the whole day today. She was, needless to say, exhausted, so she followed Zuo Hancheng into his house with her eyes all blurry.

Before she stepped into the spacious and neat living room, she saw Zuo Hancheng unbuttoning the collar of his shirt like a natural the moment he entered, looking a lot more casual than he was during the day. Then, he went into a room and walked out not long afterward. He was holding half a glass of clean water and drinking it while glancing at her.

Anhao was still standing at the doorway without taking off her shoes and putting down her school bag. Upon seeing this, he put the glass on the coffee table before turning around to look at her and asked, “Not gonna come in?”

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