Beloved Little Treasure

Chapter 20

Yuan Gun Gun unpacked her clothes. But she didn’t know how to refold her clothes. When she was about to give up, she heard a knock on her door.

‘Come in,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Two beautiful maids walked onto Yuan Gun Gun’s bedroom. The first maid carried a uniform and the second maid carried new shoes.

‘Hello Miss Yuan,’ the maids greeted politely and bowed in front of Yuan Gun Gun.

Yuan Gun Gun stood and she smiled at the two maids.

‘You two don’t need to call me Miss Yuan,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘You two can call me Gun Gun. What are your names?’

‘I’m Chen Jia Ting,’ Chen Jia Ting said. ‘You can call me Jia Ting.’

‘I’m Chen Jia Wen,’ Chen Jia Wen said. ‘You can call me Jia Wen.’

Yuan Gun Gun pulled Chen Jia Ting and Chen Jia Wen to sit on the bed.

‘Are you two sisters?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Yes,’ Chen Jia Wen said. ‘I’m the little sister.’

‘We’re Mrs Chen’s daughters,’ Chen Jia Ting said. ‘I’m twenty. Jia Wen is nineteen. We’re both older than you. In the future you can call us big sister.’

‘Big sister Ting, big sister Wen,’ Yuan Gun Gun called.

‘You have adorable soft cheeks,’ Chen Jia Wen said. She squeezed Yuan Gun Gun’s cheek and smiled warmly.

‘Jia Wen, stop,’ Chen Jia Ting said.

Chen Jia Ting pulled Chen Jia Wen’s hands away from Yuan Gun Gun’s sore cheeks.

Chen Jia Wen loved Yuan Gun Gun’s irresistible cheeks. But Chen Jia Ting’s dagger warning was scary.

‘It’s OK,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘My family love squeezing my chubby body too.’

‘Gun Gun, go to the bathroom and change into your uniform,’ Chen Jia Ting said. ‘Mrs Chen asked us to take you to young master’s bedroom.’

‘Yes big sister Ting,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun jumped off the bed and went to change clothes in the bathroom.

Chen Jia Ting looked at the pile of clothes on the floor and she smiled. Yuan Gun Gun wasn’t someone who knew how to take care of herself.

After Yuan Gun Gun came out of the bathroom, Chen Jia Wen squeezed Yuan Gun Gun’s cheeks again.

‘Gun Gun, you suit wearing a maid’s uniform,’ Chen Jia Wen said. ‘If you wore a lace hat then you can be cast as a maid in a TV drama where the young master bullies you.’

‘Big sister Wen, why would I be bullied?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Because you have an innocent face that makes people want to bully you,’ Chen Jia Wen said.

‘Really?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Gun Gun, don’t listen to Jia Wen’s nonsense,’ Chen Jia Ting said. ‘Come here, put on your shoes. Then we’ll take you to meet young master.’

Yuan Gun Gun put on her shoes, and followed Chen Jia Ting and Chen Jia Wen toward Hao Yan Che’s bedroom.

‘Gun Gun, tonight I’ll help you tidy your room,’ Chen Jia Ting said.

‘Big sister Ting, I don’t want to trouble you if you’re busy,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Don’t worry,’ Chen Jia Ting said. She couldn’t resist squeezing Yuan Gun Gun’s soft cheeks anymore. ‘Tonight I’m free to help you.’

‘Thank you big sister Ting,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun linked arms with Chen Jia Ting and Chen Jia Wen.

Fifteen minutes later, the three young women stopped in front of a two metre violet door. On the door were ancient inscriptions.

‘Gun Gun, remember don’t touch young master,’ Chen Jia Ting warned.

Yuan Gun Gun nodded her head and she quietly walked into Hao Yan Che’s bedroom. His bedroom was bigger than Yuan Gun Gun’s bedroom. She would be scared to sleep in his bedroom alone. She thought he looked like the sleeping beauty in fairy tales.

Yuan Gun Gun crept closer to Hao Yan Che’s bed. A bedsheet draped over his waist and legs. She wanted to touch his smooth silver hair and skin. His straight nose and eyelashes were longer than her nose and eyelashes. She thought he looked more beautiful than the maids and Na Liu Ting Du.

Yuan Gun Gun was transfixed on Hao Yan Che’s beauty for a long time.

‘Young master, wake up,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘It’s after sunset.’

Hao Yan Che continued to sleep.

‘Young master if you don’t wake up to eat your dinner, I’ll eat all your dinner,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun was disappointed Na Liu Ting Du’s trick to wake her up didn’t work on Hao Yan Che.

‘Young master, I can see your naked bottom,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun still couldn’t wake up Hao Yan Che. She was about to shake him awake, but she remembered Mrs Chen and Chen Jia Ting’s warnings. She looked around the bedroom for something to poke him awake. Her eyes landed on the bathroom door. She quietly walked to the bathroom, and picked up a plunger.

Yuan Gun Gun walked back to Hao Yan Che’s bed. When she was about to poke him with a plunger, she heard his voice.

‘If you dare touch me with the plunger, I’ll turn you into paper,’ Hao Yan Che warned.


End of Chapter Twenty

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