Beloved Little Treasure

Chapter 192

Yuan Gun Gun carried Na Liu Hao to the elevators. Out of the one hundred floors, she didn’t know why she chose to visit floor fifty-three. She felt like she visited that floor in the past.

News of CEO Hao bringing a beautiful young woman and his son to his company spread throughout the building within minutes.

Yuan Gun Gun held onto Na Liu Hao tightly. She hated hearing the strangers gossiping. She considered going back to Hao Yan Che’s office, but she felt shy around him. So she carried Na Liu Hao and continued walking around floor fifty-three.

Suddenly a woman’s scream was heard. Yuan Gun Gun turned around. The heavy files fell onto the woman’s feet and blood oozed out of the woman’s high heels.

Na Liu Hao’s violet eyes looked coldly at the drag queen woman sitting on the floor. No one doubted he was his father’s son.

‘You demoness, you dare throw objects at me!’ the woman said.

Yuan Gun Gun looked innocently at the woman. She didn’t know what the woman was talking about.

‘Slut!’ the woman said.

The woman picked up a glass vase and threw it at Yuan Gun Gun’s face. The glass vase froze when it was a few centimetres away from Yuan Gun Gun’s face. Then it was flung back to the woman’s face, and the woman’s forehead bled.

‘Ah!’ Yuan Gun Gun cried out. She put Na Liu Hao on the floor, and ran to the woman. ‘I’m sorry.’

Only Yuan Gun Gun knew Na Liu Hao had powers on that floor.

The woman pushed Yuan Gun Gun away. The woman raised an arm, Yuan Gun Gun covered her face, and the woman slapped Yuan Gun Gun’s head.

Yuan Gun Gun cried out, and a knife flew toward the woman’s heart.

‘Hao Hao, no!’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun leapt onto Na Liu Hao’s body. The knife fell onto the woman’s hand.

The woman screamed, and the employees around her panicked.

‘Hao Hao, how can you do this?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Na Liu Hao scoffed. It was the woman’s fault for wanting to harm his mummy.

Feng Ting pushed through the crowd. She helped Yuan Gun Gun stand up.

‘Heavens!’ Feng Ting said. ‘Gun Gun, is it really you? Are you OK?’

Yuan Gun Gun shook her head.

Feng Ting hugged Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Gun Gun, it’s really you,’ Feng Ting said. ‘I’m so happy you’re back. Dummy, why did you leave?’

Yuan Gun Gun’s body tensed. She didn’t know what to say to the strange woman hugging her.

‘Director Feng, there’s a woman injured,’ an employee said and pointed at the woman bleeding on the floor.

Feng Ting let go of Yuan Gun Gun and she looked coldly at the woman on the floor.

‘Call the ambulance,’ Feng Ting said.

‘Get out of the way!’ Hao Yan Che ordered.

‘CEO Hao,’ the employees greeted.

Hao Yan Che walked to Yuan Gun Gun. She saw him and wanted to cry. He hugged her and stroked her back.

The employees were scared of Hao Yan Che’s gentleness.

‘What happened?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

The woman on the floor cried.

‘CEO Hao, look what Yuan Gun Gun did to me,’ the woman lied.

Hao Yan Che only cared if Yuan Gun Gun was safe.

‘What about all the things you did?’ Feng Ting asked coldly.

‘Big sister, what are you talking about?’ the woman asked.

‘You don’t know?’ Feng Ting asked. ‘Miss Yang, don’t you have a good memory?’

Feng Ting didn’t want to waste her breath talking to Yang Wen.

Yang Wen’s tears smudged her thick makeup.

‘I’m sorry,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Hao Yan Che covered Yuan Gun Gun’s mouth.

‘Why would Yuan Gun Gun do this to you?’ Hao Yan Che asked. ‘How did Yuan Gun Gun injure you?’

‘I don’t know,’ Yang Wen said. ‘CEO Hao, believe me, Yuan Gun Gun did this to me.’

‘Did anyone see Yuan Gun Gun injure this woman?’ Hao Yan Che asked.


End of Chapter 192

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