Beloved Little Treasure

Chapter 173

‘Bao Bao, you can only see Che is heartless,’ Long Liu Bo said. ‘You can’t see how much he is suffering. If Lang and I lost you, we would go crazy.’

‘Hao Yan Che is the one who abandoned Gun Gun,’ Long Liu Bao said.

Long Liu Bo looked sternly at Long Liu Bao.

‘Alright,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘I’ll bring Gun Gun back to Hao Yan Che. Satisfied?’

Long Liu Bo nodded his head.

‘But not now,’ Long Liu Bao said.

‘Bao Bao, what do you want to do?’ Long Liu Lang asked.

‘I want Hao Yan Che to suffer a little longer,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘It’s his fault for declaring Gun Gun has no relation to him.’

‘No,’ Long Liu Bo said. ‘Don’t cause trouble.’

Long Liu Bao used tears to sway the Long brothers.

‘I wished my birth parents didn’t abandon me when I was a little girl,’ Long Liu Bo said. ‘If they didn’t abandon me then I wouldn’t have met you two. And you two wouldn’t take me to the Long Mansion and raise me. If you two didn’t meet me, you two wouldn’t love me and bully me. If you two didn’t hit my bottom into a round ball then I wouldn’t run away. If I didn’t run away then I wouldn’t know how much I loved you two, and I wouldn’t be here bullied by you two…’

‘Be quiet,’ Long Liu Bo said. He covered Long Liu Bao’s mouth. ‘Don’t think if you cry, you can have your way.’

Long Liu Lang wiped Long Liu Bao’s tears.

‘Alright,’ Long Liu Lang said. ‘We’ll listen to you on this occasion.’

‘Lang…’ Long Liu Bo said.

‘Do you have a better solution?’ Long Liu Lang asked.

Long Liu Bo didn’t want to see Long Liu Bao cry. Long Liu Bo stood and walked to the bathroom.

Long Liu Bao hugged Long Liu Lang.

‘Thank you big brother Lang,’ Long Liu Bao said.

‘Bao Bao, how can you watch Che suffer?’ Long Liu Lang asked. ‘You grew up with Che. Look how good Che was to you when you were a little girl.’

‘I won’t make Hao Yan Che suffer for much longer,’ Long Liu Bao said.

Several days past, Long Liu Bao and Yuan Gun Gun’s bond was strong as before Yuan Gun Gun lost her memory.

‘Ling Ling, why do you write DOVE on all the pottery pieces you make?’ Long Liu Bao asked. ‘Does it have a special meaning to you?’

Long Liu Bao was proud of the vase and teapot Yuan Gun Gun made that day.

‘I don’t know,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Big brother Du took me to see a doctor. The doctor said it must be something important from my past.’

‘Do you know what that something important could be?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘Big brother Du thinks it’s DOVE chocolate,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘He said I love eating DOVE chocolates.’

Long Liu Bao thought chocolates were something important to Yun Gun Gun.

‘Ling Ling, do you like black?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Do you like red?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Do you like Che?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘Huh?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Yuan Gun Gun thought Long Liu Bao asked strange questions that day.

‘Forget it,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Continue carving your pot.’

Long Liu Bao was exhausted trying to trigger Yuan Gun Gun’s memories.

‘Bao Bao, is there something you want to tell me?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Ling Ling, haven’t you noticed that Hao Hao and Na Liu Ting Du look nothing alike?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Big brother Du said he has an ancestor that has white hair and violet eyes.’


End of Chapter 173

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