Beloved Little Treasure

Chapter 168

Na Liu Ting Du kissed Yuan Gun Gun’s forehead. He wanted to hold onto his happiness.

After dinner, Na Liu Ting Du laid on the hospital bed next to Yuan Gun Gun. He patted her back to help her sleep.

Yuan Gun Gun opened her eyes and smiled at Na Liu Ting Du.

‘What’s wrong?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked.

‘You’re really beautiful,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Na Liu Ting Du smiled and pinched Yuan Gun Gun’s nose.

‘I told you, a man is handsome not beautiful,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

Na Liu Ting Du kissed Yuan Gun Gun’s nose.

‘Close your eyes and sleep,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

Yuan Gun Gun closed her eyes. She thought Na Liu Ting Du kissing her face felt familiar. She thought she had a good life. Her husband was a gentle man, and she believed their marriage must have been happy.

Yuan Gun Gun wanted to regain her memory, because she felt like she had forgotten someone important. Was Na Liu Ting Du the important person she forgot?

Yuan Ting Liu rang Na Liu Ting Du’s phone.

‘Sleep,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘I’ll come back soon.’

Yuan Gun Gun nodded her head and closed her eyes.

Na Liu Ting Du answered Yuan Ting Liu’s phone call.

‘Dad,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

‘Ting Du, are you good?’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

‘Yes dad,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘What about dad?’

‘I’m good but Gun Gun isn’t good,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

‘What?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked. ‘What happened to Gun Gun?’

‘Gun Gun is missing,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Hao Yan Che doesn’t want to find Gun Gun.’

‘What?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked.

‘Are you surprised Gun Gun is missing or Hao Yan Che doesn’t want to find her?’ Yuan Ting Liu asked.

‘Doesn’t he want Gun Gun anymore?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked.

‘Right now he doesn’t want Gun Gun,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

‘I see,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

‘Ting Du, is Gun Gun with you?’ Yuan Ting Liu asked.

Na Liu Ting Du knew his lies wouldn’t fool Yuan Ting Liu.

‘I see,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Take good care of Gun Gun.’

‘Dad, I promise I’ll take good care of Gun Gun,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

‘When you’re free, bring Gun Gun home to visit us,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Bye.’

Na Liu Ting Du believed it was the heavens giving him a chance to be happy. He didn’t want to tell Yuan Ting Liu about Yuan Gun Gun’s car accident, her lost memory or her baby with Hao Yan Che. He wasn’t going to let go of Yuan Gun Gun again.

At the Hao Mansion, Jia Tu and Yi Tu waited outside room eighty-five.

‘Yi Tu, what is young master doing inside?’ Jia Tu asked. ‘Do you think he’s going to kill them?’

‘Jia Tu, young master wouldn’t throw away anything that belongs to Gun Gun,’ Yi Tu said. ‘Young master loves Gun Gun. Gun Gun isn’t here, seeing her small friends gives him hope that one day she’ll come back.’

Inside room eighty-five Hao Yan Che frowned at the Yuan Gun Gun’s small friends. They were scared of their king. Xiao Yuan was the only one who bravely walked to Hao Yan Che.

Xiao Yuan’s big round eyes made Hao Yan Che think about Yuan Gun Gun’s big round eyes. Yuan Gun Gun would cause trouble, and look at him with innocent eyes. Was Yuan Gun Gun living a happy life without him? Was he foolish for holding onto hope that Yuan Gun Gun would come back to him?

Hao Yan Che remembered how seeing the divorce papers choked him. It felt painful like thousands of nails hammered everywhere on his body. Why didn’t he sign? Why was he waiting like a fool for Yuan Gun Gun to come back?


End of Chapter 168

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