Beloved Little Treasure

Chapter 112

Yuan Gun Gun turned away from Hao Yan Che and cried.

A moment later, Yuan Gun Gun felt Hao Yan Che got out of bed. She thought he was going to kick down another door. But she felt something heavy jumped onto the bed, and something scratched her back. She couldn’t stand being touched by Hao Yan Che.

‘Don’t touch me,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun turned around and was happily surprised to see a snow white werewolf. The werewolf took up more than half the giant bed. The werewolf’s tail was white and long, and its eyes were violet and arrogant like a king.

‘Aunty Li?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t think it was Qiu Li Luo, because the werewolf on the bed was bigger than Qiu Li Luo and had cold violet eyes instead of Qiu Li Luo’s warm violet eyes.

‘Young… master?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

The werewolf growled, and its violet eyes looked at Yuan Gun Gun’s eyes without blinking.

Yuan Gun Gun rubbed the werewolf’s cheeks.

‘Che?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

The werewolf stuck out its tongue and wagged its long white tail.

Yuan Gun Gun rubbed the werewolf’s back, neck and legs. She smiled for the first time in days.

The werewolf let Yuan Gun Gun touched it and hug it. If she looked at its face, she could see it raising its eyebrows and twitching its nose.

A long time later, Yuan Gun Gun had enough fun playing with the werewolf and remembered she was angry. She laid back in bed, and turned her back toward the werewolf.

The werewolf was unhappy Yuan Gun Gun ignored it after she had her fun. Its paws pushed her back. She continued to ignore it so its paws pushed her head and bottom. Then its front right paw pushed her shoulder and its front left paw rubbed her chest.

‘Hey… you’re playing dirty,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

The werewolf wagged its tail happily. Each time Yuan Gun Gun held onto its invasive paw, it would use a different paw to rub her chest and bottom.

‘You’re bullying me,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

The werewolf’s paws stopped rubbing Yuan Gun Gun’s body.

‘Big brother Du is my big brother,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘I’ll always see him as my big brother. That night he overpowered me, kissed me and left marks on me. But you forced yourself on my body, and accused me of seducing you and big brother Du. Why can’t you see the difference between right and wrong? How can you be cruel to me this way?’

The werewolf’s paws rubbed Yuan Gun Gun’s cheeks like its paws were wiping her tears. The werewolf curled next to her on the bed, its head rubbed her neck and it howled softly.

Yuan Gun Gun hugged the werewolf’s neck and cried on its head.

The werewolf waited for Yuan Gun Gun to cry herself to sleep. Then a bright white light emitted from the werewolf’s body and it changed into a naked Hao Yan Che.

Hao Yan Che kissed Yuan Gun Gun’s forehead, got out of bed and put on clothes.

In the morning, Yuan Gun Gun woke up on Hao Yan Che’s chest. She rubbed her eyes, remembered about last night and felt embarrassed.

Yuan Gun Gun and Hao Yan Che shared a long awkward silence.

Yuan Gun Gun looked around the bed, and pointed at the broken bedhead.

‘You broke this,’ Yuan Gun Gun said and looked everywhere else except at Hao Yan Che’s face.

‘I’m sorry,’ Hao Yan Che said.


End of Chapter 112

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