Beloved Little Treasure

Chapter 1 – 2 – 3

On a full moon in a tranquil forest, Qiu Li Luo in her white werewolf stalked a crying little girl running through the dense forest. The little girl Yuan Gun Gun looked like a five-year-old. Her big eyes and face were round, her nose was straight and her body was chubby.

‘Mummy, daddy, where are you?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked. ‘I’m scared.’

Only nocturnal birds and insects answered Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Mummy, daddy, it’s scary here,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun sat on the ground, she curled her chubby body like a round ball and cried.

Carnivorous beasts hidden in the shadows heard Yuan Gun Gun’s cry, and they slowly crept toward their dinner.

Yuan Gun Gun heard the beasts’ footsteps, and she looked up. The little girl stopped crying. She loved animals.

‘Hello friends,’ Yuan Gun Gun greeted. ‘What big dogs you are. Do you live here together? At home my daddy lets me raise big dogs to.’

In the critical moment Qiu Li Luo the white werewolf leapt in front of the little girl and protected her from the hungry beasts.

‘What beautiful white fur and violet eyes you have,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun stroked Qiu Li Luo’s soft white furry back, and she smiled at Qiu Li Luo.

Qiu Li Luo’s tail wrapped around Yuan Gun Gun’s waist and lifted Yuan Gun Gun onto her back. Yuan Gun Gun hugged Qiu Li Luo’s soft neck and rubbed a chubby cheek on the back Qiu Li Luo’s head.

Qiu Li Luo leapt over the hungry beasts, and ran in the direction of the Hao Mansion.

Qiu Li Luo’s paw pressed a secret knob on the mansion door, and the door opened.

Yuan Gun Gun was amazed to see the tall masculine immortal waiting for Qiu Li Luo inside the mansion.

The tall immortal creased his brows at the little girl. He turned around and walked back to the living room.

Qiu Li Luo raised her tail, whipped the door closed and she walked to the living room. Qiu Li Luo let Yuan Gun Gun slide down her back onto a soft carpet. Hao Yan Que sat on the sofa, and patted his lap. Qiu Li Luo jumped onto his lap and rubbed her head on his neck. He stroked her head, and his amber eyes looked at Yuan Gun Gun sitting on the carpet.

Yuan Gun Gun thought Hao Yan Que looked more handsome than her daddy.

‘Uncle, are you an angel?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Uncle is Satan,’ Hao Yan Que said.

‘Uncle, what is Satan?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked. ‘Is it someone who likes to dig?’

Qiu Li Luo wailed softly like she was laughing. Hao Yan Que hit her soft bottom.

‘Uncle is a demon,’ Hao Yan Que said.

Yuan Gun Gun laughed.

‘Uncle, you shouldn’t lie,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Uncle is too handsome to be a demon.’

Hao Yan Que chuckled.

‘Uncle is a special demon,’ Hao Yan Que said.

‘Uncle, I can’t find my parents,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Uncle, can you help me find my parents?’

Yuan Gun Gun began to cry softly.

‘Yes,’ Hao Yan Que said. ‘Uncle, will ask your parents to come here in a few days to take you home.’

‘Is uncle telling the truth?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Yes,’ Hao Yan Que said.

Yuan Gun Gun stopped crying and she smiled at Hao Yan Que.

Qiu Li Luo jumped off Hao Yan Que’s lap, and he picked up the Yuan Gun Gun.

‘What is your name?’ Hao Yan Que asked.

‘Yuan Gun Gun,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Yuan Gun Gun?’ Hao Yan Que asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘What is uncle’s name?’

‘Gun Gun can call uncle, uncle Que,’ Hao Tan Que said.

‘Uncle Que,’ Yuan Gun Gun called sweetly.

‘Gun Gun, I’ll take you to your room,’ Hao Yan Que said. ‘A maid will help Gun Gun to have a bath, feed you dinner and tuck you in bed.’

Yuan Gun Gun nodded her head.

Hao Yan Que carried Yuan Gun Gun to a guest room. He put Yuan Gun Gun on the bed and he smiled at her.

‘Gun Gun, sit here and wait for the maid,’ Hao Yan Que said. ‘Uncle will go call the maid to take care of you. Don’t run around.’

‘Yes uncle,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Hao Yan Que thought Yuan Gun Gun was the perfect wife for his oldest son, Hao Yan Che.


In the master bedroom of the Hao Mansion, Qiu Li Luo transformed into and alluring woman. Her long white hair spanned on the bed, her violet eyes beckoned Hao Yan Que to come onto the bed and her lips were apple red.

‘Luo Li Qiu,’ Hao Yan Que called.

‘Your Mandarin is rusty,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

Hao Yan Que effortlessly ripped Qiu Li Luo’s dress, and exposed her black lingerie.

Qiu Li Luo pulled the bedsheet over her half naked body.

‘Hao Yan Que, my dress,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

Hao Yan Que crawled under the bedsheet and he laid on top of Qiu Li Luo.

‘Xiao Luo, what did you call me?’ Hao Yan Que asked.

Qiu Li Luo swallowed her saliva.

‘Hao… husband,’ Qiu Li Luo called.

‘Xiao Luo, I want to hear you call me again,’ Hao Yan Que said.

‘Husband, husband,’ Qiu Li Luo called.

‘Um, your husband will reward you a kiss,’ Hao Yan Que said.

Hao Yan Que captured Qiu Li Luo’s apple red lips.

‘Xiao Luo, I want you,’ Hao Yan Que said in a husky voice.

‘Wait,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Why?’ Hao Yan Que asked.

Qiu Li Luo caressed Hao Yan Que’s chest.

‘I want to discuss something with you,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘We’ll talk later,’ Hao Yan Que said.

‘Wait,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Qiu Li Luo!’ Hao Yan Que called. ‘It’s rude to interrupt your husband when he’s in the middle of seducing you.’

Qiu Li Luo didn’t dare say to Hao Yan Que that it was rude not to let his wife talk.

‘It won’t take long,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Xiao Luo, you have five minutes,’ Hao Yan Que said.

‘I love the little girl I saved,’ Qiu Li Luo said. ‘I think she’ll be the perfect wife for Xiao Che.’

‘I agree,’ Han Yan Que said.

‘I sense she’s Xiao Che’s soul mate,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Xiao Luo, when are you going to pay attention to your husband?’ Han Yan Que asked.

Qiu Li Luo kissed Han Yan Que’s lips.

‘Xiao Che and Xiao Ming are our sons,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

Han Yan Que scoffed.

‘Xiao Che inherited my genes and Xiao Ming inherited your genes,’ Qiu Li Luo said. ‘If that year you didn’t save me then I wouldn’t have met you. I don’t want Xiao Che to live a cold solitary life. Can you understand that I want Xiao Che to have love in his life?’

‘Xiao Luo, how can I not understand if you’re talking in my ear?’ Hao Yan Que asked.

‘I’m being serious,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Xiao Luo, you’re not allowed to cry,’ Hao Yan Que said.

Qiu Li Luo blinked her teary violet eyes.

Hao Yan Que kissed Qiu Li Luo’s lips until she couldn’t breathe.

‘Xiao Luo, don’t think about the painful past anymore,’ Hao Yan Que said. ‘I’m yours and you’re mine. Let me worry about Xiao Che. Don’t cry.’

Qiu Li Luo nodded her head.

Hao Yan Que licked Qiu Li Luo’s tears, and his hands caressed her soft body… it was a fiery night.


Early morning, Yuan Gun Gun rubbed her eyes and opened her eyes. She sat up on the bed.

Last night Yuan Gun Gun didn’t sleep in her bedroom. She remembered a maid gave her a delicious candy, she met a big white dog with beautiful violet eyes and a handsome uncle.

Yuan Gun Gun scratched her head, got out of bed and she walked to the bathroom. Her mummy told her after she opened her eyes in the morning, she needed to get out of bed, brush her teeth and wash her face.

In the master bedroom, Qiu Li Luo snuck out of bed and tiptoed to Yuan Gun Gun’s room to see if Yuan Gun Gun was awake.

Yuan Gun Gun stood in front of the sink that was too high for her to reach. She didn’t know how to brush and wash her face if she couldn’t reach the tap.

Qiu Li Luo smiled at the chubby Yuan Gun Gun jumping up and down in front of the sink.

‘Sweetheart, what are you doing?’ Qiu Li Luo asked.

Yuan Gun Gun was startled by another person’s voice. She turned around and thought she saw a goddess.

‘Big sister, are you a goddess?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Qiu Li Luo picked up Yuan Gun Gun, and smiled at Yuan Gun Gun’s chubby face.

‘Aunty is the mistress of this mansion,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Big sister, you can call me Yuan Gun Gun,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Qiu Li Luo thought Yuan Gun Gun was an adorable name for an adorable little girl.

‘Gun Gun, I’m not big sister,’ Qiu Li Luo said. ‘Call me aunty Li. Gun Gun, do you want to brush your teeth and wash your face?’

‘Yes aunty Li,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘But the sink is too high.’

Qiu Li Luo couldn’t resist squeezing Qiu Li Luo’s chubby cheeks.

‘Aunty will help you,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Thank you aunty,’ Yuan Gun Gun said sweetly.

‘Gun Gun’s a good girl,’ Qiu Li Luo praised.

Qiu Li picked up a tooth brush and brushed Yuan Gun Gun’s teeth. Then she poured warm water into a cup and helped Yuan Gun Gun rinse her mouth. She was happy she finally got to mother such an adorable little girl.

Qiu Li Luo washed Yuan Gun Gun’s face, and she took out a clean towel from a drawer to wipe Yuan Gun Gun’s face. She put Yuan Gun Gun down. Afterward she had to brush her teeth and wash her face too because she was worried she would wake up Hao Yan Que if she brushed and washed in the master bathroom.

Qiu Li Luo carried Yuan Gun Gun outside the bathroom.

‘Gun Gun are you hungry?’ Qiu Li Luo asked.

Yuan Gun Gun rubbed her small stomach.

‘Aunty Li, I’m hungry,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Aunty will take Gun Gun to eat breakfast,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

Qiu Li Luo put Yuan Gun Gun down, she held Yuan Gun Gun’s chubby hand and they walked together to the dining room. She decided, Yuan Gun Gun had to be her daughter-in-law.


End of Chapters One to Three

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