Being A Shrew to My Ex-Husband After Our Divorce

Chapter 416 [END]

Chapter 416: The End

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For today’s birthday banquet, Old Master Yue was the main character. Su Yan and Wei Zhou didn’t want to steal the spotlight, but Zhong Cuiping brought Wei Yanbing and Wei Shani into the banquet hall, ignoring the security guards and causing a commotion.

Seeing that they were here, Su Yan and Wei Zhou looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes. After Zhong Cuiping entered, she ran straight to Su Yan. Now, Zhong Cuiping had lost a lot of weight. Wei Zhou said coldly, “What are you doing here?”

Hearing this, Mrs. Wei felt a wave of sadness in her heart. In front of so many people, Wei Zhou didn’t even call her mother. Zhong Cuiping said, “Ah Zhou, I came here today with your brother and sister to apologize to Su Yan.”

Before she finished speaking, she bowed to Su Yan. Wei Yanbin and Wei Shani, who were standing behind her, also bowed and apologized, “Su Yan, I’m sorry. Please forgive us!”

Su Yan reacted quickly and dodged Zhong Cuiping’s bow. Although Zhong Cuiping had been bullying and suppressing her, she was still Wei Zhou’s biological mother. How could the younger generation make their elder bow? However, an apology was still acceptable.


Wei Zhou looked at Su Yan. “I respect your wishes.”

Su Yan chuckled. “It doesn’t matter how they treat me. What’s important is you.”

Wei Zhou nodded, then his gaze landed on Zhong Cuiping and the other two. “Alright, all of you can get up. Since all of you have admitted your mistakes to Su Yan in public, let’s put the past behind us. From now on, all of you must respect Su Yan because she will soon remarry into the Wei family.”


Three months later, under Wei Zhou’s insistence, they held their wedding again. This time, Su Yan received everyone’s blessings. Although everything had changed too quickly, it wasn’t that everyone couldn’t accept it. What was worth mentioning was that, Tang Yitong and Chai Xingyu announced their relationship and caused quite a stir on the internet.

On the third day of their honeymoon period, Su Yan welcomed her birthday. If Wei Zhou hadn’t prepared a birthday present for her, Su Yan would have almost forgotten about it.

However, the birthday present that Wei Zhou prepared for her surprised her. Looking at the old photo in her hand, Su Yan raised her eyebrows and said, “Is this the woman who kidnapped my mother back then?”

Wei Zhou nodded. “Her name is Wang Yan. She has been involved in child trafficking all her life. Back then, when your mother was playing alone outside the main gate, she used ether to sedate your young mother and then took her away. After that, she was introduced by someone and sold your mother to the Yang family’s couple for 200 yuan. You know what happened after that.”

Looking at the woman in the photo, Su Yan’s shoulders trembled slightly. “How is she now?”

Wei Zhou said, “She has been shot!”

Su Yan took a few deep breaths before she managed to calm herself down. She put the photo away and looked at Wei Zhou. “Hubby, thank you.”

This was the first time Su Yan had called him hubby since they remarried. Looking at the woman’s slightly red eyes, Wei Zhou opened his arms and pulled her into his embrace. “Isn’t it too insincere to just thank me verbally?”

Su Yan raised her eyebrows. “Then what do you want?”

Wei Zhou gave a mischievous smile. “Why don’t you give me a child?!”

The next second, the man’s thin lips were pressed on Su Yan’s pink lips. However, just as Wei Zhou was about to take off his clothes, Su Yan looked at him with a mocking expression.

Wei Zhou was puzzled. “Why are you smiling?”

Su Yan tidied up her clothes and said, “I’m on my period.”

Wei Zhou was speechless.


Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed. When they reached middle age, Wei Zhou and Su Yan were tightly holding onto their young tails. They didn’t want to be old, but watching their children grow up day by day, they could only fight against the years with all their might.

After they got married, Wei Zhou moved into Su Yan’s Foral Villa and lived there. Tang Yitong and Chai Xingyu bought the villa next door. The two families lived like a family, and after some effort, Su Yan gave birth to a son and a daughter for Wei Zhou. The son was called Wei Tianhao, and the daughter was called Wei Tianran. Tang Yitong only gave birth to a son for Chai Xingyu, and his name was Chai Lang.

Chai Lang and Wei Tianran were seven years old. They were in the first grade of primary school. The two of them shared the same class and table. Chai Lang was very handsome, and his hands were in his pockets all day long. He was as cool as his godfather, Wei Zhou. Wei Tianran fully inherited Su Yan’s beauty. In fact, her facial features were even prettier than Su Yan’s. This caused Tang Yitong to clamor every day to arrange a child marriage for them. She thought it was a joke, but after more than ten years, the two little fellows had really gotten together, and the lives of the two families were also incomparably blissful.

= the end of the book =

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