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Chapter 640 - He, Uehara Naraku, Is Just an Ignorant Victim

Chapter 640 - He, Uehara Naraku, Is Just an Ignorant Victim

Shihoin Yoruichi’s mood was a little heavy.

The appearance of Hashirama, the 2nd seat among the 13 Death Servants, was almost equivalent to Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni taking Ryujin Jakka to kill people…

Who could be in a good mood?

In particular, the relationship between Shihoin Yoruichi and Uehara clan was not very good, and she had been personally arrested by Minato. She had even nearly died in Uehara City.

However, Urahara Kisuke’s mood was a little different.

“It sounds a little scary…”

Urahara Kisuke chuckled and lowered his head to hide his gaze. He suddenly suggested, “Speaking of which… Yoruichi, do you want to wear one of my clothes first?”

After all…

Right now, Shihoin Yoruichi’s image was a little unsightly.

A beautiful woman with a hot body sat naked in front of Urahara Kisuke, making him feel a little restrained. In this situation, it seemed that it was not suitable to continue discussing serious matters…

“Heh, are you still paying attention to this kind of thing?”

Shihoin Yoruichi looked at Urahara Kisuke’s expression and couldn’t help but chuckle. She stood up and didn’t hide her good figure at all. She took out a coat from the hanger next to her and put it on her body.

The brown-skinned beauty sat in front of Urahara Kisuke again. Her face became serious again and she asked in a low voice, “Have you thought about what to do? If the Uehara clan insists on capturing us…”

This was not a joke!

Even if Shihoin Yoruichi was bold enough to make a big fuss in Central 46 in Seireitei, she did not dare to underestimate the people sent by the Uehara clan.

Whether it is Shihoin Yoruichi or Urahara Kisuke, both of them used to be Gotei 13’s captains and even entered Zero Division. Urahara Kisuke also suffered the suppression of the Uehara clan because of his teacher Kabuto…

They knew more about the Uehara clan’s horror than others!

If one were to speak seriously, Seireitei’s Four Noble Families was not even worthy of carrying their shoes in front of the Uehara clan. It could even be said that they were simply a beggar…

Back then, when Shihoin Yoruichi had rashly sneaked into Uehara City and was captured by Minato, she would have been sentenced to death on the spot. Shihoin clan did not even dare to rashly visit her… If not for Gotei 13’s appearance to plead for leniency, Shihoin Yoruichi would have already died there!

“And… I’m afraid they mean it.”

Shihoin Yoruichi thought of the young man who was as warm as the sun. She could not help but grit her teeth and say in a low voice, “That guy, Namikaze Minato, is quite difficult to deal with…”

That bastard…

He clearly looked so sunny and kind…

He actually showed no mercy when he made a move!

Even though Shihoin Yoruichi had grown a lot, she still did not think that she could gain any advantage against Minato. That person was too fast…

Fast to the point…

That even she could not see clearly!

“There is always a solution to a problem.”

Urahara Kisuke slowly lowered his fan, revealing a pair of sharp eyes. His voice lowered slightly, “Perhaps this is our chance…”


There was some surprise on Shihoin Yoruichi’s face.

What other chance could there be?

The two of them had a bad relationship with the Uehara clan before…

This time, they were also treated as scapegoats by the Central 46 to let the Uehara clan vent their anger. Therefore, this operation must be result of the approval of many parties.

“When the crisis comes, the opportunity is also around.”

Urahara Kisuke’s voice became lower and lower in the secret room as if he was talking to himself, “The new head of the Uehara clan is a good little fellow, Teacher Kabuto also mentioned that he is the hope of Soul Society’s peace.”

Urahara Kisuke slowly raised his head, looked at Shihoin Yoruichi in front of him, and said softly, “Perhaps this time… is also a chance for us to expose Sosuke Aizen.”

When he said this, Urahara Kisuke’s eyes trembled slightly as he said in a low voice, “The first problem we have to face… is that we must find a way to find out the real perpetrator of the young family head.”

“This is not easy…”

Shihoin Yoruichi shook her head. Her brows furrowed slightly as she whispered, “According to the information I know, the other division members have left the battlefield that day. When he was assassinated, there were only members of the 5th division present…”


The smile on Urahara Kisuke’s face was a little stronger, and his laughter almost could not be suppressed, “That must be done by Aizen… It seems that things are simpler than I imagined. We have to find a way to see the little family head.”

This was actually purely Urahara Kisuke thinking too much.

No matter what, Urahara Kisuke would never have imagined that both Uehara Naraku and Sosuke Aizen had the same goal at this moment…


Even the goal of the entire Soul Society was the same…

That was to put the blame for Uehara Naraku being assassinated on Urahara Kisuke’s head!

Originally, Uehara Naraku had a little good impression of Urahara Kisuke and even thought that he was a person who could be included in their Akatsuki Organization…

In the end, Urahara Kisuke left his Teacher Kabuto and this guy even treated Kabuto as a tool that could be used.

Uehara Naraku always thought he was a generous person, so he will definitely find a place for his subordinates.


Using Kabuto was a little too much.

This kind of thing…

It was undoubtedly provoking Akatsuki Organization and Uehara Naraku.

Just as Urahara Kisuke was thinking about his countermeasures, a tall figure rushed into the room and said in a panic, “Manager, something big has happened! Hirako and the others have sent news that a team of Shinigami has been eyeing them!”


A trace of surprise flashed across Urahara Kisuke’s face. He instantly put away his fan, and his expression was slightly unsightly, “That guy Hirako…wouldn’t be too impulsive, would he?”

If he was too impulsive…

It would be very easy to cause the situation between them to be irreparable!

If Hirako Shinji and the others had a conflict with the Uehara clan, based on the Uehara clan’s overbearing nature, even if they did not assassinate Uehara Naraku, they would definitely be treated as enemies!

If that was the case…

What was the point of them still thinking about countermeasures here?

And at that time…

There was no way to salvage everything!

Human World.

In an empty building.

With the help of Shinigami, who was stationed in Human World, Shiba Isshin and Minato temporarily chose this place as their resting area.

At the same time, Uehara Naraku also temporarily lived here.

Now that all of them had finally arrived in Human World, they began to discuss their actions. The first step was definitely to search for the whereabouts of Urahara Kisuke, Hirako Shinji, and the others.

“This is really harder than finding a needle in a haystack…”

Shiba Isshin couldn’t help but scratch his head and softly say, “Moreover, they are all acting in Human World. They will definitely wear Gigai to hide their own reiatsu…”

This was more troublesome.

If they did not meet them head-on, they would definitely not be able to tell where they were hiding. After all, there has been no news of them for so many years…

Even if they occasionally knew that Visored was active in Human World, these people would quietly disappear like a drop of water falling into the sea. Even if they were to trace their reiatsu, it would be too late…

And speaking of which…

Shiba Isshin actually doesn’t really hope to catch Hirako Shinji and the others.

After all, Hirako Shinji and the group of Visored were once the captain or lieutenant of Gotei 13. Strictly speaking, they were also victims…

Moreover, there were still doubts about Uehara Naraku’s assassination this time.

So Shiba Isshin wants to delay…

But the Uehara clan does not have any intention of delaying!

“Please do not worry about this problem.”

Minato slowly shook his head and said in a low voice, “After Lord Tobirama gave the order, we found the area where Visored was active. I have already sent people to rush to that area in advance and use the Four Violet Flames Formation to seal that area..”

In fact…

The strength of the Four Violet Flames Formation might not be able to seal these people. The purpose of that barrier was to let Hirako Shinji and the others expose their traces.

After Uehara Naraku arrived at Human World, he found the whereabouts of Hirako Shinji and the others. He also gave them enough time to pass the information of the Uehara clan and Gotei 13 jointly attacking them to Urahara Kisuke…

Based on the hatred between this group of people and Sosuke Aizen…

Hirako Shinji, Urahara Kisuke, and the others would definitely blame everything that had happened to Sosuke Aizen!


These were all secretly instigated by Sosuke Aizen!

He, Uehara Naraku, was just an ignorant victim.

Uehara Naraku sat in the main seat. He slowly raised his head and looked at Minato. He rubbed his eyebrows and said helplessly, “Mr. Minato, hurry up and solve the problem here. After we catch those assassins, we will immediately return to Seireitei…”


Minato’s expression became slightly strange.

What was this superior up to this time?

Wasn’t you the one who single-handedly controlled the assassination incident, ordered them, the 13 Death Servants, to come to the Human World, and tried to delay the time, waiting for Sosuke Aizen and Urahara Kisuke to bite?

Everything that happened now was clearly guided by him, yet he was pretending to be kind here…

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