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Chapter 637 - Those Enemies Have Traveled Thousands of Years Longer Than You

Chapter 637 - Those Enemies Have Traveled Thousands of Years Longer Than You

Suigetsu Kyozo.

It was the name of Sosuke Aizen’s Bankai.

Ripples slowly appeared in the lake-like mirror on the ground. A thin and illusory figure slowly floated out from the lake-like mirror.

The other Sosuke Aizen.

Or rather, he should be called Sosuke Aizen’s mirror image.

This weird mirror image didn’t seem to have any reiatsu at all, just like his normal body, as if he had no special abilities.

This mirror image was slightly different from the original.

Because the mirror image did not wear glasses on his face, and his hair was not as messy as Sosuke Aizen’s original body. Instead, it stood up high…

In particular, the unique upright hair bun on the forehead gave the Mirror Image Aizen seem more unrestrained.

Compared to Sosuke Aizen’s original body…

The Mirror Image Aizen made people look more stylish.

“Weak, we have met again…”

After Sosuke Aizen’s mirror image appeared, he only smiled and looked at his own original body. He slowly said, “What gave you confidence… let a weakling have the audacity to offend my height…”


Sosuke Aizen was silent.

This was also what he hated most about his mirror image!

Because his mirror image was too similar to his!

Be it his appearance or temperament, they were almost exactly the same.

It was even more powerful because the mirror image was hypnotized by Kyouka Suigetsu. This mirror image is more like himself than the real body. This made Sosuke Aizen hate it even more!

It was not because he was jealous of the mirror image strength…

It was because he hated the appearance of a person who was exactly the same as him!

Even if Sosuke Aizen knew very well that this was only a mirror image… It was just that from this mirror image attitude, Sosuke Aizen knew how arrogant he was…

This arrogance allowed him to freely point fingers at other people, but when someone pointed at him with the same arrogant attitude, it made Sosuke Aizen especially dissatisfied.


He should be unique.

No, he was originally unique!

Sosuke Aizen adjusted his frame and stared at the mirror image in front of him. He said in a low voice, “It’s just an accessory at my command…”

The Mirror Image Aizen curled up the corners of his mouth and slowly interrupted his main body’s words, “Is a loser qualified to say such words?”


Sosuke Aizen fell silent once again.

At this moment, he finally understood the feeling of other enemies facing him. He could not help but feel the anger of being controlled and suppressed at all times…

It was truly annoying…

Sosuke Aizen slowly closed his eyes, no longer paying attention to his own mirror image. He only reached out and clenched his own Zanpakuto, Kyouka Suigetsu.

Because Kyouka Suigetsu…

It was the source of manipulating the Suigetsu Kyozo!

As Sosuke Aizen hold his Zanpakuto, the illusory Mirror Image Aizen couldn’t help but laugh. He held a Zanpakuto and rushed toward the huge Yamata no Orochi!

Every snake head of Yamata no Orochi revealed a hint of anger. In an instant, all the snake heads shot out energy bombs from their mouths toward Sosuke Aizen’s mirror image!

Every energy bomb seemed to want to directly destroy Sosuke Aizen’s mirror image!

The Mirror Image Aizen raised the Zanpakuto in his hand. A gorgeous blue light shone like a barrier in front of him!

The next moment…

Eight energy bombs instantly hit the barrier!

In an instant, a dazzling light shone throughout the Forest of Menos. The light instantly pierced through the darkness, bringing light to this dark hell!


It also brought destruction!

The moment the two came into contact, an endless amount of energy erupted!

The entire Forest of Menos was instantly swept up by the energy shock wave. Gillian-class Menos, who were close, didn’t even have time to turn around before they were directly annihilated by the energy shock wave!

The other Hollow that resided in the depths of the Forest of Menos looked at this scene with faces full of horror. They each looked for a place to hide. They didn’t want to suffer an unexpected disaster!

Endless waves of energy swept out one after another!

More than half of the Forest of Menos was almost flattened by this energy!

As the above ground lost the Forest of Menos support, the ground finally began to slowly collapse. Cracks and cavities appeared all over Hueco Mundo…

The Hollow in Hueco Mundo felt as if the world was about to be destroyed. Each of them looked for a safe place where they could hide and crouched inside trembling…

Two experts using Bankai collided…

It could almost be said to be able to destroy the heavens and the earth!

Even Sosuke Aizen himself was a bit surprised by the impact of this collision. He himself also hid within a barrier and watched the cracks that appeared on the barrier…

Orochimaru’s Bankai and second-stage Resurrección…

It was truly terrifying!

This guy was indeed worthy of being a great figure that once left a name in Soul Society. Just this one attack alone was not something that anyone could easily withstand…

Even if Orochimaru wanted to rely on his own strength to destroy Seireitei, he seemed to have sufficient strength to do so… Even if Orochimaru wanted to destroy Soul Society, relying on the Yamata no Orochi’s body might not be impossible!

No wonder Orochimaru was able to subdue Hueco Mundo earlier than him…

These legendary figures were indeed not easy. After all, each and every one of them had once stood at the top of the world…

As for the Mirror Image Aizen, who suffered a full blow from Orochimaru’s Bankai and the second-stage Resurrección, he had already become somewhat battered…

The Zanpakuto in the Mirror Image Aizen’s hand had already shattered…

Even the Mirror Image Aizen’s body had gradually become somewhat transparent. He was like a fragile glass that could shatter at any moment…


After taking this attack head-on, he did not seem to be having a good time either.

However, compared to Orochimaru who had sent out this attack, the image of the Mirror Image Aizen was still barely maintained while Orochimaru’s image was even more desolate…

The Yamata no Orochi’s body had long been forced to withdraw…

Because he had gathered all the reiatsu he had, it was impossible for Orochimaru to continue maintaining his Bankai and second phase Resurrección form. Perhaps, he also had to add to the fact that he was unable to continue maintaining the Curse-Sealed Sage Mode…

Orochimaru looked extremely exhausted.

Now, he looked as if he could be easily killed!

Sosuke Aizen slowly adjusted his frame. For the first time, he frowned slightly. He slowly raised his palm as if he was calling for his mirror image to be summoned to his side.

The Mirror Image Aizen’s body turned into a ball of water vapor and flew to Sosuke Aizen’s side, merging back into Kyouka Suigetsu…

Under the cover of water vapor…

Sosuke Aizen’s figure was hazy and illusory.

This once insufferably arrogant man put away his Zanpakuto and slowly extended his finger. Using the cover of the water vapor, he rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

“Although I do not like this method…”

Sosuke Aizen’s voice came from the hazy water vapor and fell into the ears of the exhausted Orochimaru, “It looks like I won in the end… Mr. Orochimaru.”


Orochimaru’s voice sounded unprecedentedly weak. He struggled to hold his arms and stood in the same place. He laughed sinisterly and said, “That’s right. From the result, it was indeed you who won. Hehehe… You really are a junior that can’t be underestimated…”

“Mr. Orochimaru is too kind.”

Sosuke Aizen stepped out of the water vapor. His reiatsu was only slightly weakened, and it was as if he had not been affected by the battle just now.

Just as Orochimaru almost fell, Sosuke Aizen raised his palm and used reiatsu to create a stone chair for Orochimaru to sit down.

The battle had just ended.

Facing a defeated person, Sosuke Aizen did not mind showing his generosity, because he had always been a generous person.

On this point…

It was much stronger than a certain person.

Sosuke Aizen slowly sat down. A stone chair slowly appeared beneath him, carrying his body. There was a hint of respect in his voice as he said, “Even the Mr. Orochimaru just now can’t defeat those people?”

If Orochimaru doesn’t dare to face the 13 Death Servants…

Then perhaps the power of the 13 Death Servants would be calculated again!

Could it be that the first four seats of the 13 Death Servants that Orochimaru feared all had the same power as Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni?

This was a bit too inconceivable!

But thinking about it carefully, it was very reasonable. Because Yamamoto Shigekuni’s strength was strong but he was conservative. The death servants who had been loyal to the Uehara Clan also maintained the old order like Yamamoto Shigekuni


Orochimaru couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle.

This person, who had once been renowned in Soul Society for thousands of years, did not directly answer Sosuke Aizen’s question. Instead, he smiled sinisterly and raised a new question. “Hehehehe… Kid, do you think that the flowers blooming on the cliff are beautiful?”

“They are no different from ordinary flowers.”

Sosuke Aizen shook his head slightly and said calmly, “And we think the flowers blooming on the cliff are beautiful, because we only stop at the edge of the cliff, instead of going further towards the sky on the cliff like those flowers growing on the cliff…”

“Hehehehe… well said.”

A hint of praise flashed across Orochimaru’s face, and his voice became more serious and regretful, “I am just a person who stopped on the cliff. Those people… have never stopped…”


Sosuke Aizen was silent for a while.

This extremely confident Shinigami Captain slowly raised his head, looked at Orochimaru in front of him, and adjusted his frame, “No one can resist the temptation of the sky, and I won’t stop on the cliff…”

“Hehehehe… Of course, I know.”

Orochimaru chuckled, but there was a hint of regret on his face, “But…they have traveled thousands of years longer than you.”

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