Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 635 - Mirror Flower, Water Moon, Aizen's Bankai

Chapter 635 - Mirror Flower, Water Moon, Aizen's Bankai

This scene was simply frightening!

Hueco Mundo had never had such a level of confrontation before!

Everyone present thought that Orochimaru and Sosuke Aizen should be evenly matched. At the very least, they should not have ended the battle so quickly…

However, Sosuke Aizen used his explosive strength to let everyone know that he had the strength to easily defeat Orochimaru. Everyone knows that Sosuke Aizen might be very strong…

It was just that they did not expect…

Sosuke Aizen actually split Hueco Mundo’s Mentor, Orochimaru, into two using Shikai. Generally speaking, this was already a fatal injury!

Sosuke Aizen did not seem to think that he could kill Orochimaru.

Perhaps it was because Orochimaru was too strange that Sosuke Aizen did not believe that he could completely kill Orochimaru with the explosive strike.


Whether it was the Hollow or Shinigami…

Anyone could be buried under this strike…

However, Orochimaru survived. After his body was split into two, his entire body directly transformed into countless little white snakes that scattered in all directions, and then quickly gathered together again, converging into a large white snake!


A ghastly and cold human face appeared on the head part of the large white snake. The face slowly opened its mouth, and Orochimaru’s hoarse voice can be heard, “What a terrifying little brat… To actually be able to force me to this extent…”

In the next moment, countless purple fog sprang out from the white snake’s body!

This purple fog was a highly toxic poison that had a paralyzing effect. However, when the poison landed on Sosuke Aizen’s body, it had no effect at all.

Under the reiatsu attack…

The purple fog was completely wiped out!

“Useless tricks.”

Sosuke Aizen slowly shook his head and muttered, “Mr. Orochimaru, no matter how many strange abilities you have hidden, you will not be able to contend against absolute strength…”

Sosuke Aizen raised his head and looked at the white snake in the sky. He slowly said, “From the moment I knew that someone was spying on me, I was prepared for today…

From that day forward, I no longer release my reiatsu, no longer use any spells that exceed the limit, no longer use any power that can arouse your vigilance, and I made you subconsciously think that everything I did depended on Kyouka Suigetsu and hid behind the scenes…”

The corners of Sosuke Aizen’s mouth curled up slightly. He continued with a smile, “Only in this way will Mr. Orochimaru think that everything I have is under your control, and induce you to place all the possibilities of controlling me around how to crack Kyouka Suigetsu…”


Orochimaru’s expression was slightly stiff.

Because at this moment, there was a faint shadow of Uehara Naraku behind Sosuke Aizen. No, Sosuke Aizen was becoming more and more like Uehara Naraku!

Even with the help of Black Zetsu…

No, or rather, even without Black Zetsu’s help, Sosuke Aizen might be able to turn the situation around with his own wisdom!

Sosuke Aizen almost completely relied on his own forbearance and schemes to achieve a reversal. From the moment he noticed that there were people monitoring him, he began to plan!

A drop of cold sweat slowly appeared on Orochimaru’s forehead. Sosuke Aizen was right. Because Kyouka Suigetsu’s ability to control the five senses was too strong, it made Orochimaru think that Sosuke Aizen would definitely fight with Kyouka Suigetsu…

Who would give up such a strange Zanpakuto ability?


Orochimaru’s gaze had also been focused on Kyouka Suigetsu.

Even though Orochimaru was very clear that the reiatsu in Sosuke Aizen’s body was very strong, he did not know that he was already strong to this extent…

Moreover, Sosuke Aizen had never exposed his true strength, which made Orochimaru subconsciously ignore Sosuke Aizen. In fact, this guy was already strong enough to make people tremble!

Even if was not as good as Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni, who had made many people tremble a thousand years ago, he had already far surpassed Kyoraku Shunsui and the others…

“You little brat…”

The mouth under the white snake slowly opened, revealing a pair of ferocious fangs, “You are really good at hiding yourself…”

“This is also something that makes people helpless.”

Sosuke Aizen looked up at the white snake and continued calmly, “Because I can’t judge if Mr. Orochimaru has been monitoring me from a certain moment. No matter how I hide it, it is impossible to escape Mr. Orochimaru’s inherent impression of me…”

Sosuke Aizen had an indifferent smile on his face. He slowly put away his Kyouka Suigetsu and continued, “At this time, using wisdom and schemes has become useless. Only by relying on my own strength can I break the trap…”

When he said this, the reiatsu in Sosuke Aizen’s body, erupted once again. It was as if a substantial reiatsu had covered the entire venue, forcing all of Arrancar and Menos, who were present, to retreat from this venue in a sorry state!

At this moment…

Even Coyote Starrk, known to have the reiatsu’s strongest, could not help but look sideways!

“Although I hate to use absolute power…”

Sosuke Aizen clenched his fists. His face gradually became dissatisfied, as if he was really not happy about the strength in his body, “But under the control of others, there is no better choice…”


There was no better choice.

If someone else were to forcefully control his own life, other than relying on his own tenacious will to unleash a powerful strength to change the situation, there seemed to be no other way…

After all…

No matter what scheme Sosuke Aizen wanted to use, it was impossible for him to surpass the enemy who had monitored him for many years…

“This reiatsu…”

The white snake stared fixedly at Sosuke Aizen, “It’s really curious… What did you brat do to yourself… This is not the height that you can reach now… Even compared to Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni, you might not be much weaker…”

“It’s very simple, find a way to break through the limit.”

“This is not that easy…”

The white snake’s face suddenly became cold.

“No, it’s very easy.”

Sosuke Aizen did not seem to care about Orochimaru’s current state. As if he had victory in his grasp, he casually explained, “When a person’s emotions explode, it is very easy for him to release strength that surpasses the limits of his body. This is the so-called potential…”

Sosuke Aizen adjusted his glasses and continued, “However, people who are too rational are very good at controlling their emotions.

So when I want to be angry or even a little bit excited, it is a little harder than I imagined, even when I know that Mr. Orochimaru has been watching me…”

At this point, Sosuke Aizen looked up at Orochimaru and continued calmly, “For people like us, it is a bit too extravagant… Of course, this also means that when we lose our minds, there should be two results.

To make yourself unable to exert the power that you possess because you lose your mind, or to let yourself burst out the power that your body can not develop because you lose your mind.”

“Hehehehe… how interesting…”

The white snake slowly nodded its head, and cold laughter rang out from its head, “Indeed, some hot-blooded idiots can unleash the hidden power in their body… The first result will often appear more easily on us…”

To put it bluntly…

This was a characteristic of emotions dominating reason.

However, this was a characteristic that only those hot-blooded idiots would have. People who had rationality all year round would never have this kind of state.

Because if they lost their rationality…

They might become even weaker!

In the next moment, the white snake suddenly raised another question. “If you lose your mind and become stronger, this doesn’t seem to fit your condition at all. There are no signs of losing your mind from your body…”

No matter who it was…

No one could tell that there was anything wrong with Sosuke Aizen.

Because this guy seemed especially calm in the entire battle. Other than the fact that it didn’t match his power, there seemed to be nothing else…

Sosuke Aizen looked at Orochimaru and asked calmly, “Then… why didn’t Mr. Orochimaru find anything wrong?”


The head of the white snake shook slightly.

The next second…

Orochimaru immediately thought of something!

Soon, Orochimaru understood everything. The white snake’s voice seemed to have a hint of gnashing teeth, “Your Zanpakuto… Kyouka Suigetsu… seems to have never used it like this before, right?”

Except for Kyouka Suigetsu!

Kyouka Suigetsu’s ability was to control people’s five senses. In their ninja world, this was a genjutsu-type ability. It was impossible for this sword in Shikai form to unleash such a powerful battle power in the hands of Sosuke Aizen. This did not match the rules at all!

A Zanpakuto that uses illusions…

How could it become so powerful?

No, or rather, how could a guy like Sosuke Aizen be willing to use this type of Zanpakuto?

This was an illusion ability that could manipulate and deprive people’s five senses!

“You guessed it right…”

Sosuke Aizen slowly tightened his grip on Zanpakuto’s scabbard and continued with a smile, “I always thought that Kyouka Suigetsu should be like me… The battle should always be elegant… However, until I studied its Bankai.”

Sosuke Aizen stroked Kyouka Suigetsu who was at his waist and continued coldly, “I have never used Kyouka Suigetsu before. I don’t want to hide Kyouka Suigetsu’s Bankai form. After all, in Bankai’s form, Shinigami’s ability will be greatly enhanced…”

After saying this, Sosuke Aizen continued softly, “Because its Bankai ability… is an ugly appearance hidden in the depths of my heart… it makes me no longer want to obtain Bankai’s power.”


Orochimaru seemed to have guessed something, and the white snake’s strange face actually revealed a terrifying evil smile, “Interesting… So to say, its Bankai form is actually the second you… No, it should be said that it hypnotized you to become another you!”

The white snake’s face suddenly became crazy, as if it had discovered a huge secret, “No wonder you never used Kyouka Suigetsu’s Bankai… That is because it knows your most real thoughts. Coincidentally, that is the state that your rationality will never want to face…”

The white phosphorus snake’s laughter gradually became a bit creepy. “Let me think, did you get… a better Sosuke Aizen?”


Sosuke Aizen was silent for a while, then slowly said, “In a sense, it might be possible to say that… It’s just that there are some subtle differences…”

“And it is not that he is more outstanding than me…”

Sosuke Aizen held his Kyouka Suigetsu and continued coldly, “It is just a shadow created in my heart by Kyouka Suigetsu’s hypnosis…”

To a certain extent…

Orochimaru’s guess was not wrong!

Because Zanpakuto reflects the true heart of a person.

Even a deep-minded person like Sosuke Aizen] has a desire that he doesn’t want to imagine. That is the scene of him standing in a high place…


Everyone who stood at the top would inevitably have this mental state, just like how Coyote Starrk, under Sosuke Aizen, chose to divide his own soul.

Kyouka Suigetsu was just like its name…

In Bankai’s form, this Zanpakuto will reflect the appearance of another Sosuke Aizen just as the moon that was seen in the water or a flower that was visible in the mirror!

The other Sosuke Aizen has always been hiding in Kyouka Suigetsu and will fight Sosuke Aizen like a Mirror Flower, Water Moon…

(TL note: “Mirror Flower, Water Moon”, is an East Asian proverb/phrase, meaning something that can be seen but not touched, like a flower reflected in a mirror or the moon reflected on the water’s surface; something that is beautiful but unattainable dreams, a mirage. Kyouka Suigetsu’s literal meaning is also “Mirror Flower, Water Moon”.)

That Sosuke Aizen!

It was also something that Aizen absolutely did not want to see!

Therefore, Sosuke Aizen had never used Kyouka Suigetsu’s Bankai form in front of others. He did not even use it after he learned of his own Bankai. Instead, he completely discards it!

I have to admit that…

The Sosuke Aizen in that state was an even more outstanding existence.

Mirror Flower, Water Moon. They both obviously look the same.

However, the Sosuke Aizen in Kyouka Suigetsu was even more outstanding than Aizen himself!


That Sosuke Aizen had long stood tall in the sky!

When Sosuke Aizen himself quietly released Kyouka Suigetsu’s Bankai, he saw another form of Sosuke Aizen in Kyouka Suigetsu’s world, the other one who was like the real master of the world!

High above…

It makes people look up to…

It was really unimaginable…

He was clearly just a character in Aizen’s hypnosis…

The shadow that Kyouka Suigetsu created looked down at him and easily defeated him again and again…

It was precisely because of this reason.

Sosuke Aizen wants to become stronger.

In order to make his strength stronger, Sosuke Aizen had no choice but to open up Kyouka Suigetsu’s Bankai from time to time and fight with the shadow spawned from his own heart by Kyouka Shuigetsu’s Bankai, trying his best to cross the limit he was facing…


The moon-like shadow in the mirror provided him with a perfect reference, let him know his true limit, let him know how much power he could get!

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