Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 548 - The CP Agent Who Blocked the Straw Hat Pirates; Tenzo and Hyuga Hanabi

Chapter 548 - The CP Agent Who Blocked the Straw Hat Pirates; Tenzo and Hyuga Hanabi

News of the Straw Hat Pirates…

Everyone present was very interested.

However, Straw Hat Pirates actually came to the heavily guarded Enies Lobby at this time. There was no doubt that they were walking into a trap.

Whether it was Garp, Ace, or Sabo, when they heard the news that the Straw Hat Pirates would come to Enies Lobby, their faces became even uglier.

“Well, the situation is like this…”

Kakashi raised his wrist, looked at his watch, and whispered, “Vice Admiral Garp, according to our estimation. Before the Straw Hat Pirates come to Enies Lobby, you still have an hour of visitation time.”

Kakashi pointed at his watch and said, “An hour later, Straw Hat Pirates would invade Enies Lobby. The whole Enies Lobby will be under martial law, and close the entrance of the prison. Everyone will collectively attack Straw Hat Pirates.”

Everything about the Straw Hat Pirates was under the surveillance of the CP agent.

When Luffy led the Straw Hat Pirates to grab a train to Enies Lobby, Enies Lobby had already received detailed information.

Even if Kakashi didn’t say too much, Garp, Ace, and Sabo already knew Straw Hat Pirates’ fate; they wouldn’t be able to defeat the CP department!

Whether it was Dragon or Sasuke, they both suffered a big loss in the hands of the CP agents; how could the Straw Hat Pirates win?

“Well, please go ahead; I will go first.”

Kakashi slowly tapped his watch and left the prison, leaving this place to Garp, Ace, Sabo, and others.

A touch of anxiety flashed on Ace’s face, and he said, “Hey, old man, we have nothing to talk about. Don’t let Luffy come to Enies Lobby!”

“Vice Admiral Garp.”

Sabo grabbed the iron bars of the prison cell and said with an ugly expression, “Vice Admiral Garp, can you please take Luffy away? He will be killed…”

However, Garp didn’t care about their thoughts!

Garp coldly looked at Kakashi’s back and then turned to look at Sabo and Ace.

Garp coldly snorted and said, “Today, I came to see you. If that bastard Luffy really came to Enies Lobby, this old man will catch him to be your company!”


Ace and Sabo fell silent.


They were not in the mood to chat with Garp, whether it was Ace or Sabo.

Three brothers…

Can’t they all be locked up?

Garp hugged his arm and looked down at Ace and Sabo in the prison cell. He didn’t wait for them to say anything and interrupted them, “This is Luffy’s own choice… As the Marine vice-admiral, the only thing I can do is to arrest Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates when he invaded Enies Lobby!”

Garp slowly closed his eyes and the old man’s voice was heavy, “At that time, the three of you should have followed the life I arranged for you and not become pirates…”


Ace slowly shook his head and sighed, “I don’t want to be a marine. Anyway, I have become a pirate. I will sacrifice my life for it…”

“Me too.”

Sabo clenched the iron bar and said with a serious face, “In order to change this twisted world, even if I lose my life…”

“Shut up!”

Garp suddenly clenched his fist and punched the iron bar in Sabo’s cell. His fist instantly bent the iron bar, and Garp’s voice was full of anger, “You little brat has been brainwashed by Dragon!”


Sabo took a few steps back in fear and unease. He carefully said, “But Mr. Dragon saved me…”

To be honest…

Did Garp really not think about his own education method? Why, he a Marine vice-admiral and a Marine Hero, did none of the children he educated become marine?

No, or rather…

This was not Garp’s fault; this was the world’s fault!

Everything was because there was too much darkness in this world.

In Sabo’s opinion, as long as the World Government did not change, whether it was Dragon, Luffy, Ace, or Sabo themselves, they were destined to not live under the dark and suffocating rule of the World Government and would never become a marine!

Whether it was for the sake of being able to live freely…

Or for the sake of allowing everyone in this world to live freely!

Just as Garp, Ace, and Sabo were still chatting in Enies Lobby’s prison, a sea train was heading toward them. This sea train was a locomotive paddle steamer that traversed across the surface of the sea made by Tom, the Fish-man who once made a ship for the Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

The person controlling this sea train was Tom’s second apprentice, Franky. He was worried that the machine that Tom had left behind would be spoiled by the Straw Hat Pirates, so he personally came to help.

“Speaking of which, do you really want to go to Enies Lobby?”

Franky turned his head and asked curiously while controlling the sea train, “That is Kabuto’s territory, someone that even Iceburg dare not offend…”

The Iceburg that Franky was talking about was his senior, the president of the Galley-La Shipbuilding Company, and also the mayor of Water 7.

This could be considered a big shot in Water 7.


Nami frowned and asked aloud, “I seem to have heard of this name somewhere… Is this person very scary? Isn’t Enies Lobby World Government’s place?”

“He’s not the scary kind…”

Franky also frowned. After thinking for a while, he shook his head and said, “Anyway, I only know that guy Iceburg does not dare to provoke him…”

In the past few years, because Water 7 was close to Enies Lobby, Kabuto would occasionally rush to Water 7 and naturally had some friendship with the mayor of Water 7.

“I don’t care.”

Luffy clenched his fist and looked at the scenery outside the sea train. His voice was extremely firm, “No matter what, I have to save Ace!”

Enies Lobby.

The Gate of Justice wasn’t closed.

Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates directly drove the sea train into Enies Lobby and broke through the defense line in the port, causing a disturbance!

The entire Enies Lobby was in chaos!

“Gomu Gomu no Gatling!”

Luffy’s rubber arm instantly knocked over a group of marines who were stationed in Enies Lobby and led Straw Hat Pirates to step on top of Enies Lobby!

Zoro slowly pulled out his sword and held it in his hand. Sanji slowly extinguished his cigarette, and the two of them guarded Luffy on both sides…

Behind them, Nami, Usopp, Franky, Robin, and even the ship doctor Chopper had completed his animal form transformation!

Luffy clenched his fists and looked down at the CP agents and marines that surrounded Enies Lobby. There was a shadow in his eyes, and his voice was more firm!

“Tell me…”

In the next moment, Luffy’s expression suddenly became serious. His voice released the depression he had felt after learning about Ace’s arrest in the past few days.

“Ace… Where is he!”

“Straw Hat Luffy!”

A white-haired man stood in front of the CP agents and marines and slowly said, “Portgas D. Ace and Revolutionary Army’s chief of staff Sabo are both in Enies Lobby’s prison. Are you here to accompany them?”

It was Kakashi.

Kakashi didn’t come here to meet Straw Hat Pirates but to meet the last group of guests who came to Enies Lobby behind the Straw Hat Pirates.

Hearing Kakashi’s words, Luffy couldn’t help but frown and stared at Kakashi, “You said that Sabo is also here?”


Kakashi slowly nodded his head and said in a lazy voice, “Have you not inquired about it before you came to Enies Lobby?”

“I understand. Thank you for telling me this.”

Luffy grinned, and a smile suddenly appeared on his lips, “If Sabo and Ace are here, that would be great!”

In the next moment, Luffy suddenly dived toward the ground!

Zoro and Sanji followed closely behind. The other Straw Hat Pirates swarmed forward, facing the enemy that was a hundred times stronger than them; they didn’t have any fear!

Kakashi just glanced at the Straw Hat Pirates, who rushed over, turned around, and left without looking back. He just ordered, “Tenzo, take good care of them…”

“Yes, Kakashi-senpai.”

The CP agent wearing a patterned mask, slowly nodded. His arm instantly turned into countless wooden vines, rushing toward Luffy!

The Wood Release Bloodline Limit from the Ninja World!

In the next moment, a saber light flashed!

Countless wooden vines were cut apart!

“Santoryu: Sanzen Sekai(Three Sword Style: Three Thousand Worlds)!”

Zoro waved his sword to help Luffy deal with this attack. The corners of his mouth curved into a sneer, “If you want to attack our captain, don’t think about using this kind of children’s trick!”

“Zoro, I’ll leave him to you!”

Luffy suddenly stretched his arm and was about to jump into the depths of Enies Lobby.

“Have I been underestimated?”

Tenzo slowly furrowed his brows and raised his finger. The aura around his body gradually became thicker, “If I let you break through here, it would appear that I am too incompetent…”

Wooden vines surged out from the ground…

These wooden vines turned into a wall in just a few seconds and isolated the entire port area from Enies Lobby!

However, Luffy’s body was lifted into the air with the help of rubber elasticity, and he was about to jump over the dense wooden walls and rush directly into Enies Lobby’s interior!𝗳𝒓eℯ𝘄𝘦𝚋𝙣o𝚟𝗲Ɩ. 𝑐𝒐𝘮

At this time, a crisp female voice suddenly came!

“Hakke Kusho(Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm)!”

On the ground, a little girl wearing a mask raised her palm. A shock wave suddenly hit Luffy’s body and knocked him down from the sky!


A cry of alarm came from the crowd.

Tenzo shifted his gaze to the side and glanced at the little girl wearing a mask. He slowly nodded and said, “Well done, Hanabi…”

It was the ninja that Konoha recently sent to this sea, Hyuga Hanabi.

She had only graduated from the Ninja School three years ago and passed the Jonin exam at the age of fifteen… This age was already very young, and it was not worse than the age when her genius cousin Hyuga Neji became a Jonin.

Because the Hyuga clan head Hinata was still too young, Neji stayed in the Ninja World to help Hinata deal with the clan affairs. As the younger sister of the clan head, Hanabi was the highest-ranking person sent here by the Hyuga clan of Konohagakure.


This Enies Lobby has just become a battlefield for the younger generation of ninjas and the younger generation of pirates in this sea. At least until the tough guys from the Red Hair Pirates rush over, no one would disturb them.

Hanabi slowly took off her mask and slowly walked to Tenzo’s side, then raised her palm at the Straw Hat Pirates.

Hanabi looked at the Straw Hat Pirates indifferently, the veins around her eyes were exposed, and she said in a clear and cold voice: “If you want to pass through here, you are too overconfident… Pirates!”

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