Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 544 - What Is the Leader of Akatsuki Organization Doing...

Chapter 544 - What Is the Leader of Akatsuki Organization Doing...

A week ago.

Before the news of Portgas D. Ace came out, Akatsuki formally invited Big Mom to join the organization.

The conditions proposed by Akatsuki were actually quite generous.

In addition to being the captain of Big Mom’s pirates, Charlotte Linlin herself could become an official member of the Akatsuki Organization; she would also be given six official member slots.

According to Itachi’s report, Akatsuki organized a plenary meeting to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the Big Mom Pirates.

Because every official member of Akatsuki has the right to vote for a certain matter when they dominate the world in the future.

So far, among the Beast Pirates that have become an official members of the Akatsuki Organization. In addition to Kaido himself and the three Calamities, only three of Tobiroppo(Flying Six Fellows) were eligible to join, plus Kaido’s daughter Yamato…

The entire Beast Pirates only occupied a total of eight spots.

So the conditions proposed by Akatsuki Organization were really generous.

But as expected, Charlotte Linlin rejected the invitation and even felt that this mysterious organization in the sea was really ignorant of what was good for them…


A small organization actually dared to invite Yonko(Four Emperors) to join them?

Charlotte Linlin tore up the invitation letter from the Akatsuki Organization on the spot and announced that if Akatsuki’s leader rushed to Totto Land to apologize to her and led the entire Akatsuki Organization to join the Big Mom Pirates, then he would have a chance to get Yonko(Four Emperors)’s forgiveness.

This was really…

It was unexpected.

As a response to Big Mom Pirates, Akatsuki organized the highest meeting to announce on the spot that Akatsuki would launch a war against Big Mom Pirates.

This matter was also the plan that they had originally planned.


Kabuto took this opportunity to report to the World Government that the alliance of Beast Pirates and Akatsuki Organization would launch a war against Big Mom Pirates.

In this way…

The World Government and the marine don’t have to worry about Big Mom Pirates and Beast Pirates joining in. They only need to face Whitebeard Pirates and the Revolutionary Army. According to Kabuto’s plan, their combat power was enough.

As for Red Hair Pirates…

This pirate group was also in the middle of being crossed out and not crossed out.

The World Government was not worried about whether Shanks will join the battle or not. If Shanks sits on the sidelines, the World Government will let him go;

If Shanks wanted to form an alliance with Whitebeard Pirates, then they would destroy the two Yonko(Four Emperors) Pirates in one fell swoop!

Akatsuki Organization led Beast Pirates to declare war on Big Mom Pirates. On the one hand, it was also a strategic deception to the World Government. On the other hand, they really wanted to solve Big Mom Pirates.

Moreover, the war between Akatsuki and Big Mom Pirates was just a warm-up. After taking care of Big Mom Pirates, they would rush to the first half of the Grand Line, ready to participate in the final battle of this world.

Wano Country.

At the seaside of the Kuri Region.

The 100,000 Allied Army had finally assembled.

Jack swept his gaze across the surroundings and frowned; there was a hint of dissatisfaction on his face, “Brother Kaido, are we going to continue waiting here?”

“Yes, we have to wait for Granny Kaguya.”

Naruto nodded slowly and answered Jack’s question softly, “A 100,000 Allied Army is not a small number. If that guy is not here, the best way is to use Granny Kaguya’s spatial technique to take us all away…”

This was how Akatsuki battled.

Because three years ago, when Akatsuki organized an attack on Wano Country, Uehara used a space ability to directly send the entire Allied Shinobi Forces to Wano Country, greatly reducing the consumption of battle preparations and obtaining generous rewards.

The advisor of the Allied Army, Nara Shikaku, adopted Uehara’s method.

Using Kaguya’s Yomotsu Hirasaka(Underworld Slope Hill) and Amenominaka(Heavenly Governing Inside), she would first send all of the 100,000 Allied Army and all the necessary supplies to her personal dimensions.

This way, only Kaguya needed to rush to the location of the war, and it would greatly reduce the time needed for the 100,000 Allied Army to travel.

A hint of surprise flashed across Queen’s face, and he widened his eyes in disbelief, “Wait… Naruto, in that case, will Lord Kaguya, the god who is overseeing Wano Country, also participate in this expedition?”

“If she also takes action…”

Kaido suddenly sobered up. He clenched his fists and said in a deep voice, “She can take care of Big Mom Pirates and Linlin by herself, right? There is no need to mobilize a large number of people for an expedition…”

Even after three years, Kaido did not forget Kaguya’s horror!

Three years ago, that horrible woman came to Onigashima Island and lightly injured him, and defeated the entire Beast Pirates by herself!


Beast Pirates was still spreading the horror of the Rabbit Goddess!

At this time, the others were also thinking about this problem, but Allied Shinobi Forces did not have so many doubts on their side because they were very clear about the purpose of this war!

The existence of Otsutsuki Kaguya could solve some powerful enemies.

Except for those troublesome guys, there was no need to rely on Kaguya to clean up the rest of the idle enemies scattered all over the place…

This was the responsibility of the 100,000 Allied Army.

?Big Mom’s sea region was huge!

Ninja army side.

A hint of inpatient flashed across Ai’s face. He then said with a displeased expression, “How long will that woman take? If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have approved Shikaku’s plan.”

“It should be soon…”

Jiraiya touched his chin and slowly said, “If she takes too long, someone will help urge her…”

While the group of people was still discussing, a black space-time gate appeared in the air. Otsutsuki Kaguya slowly floated out from the black space-time gate.

The moment Kaguya appeared…

The entire Allied Army gradually quieted down.

Shikaku stood out from the crowd and looked up at Kaguya in the air. He then said loudly, “Kaguya-sama, you can start now.”

“I see. “

Kaguya slowly nodded.

In the next second, the scenery in everyone’s vision suddenly changed. They were instantly brought into the core dimension by Kaguya. This was the first time they had seen such a method!

This kind of spatial ability….com

It might even surpass Uehara, right?

At the very least, the ability to transfer 100,000 troops was indeed better than when Uehara sent people from the Ninja World to this sea. It made people think that Kaguya’s spatial ability was stronger.

Just as the 100,000 troops entered Kaguya’s core dimension, they saw another woman floating in the sky. She was the one who held the highest authority in the entire Wano Country.

Angel of God, Konan.

The pair of wings on Konan’s back slowly flapped, bringing her body to slowly land in front of Shikaku and the others, “Jiraiya-sensei, Shikaku-san, are you ready?”


Shikaku nodded with a bitter smile on his face, “I really didn’t expect that we would one day prepare such a large army. The scale of this Allied Army has even exceeded the number in the Fourth Ninja World War…”

100,000 Allied Army…

It was truly unimaginable!

Among them, 60,000 ninjas were equivalent to the elite forces of the entire Ninja World!

However, Beast Pirates and Wano Country’s army added up to more than 40,000 people. This world was too huge…

Of course.

The threshold for samurai and pirates’ strength was not high.

But the minimum threshold for ninjas was to have chakra. If it was just to pull up a huge army, it was not impossible for the Five Great Ninja Countries…

“Speaking of which, where is Uehara?”

Jiraiya touched his chin and asked curiously, “Konan, will that little brat Uehara participate in this war?”

“Naraku won’t be coming for the time being.”

Konan frowned and shook her head, “When I contacted Naraku, he was still on Sky Island…”

“Tsk, that guy…”

Jiraiya couldn’t help but chuckle, “Having such a lively student is really a headache…”


There was a strange tone in Konan’s voice.

This was because when Konan contacted Uehara, Uehara mentioned that he would not participate in this war against Big Mom Pirates because he wanted to choose a gift for Konan.

The gifts that Uehara gave…

It was often hard to accept.

Sky Island.

This island was ten thousand meters high in the sky.

Uehara found the treasure here. He looked up at a huge golden bell and slowly tapped his finger on the golden bell.

“This gift… should be good.”

Uehara listened to the echoing sound of the golden bell and nodded with satisfaction. He shook his head and said, “I just feel that this gift is a little strange…”

Speaking of this, Uehara turned to look at a man who was lying on the ground covered in blood. He asked, “Forget it. Enel, I think it’s better to take your Ark Maxim as a gift to Konan-sensei!”

The man lying on the ground was called Enel.

Before Uehara arrived at Skypiea, Enel was still a god revered by the Skypiean. He also relied on his powerful Mantra to rule this island.

Since Enel ate Goro Goro no Mi(Rumble Rumble Fruit), his Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki), also known as “Mantra” in Skypiea, has been strengthened by Goro Goro no Mi(Rumble Rumble Fruit) and almost reached the limit of Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki)!

In terms of range, it could cover the entire Skypiea!

Therefore, when Uehara entered Skypiea, Enel immediately went to find trouble with Uehara, claiming that a god’s punishment would descend for him.

As a result…

This devil fruit user was defeated by Uehara with the same ability. The situation was unprecedentedly bleak. There were wounds all over his body. Now, even if he wanted to use his devil fruit ability to escape, he could not do it.


Enel couldn’t escape either.

“Are you not willing to give your Ark Maxim to me?”

Uehara glanced at Enel and squatted beside him. He then slowly said, “Hey, you are a god. As a god, you must learn to be generous. It’s just an ark…”


Enel, who was lying on the ground, gritted his teeth and looked at Uehara angrily. There was no calmness that a god should have.

The Ark Maxim was created by Enel after many years of hard work. The materials in many places were made of precious gold. This was a real hard work…

“Alright, I won’t tease you anymore.”

Uehara looked at Enel, whose face was full of anger, and said with a smile, “An ark powered by electrical energy… Tsk, I’m not interested in charging a ship every day. You can drive this ship to the Endless Vearth.


A glimmer of hope suddenly appeared in Enel’s eyes.

The corners of Uehara’s mouth curled up. He narrowed his eyes and smiled as he continued, “As the price of letting you go, I will send someone to find you when you rule the Moon in the future.

I hope that at that time, you will be able to give us the Endless Vearth on the moon just like you gave me a Sky Island now…”


Enel’s gaze gradually became somewhat defeated.

It was understandable that Uehara wanted to obtain a Sky Island. Enel knew that he could no longer rule Skypiea. Moreover, he did not intend to stay on the small Sky Island.

However, what did this guy called Uehara just say?

After he conquers the moon, this bastard will take over the moon…

Was this still human?

“Do you want the moon?”

Enel stared at Uehara, “Then tell me, are you the god who rules the Blue Sea?”


Uehara frowned and thought for a while. He then shook his head and sighed, “Although I don’t want to admit it, it should be in a few months… Are you interested in coming to watch the ceremony?”

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