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Chapter 487: You Are Also a Loose Organization Anyway

Chapter 487: You Are Also a Loose Organization Anyway


In Aokiji’s office.

This office is a bit unruly. There is actually a sleeping mat on the ground. Aokiji lay lazily on the mat and slowly closed his eyes.

“It’s really troublesome…”

After Aokiji returned to his office from the meeting, he kept this posture and muttered, “If you move one piece, you will win three pieces… Is this that guy’s most important subordinate?”

Aokiji first thought that Kabuto’s plan was to help remove the trouble Kisame encountered and also to weaken the Whitebeard Pirate and the Beast Pirates.

As a result, Kabuto took this opportunity to lure Kizaru away.


Or, this was Kabuto’s real purpose!

Akatsuki Organization really wants to wipe out the three Admiral!

Once Kizaru has no choice but to join Akatsuki’s Organization, the Three Admirals and the Marine Staff Officer are all spies of Akatsuki Organization…

Well, evil has completely invaded the justice camp.

“Do you want to contact Sakazuki?”

Aokiji took out his Den Den Mushi and slowly dialed Akainu’s Den Den Mushi, “Oh, Sakazuki, there’s something I want to ask you…”

“You… what’s the matter?”

Akainu did not sound very happy.

But it had to be said that…

After Aokiji and Akainu became spies of the Akatsuki Organization, the relationship between the two of them eased a little, and the number of times they contacted each other increased significantly.

Perhaps it was because they had a common secret?

Aokiji didn’t hesitate to tell Akainu what happened in Marineford’s meeting, “Well, Kabuto and Borsalino are going out on a mission together. I feel that he might not be able to escape from the fate we are in contact with…”


On the other side, Akainu fell into silence.

What the hell is going on? The two of them finally reached a tacit understanding with great difficulty to stay away from Marineford so that Kizaru could rise to the top in the future…

In the end, Kizaru might join Akatsuki?

If the three of them became Akatsuki spies, then who would carry out the justice? Could Aokiji and Kizaru, these two lazy guys, protect justice as much as possible under the Akatsuki Organization’s oppression?

“I know this.”

Akainu responded with a low voice, then he said with some anger, “One by one… Sooner or later, these unreliable guys…”

If the three of them are spies, then Aokiji and Kizaru, these two unreliable guys, are really unreliable!

The marine can basically announce that they were finished!


Aokiji looked at the Den Den Mushi that was hung up, his expression became a little subtle. Could this kind of thing be blamed on him? It was as if they could stop Akatsuki…

Kabuto had now completely deceived Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Vice Admiral Tsuru. Even the World Government’s officials, as well as a large number of marine officers, were very convinced of him.

He was just an ordinary Admiral, what could he do?

New World.

G1 Branch Base.

After hanging up Aokiji’s Den Den Mushi call, Akainu lit a cigar for himself and dialed Kizaru’s Den Den Mushi. Unfortunately, the phone rang a few times, but it didn’t connect.

Akainu’s face couldn’t help but darken. He gritted his teeth and said, “This guy… Did he pick the wrong Den Den Mushi again?”

After a long time, the Den Den Mushi finally connected.

A young man’s voice sounded in Akainu’s ears, “Admiral Akainu, this is the Marines’ Science Unit. I am the most tight-lipped man in the world, Sentomaru. When the old man left, he forgot to bring the Den Den Mushi. He left with Vice Admiral Kabuto…”

“I know… that bastard!”

Akainu couldn’t help but curse before hanging up the Den Den Mushi.

Akainu took big puffs from the cigar in his mouth.

He smoked one cigar after another, and the whole room was slowly filled with smoke.

That was to say…

If he wanted to contact Kizaru, he had to contact Kabuto first?

Akainu sat in his room. After he finished smoking his cigar, he pressed the cigarette butt on the table, picked up his Den Den Mushi again, and slowly dialed a person he had never contacted.

The leader of Akatsuki, Uehara Naraku.

It was really strange. Ever since Uehara implant Yonbi in his body and forced him to join the Akatsuki Organization, he had never contacted or used him.

The two of them contacted for the first time…

And it was actually Akainu who took the initiative.

Akainu watched as the Den Den Mushi on his table connected. A complicated expression flashed across his face. Just as he was about to lower his head and say something, the other end of the Den Den Mushi spoke first.

“Admiral Akainu?”

Uehara’s leisurely voice came from the Den Den Mushi. After greeting him, he seemed to be a little impatient, “Well, it seems to be the first time we have contacted each other. Do you have any important information for me?”


Akainu shook his head and said to the Den Den Mushi, “No information, I just want to talk to you about the marine…”

“Oh, don’t worry.”

Uehara’s soft laughter came from the Den Den Mushi, “I happen to have good news to tell you. We will be able to recruit Admiral Kizaru soon…

Maybe when the next Akatsuki meeting, you will be able to see your two colleagues there. In the future, we can turn the marine into whatever we want.”


Akainu clenched his fists.

‘Bastard, what can the marine become?’

Akainu wanted to contact this guy Uehara because he was worried that Akatsuki would turn the marine into those strange things!

But Kabuto was faster than him!

And sure enough, the Marineford’s meeting was not about the war between Whitebeard and Kaido. The real purpose was clearly to lure Kizaru out and force him to surrender!


Akainu grabbed the Den Den Mushi on the table and his voice suddenly became louder. He said in a deep voice, “That guy Borsalino is my classmate and friend, but that guy’s character is unpredictable and is not trustworthy at all…”

Back then, Akainu and Kizaru were in the same new recruit camp.

The two of them were also known as the monsters among the new recruits.

Even if they did not have devil fruit, they still possessed extremely powerful strength. The two monsters naturally would appreciate each other.

In fact, the relationship between Akainu and Kizaru was not bad. Occasionally, they would drink tea and soak in hot springs. The two of them were truly harmonious colleagues.

As for Aokiji, he must be excluded by them.

Akainu held the Den Den Mushi in his hand and continued in a deep voice, “Borsalino’s devil fruit is Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit), Sir Uehara, even if you can use the same ability, you may not be able to completely capture him.

If you show your strength and forcibly recruit Borsalino, but he escapes, it is easy to arouse Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s vigilance; maybe it will expose the identity of Kuzan and me…

This is very dangerous for me!”


Uehara’s voice was still unspeakably relaxed. He calmly comforted Akainu’s emotions, “Don’t worry, this won’t happen…”

“That’s for the best.”

Akainu hung up his Den Den Mushi forcefully. He did not hear the last words of Uehara, who was on the other end of the Den Den Mushi.

“He definitely won’t be able to escape.”

On the other side.

Wano Country, Flower Capital.

Uehara sat in a conference room and looked at the Den Den Mushi in his hand doubtfully. Someone actually dared to hang up on him?

“What’s wrong?”

?tsutsuki Kaguya sat next to Uehara. She looked at Uehara and asked softly, “Hagoromo… What happened? Did someone offend you?”

“No, it’s okay, I am not Hagoromo.”

Uehara shook his head and put away his Den Den Mushi. He looked at all the members present and said, “The Whitebeard Pirates have left their sea area. Shikaku-san, immediately let Kaido and Naruto go and lead the Beast Pirates to Punk Hazard and get ready to intercept the Whitebeard Pirates there!”


Shikaku nodded and asked a question, “Do you need the Allied Shinobi Forces to join the battle? No matter what…”

“There is no need, and the Wano Country must continue to be locked down.”

Uehara interrupted Shikaku and said in a low voice, “Apart from Naruto, at least before the real war breaks out. The Allied Shinobi Forces, who knows my identity, will temporarily stay in Wano Country to study Haki!”

When he said this, Uehara’s eyes slowly fell on everyone present, “If there are ninjas who want to travel in this sea, they must be reviewed… Even everyone present is no exception…”

Just as Uehara was about to continue to say something, his brows could not help but furrow. He slowly raised his finger, and an Impure World Reincarnated person who had been released for a long time also contacted him.

‘It’s really strange. What is exactly happening today…’

‘Some guys who basically did not contact each other were contacting him…’

This time, the person who contacted Uehara was Itachi. Because of their connection, Itachi’s thoughts were instantly transmitted to Uehara.

“Uehara, I got to know a person called Charlotte Katakuri. The two of us have a good chat. This person wants to join Akatsuki…”


Uehara’s expression was a little subtle. He just casually said to Itachi, “Katakuri, that guy? Don’t reveal my information… Really, you brothers really have a common language…”


Itachi fell into silence.

On the other side of the sea.

In the sea.

Charlotte Katakuri was lying on the ground, his body was in a mess and her hideous mouth was exposed. It was obvious that he had just experienced a big battle.


Katakuri was defeated.

This man, who was almost 100% perfect in the Charlotte Family, failed in this battle and could only be dealt with by the enemy.

Itachi stood beside Katakuri and slowly put down his fingers. He opened his eyes and looked at Katakuri with a pair of scarlet eyes, “The leader has agreed to let you join Akatsuki. You can survive…”

After saying this, Itachi spread out his palm and whispered, “And I understand very well what you are doing this to protect your siblings… I will not kill you, and I will keep your secrets… It doesn’t matter even if you don’t join Akatsuki.”

“Is that so?”

Katakuri closed his eyes and shook his head, he whispered, “What a troublesome person. Forget it, at least I’m willing to do a few things for you…

You are also a loose organization anyway. According to the information I got in private, it seems that you can withdraw from this organization at any time…”

Itachi couldn’t help but be silent for a while before saying, “Who told you about Akatsuki? Did someone invite you to join Akatsuki before?”

Katakuri looked up at the sky and replied softly, “About two months ago, a guy named Black Zetsu appeared in Whole Cake Island and sneaked into my room. He took the initiative to invite me to join Akatsuki and told me that Akatsuki could help me protect my family…”


Itachi fell silent again.

At this moment, he didn’t know if he should tell Katakuri the truth.

Akatsuki Organization has never been a loose organization. At present, any member who wants to leave Akatsuki has almost no good ending in their lives…

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