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Chapter 404: Where Here in Loguetown, Please Disembark in an Orderly Manner...

Chapter 404: Where Here in Loguetown, Please Disembark in an Orderly Manner…

Hina was a little confused.

Uehara’s aura was too confusing, and she could not help but feel that Baroque Works was really an extraordinary organization.

The beautiful marine Captain frowned and subconsciously turned to ask, “Baroque Works… Hina seems to have heard of it…”

A marine next to her carefully replied, “Captain Hina, Baroque Works is a criminal organization. There are many wanted criminals in it. They are very active in the first half of Grand Line. We have caught one before…”

Because the Baroque Works activity area was the route toward Alabasta, that route happens to be under Hina’s jurisdiction. The marine on this warship really remembers it.

After a second of silence, a touch of anger flashed on Hina’s face. She stepped on the guardrail of the warship and rushed toward Uehara and others!

“Hina is very angry!”

The beautiful Captain instantly felt that Uehara was teasing her and wanted to capture this daring fellow personally!

Uehara looked at Hina and kicked her waist, directly kicking this devil fruit capable person into the sea!

This battle ended in such a mess…

If a devil fruit capable person were kicked into the sea, he/she would instantly lose all of his/her strength.

A minute later.

Uehara sat on the warship and placed a chair on the deck. He invited Nico Robin to sit on the chair. Kisame stood beside Robin with a faint smile on his face.

In front of them was the beautiful marine Captain lying on the deck. Her face was filled with despair as she looked at the blue sky without wind.

This scene made the corner of Nico Robin’s eyes twitch.

At this moment, Robin felt she was going to take the blame!

Uehara glared at the group of shivering marines and said with a serious expression, “We are members of the Baroque Works. This is the vice president of our Baroque Works, Nico Robin!”


A drop of cold sweat appeared on Nico Robin’s face.

Well, now there is no need to doubt it; it is estimated that her bounty of 80 million Beli will definitely rise again after a period of time.

She really doesn’t know what expression Aokiji would show…

But compared to Aokiji, as a member of Akatsuki, she should be more worried about Kakuzu.

Uehara didn’t look at Robin’s expression and continued, “From now on, your marine warship has been requisition by our Baroque Works! If you want to save your Captain’s life, immediately change your course and rush to Loguetown in the East Blue!”


A brave marine stood up and hesitantly said, “We are also going to Loguetown…”

“Very good.”

Uehara patted his palm and smiled, “This is really a fateful encounter! Eh? Are you not happy? Applause for our fateful encounter!”


The group of marines looked at each other.

There were question marks on the forehead of each marine.

The next moment, they saw the tall Fish-Men from the Baroque Works reveal a ferocious expression.

He held a strange sword and align it with Captain Hina’s body.

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap…

Applause spread throughout the warship.

Nico Robin looked at this scene and her eyelids couldn’t help but tremble. These marines must hate the Baroque Works to death!

Uehara spread out his hands in satisfaction, indicating that everyone could calm down, “In the following time, I hope we can get along well. When we arrive at Loguetown, you can disembark!”


All the marines looked at Uehara speechlessly.

This was as if he was talking about his ship!

Even if he really wants a ship, does he really have to steal their warship!

This kind of nature was very bad. Compared to killing the king of the Drum Kingdom, it was easier to attract the hostility of the marine if you stole their warship. In the future, the marine will definitely hunt them down!

Uehara looked at the speechless marine, and his face gradually became serious. He continued, “I hope you will remember today’s lesson. In the future, you must never provoke the Baroque Works. Next time, you will not be so lucky!”


The beautiful marine Captain on the ground bit her lips.

At this moment, Hina noted down her humiliation. Whether it was that Nico Robin or this Uehara, or the entire Baroque Works…

Hina would not let them go!

Sooner or later, she would definitely capture all the members of the Baroque Works and put them in the big underwater prison – Impel Down!


Not a single one of them would be spared!

Unfortunately, Hina’s idea only persisted for one day before she decided to save that guy called Uehara Naraku first.

Because Hina saw that when the Fish-Men called Hoshigaki Kisame wanted to kill a marine soldier, Uehara stopped Kisame.

Ten days later.

The warship left the Calm Belt.

These days, Uehara became the most respected person on the warship.

He would always persuade Kisame to put down the butcher knife and save the soldiers when Kisame wanted to kill.

He was a good person.

Even the marine Captain Hina couldn’t help but feel that this person seemed to have entered the wrong organization and wanted to try to save him.

At this moment.

Uehara sat on the guardrail of the warship and took a sip of his juice. He was looking at the mission reward he had received.

[Side Mission: Cross the Calm Belt(1/1).]

[Mission completed.]

[Reward: +10,000 Life Energy, +10,000 Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki), +10,000 Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki).]

This was just his starting point.

Next… was the real novice village benefits!

Uehara slowly opened the map of East Blue. Just as he was planning a mission route, a crisp female voice entered his ears.

“Hey, Hina doesn’t understand. Why would a person like you join a criminal organization? You look very sunny. Although you have a bad personality, you are undoubtedly a good person…”

The beautiful marine Captain stood next to Uehara and continued, “These days, Hina secretly saw that you have been protecting the ordinary marine from the hands of that terrifying Fish-Men and Devil Child Nico Robin!”

After saying this, the beautiful Captain said in a deep voice, “As long as you are willing to join the marine, Hina can guarantee that you will not be held responsible!”

“Sorry, I can’t agree!”

Uehara shook his head with an apologetic look on his face. He softly said, “Ever since I joined the Baroque Works, I have been unable to turn back…”

When Uehara said this, his face gradually became a little fearful, “You are just a marine Captain and don’t know how terrifying the boss of our Baroque Works is!

If I dare to betray the Baroque Works, I will definitely be killed by our boss. Not to mention you are just an ordinary marine Captain; even a Fleet Admiral is not a match for our Baroque Works boss!


Hina’s face showed a hint of doubt.

Just as she wanted to continue asking, she saw Nico Robin coming over. Hina could only close her mouth in a depressed manner.

“You can start packing your things.”

Nico Robin felt bitter in her heart, buts he looked at Hina with a smile, “We will be at Loguetown soon. You marine can leave this ship.”

“Vice president.”

Uehara stood up and looked at Nico Robin respectfully, “I will do this. You should go and rest!”

“… Okay.”

Nico Robin nodded in a trance.

Don’t be like this, I’m a little scared!

She really doesn’t know why Uehara would show his acting skill in front of an ordinary marine Captain… She doesn’t understand… She really doesn’t understand…

If Uehara knew why Robin had this question, he would tell Robin directly because this Captain Hina would definitely spread the threat of Baroque Works and Crocodile in the future… After this warship robbery incident, she would definitely keep a close eye on the Baroque Works!

Most importantly, this beautiful Captain seemed to be a little soft-hearted.

In the face of some less threatening pirates and prisoners, the beautiful Captain didn’t seem to care about their past and even directly took them in to join the marine. This was also the passage that Uehara paved the way for himself to enter the marine in the future…

Whether or not he would join the marine in the future was still uncertain.

Anyway, in his life, it was always good to have one more road.

At this moment, Uehara was a person who went astray in the Baroque Works, but he still had a trace of conscience and wanted to turn back.

After Nico Robin left gracefully, Hina clenched her fists and looked at Uehara then instructed him in a low voice.

“Hey, Uehara, don’t do too many bad things with Baroque Works. Otherwise, Hina won’t be able to protect you in the future!

Moreover, no matter who the boss behind this criminal organization was, Hina would definitely capture him and put him in Impel Down!


Uehara shook his head and said in a low voice, “The strength of the Baroque Works boss and his identity are beyond your imagination. I hope you will forget what happened today after we reach Loguetown!”

“Hina will definitely do it!”

Hina was still a little indignant.

After the warship left the Calm Belt, its speed suddenly increased a lot. They soon arrived at the destination they were going to arrive at.

Logue Town.

The town of beginnings and ends.

Because this is the hometown of the pirate king, Gol D. Roger, it was also the place where Gol D. Roger has been executed and the starting point of the entire pirate era!

“You want my treasure! You can have it; I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you’ll just have to find it!”

Because Gol D. Roger shouted this sentence before the execution, it completely awakened the wildness of this world. From then on, many people rushed to the sea to become pirates, looking for the treasure of the pirate king One Piece left at Raftel.

The weak people believed that there were countless treasures stored there, and the strong people believed that it was the world’s truth.

The warship slowly stopped at the dock.

“We have arrived at Loguetown.”

Uehara narrowed his eyes and smiled. He looked very sunny. He whispered, “Please disembark the ship in an orderly manner…”

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