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Chapter 348: It Is Bright

Chapter 348: It Is Bright

On the battlefield.

The Allied Shinobi Forces completely occupied the advantage.

Uehara harvested these Impure World Reincarnate Ninjas like cutting grass. The Allied Shinobi Forces looked at the enemies they could not deal with in shock. Uehara’s casual punch or ninjutsu killed them. No one could resist his strength.

One of the only two Sunagakure experts, Pakura of the Scorch Release, waved her hand and summoned a strange fireball, throwing it at Uehara!

“Shakuton, Kajōsatsu (Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder)!”

“Fūton, Tatsumaki(Wind Release: Tornado)!”

With a wave of his hand, Uehara created a gust of wind that quickly blew away the fireballs. His figure suddenly flashed and appeared beside Pakura!

“Don’t be too violent…”

Uehara frowned slightly. His palm directly grabbed Pakura’s neck and slowly lifted her body. The next moment, a frost current emanated from his hand and slowly froze Pakura’s body into an ice sculpture.

Pakura’s body was hidden inside the ice sculpture, desperately trying to release the scorch release. However, even if she tried her best, she could only slowly melt the ice from inside.

Uehara waved his hand and threw Pakura to the ground. He glanced at the Sealing Team behind him and ordered, “Seal her up!”

“Yes, Regimental Commander!”

The Sealing Team nodded respectfully and took a sealing scroll to seal Pakura.

In the past few hours, the whole Allied Shinobi Forces Sealing Ninjas’ feelings towards Uehara gradually changed from dislike to reverence and respect.

Because they witnessed his strength with their own eyes.

Moreover, if they followed Uehara, the mission would be too easy.

Uehara did not stop.

His figure was like a ghost that was active on the battlefield. He would appear beside an Impure World Reincarnate Ninjas and instantly finish off the enemy from time to time.

They were all treated equally in his hands, whether ordinary Genin, various Kage-level characters, or those former Jinchuriki of other villages.

Jiraiya had also defeated his own Sensei during this period of time. After personally sealing Hiruzen up, he turned around and looked at Uehara, “This fellow can still be trusted in combat!”


Guy also walked to Jiraiya’s side and watched as Uehara dealt with Second Tsuchikage Mu and Second Mizukage Gengetsu. He then commanded the Sealing Team to seal these two Kage.

Guy looked at this scene with a face full of admiration. He also nodded seriously, “Kitahara Naraku-dono is trustworthy.”


Jiraiya hurriedly nodded. He turned around and looked around the battlefield. He then said, “Second Tsuchikage, Second, Mizukage, Third Raikage, Sarutobi-sensei, and Fourth Mizukage have all been sealed…”

Jiraiya’s gaze finally moved slowly and looked at a person who was constantly swimming on the battlefield. His face gradually became serious, “In that case, is there only our village’s Second Hokage-sama left?”

Only Tobirama was left among the Impure World Reincarnation’s Kage.

Even Sakumo was defeated by Kakashi using his Sharingan, Kenjutsu, and Raikiri. However, after winning this fateful battle with his father, Kakashi was completely exhausted…

“Is Dan also sealed?”

Jiraiya’s gaze slowly moved.

Dan’s Spirit Transformation Technique was indeed very strong, but unfortunately, he was easily dealt with by Uehara’s Summoned Beast Thresh.

Even the soul was taken away by that Summoned Beast.

Apart from Second Hokage, who was still relying on the Flying Thunder God Technique to swim around, the only other powerful enemy left was Sasuke, a living person…

He was still in a fierce battle with Naruto!

It had to be said.

Both Sasuke and Naruto had become very powerful!

The battle between the two of them was extremely intense, and even some powerful ninjas could not interfere.

Although from the perspective of the battle, Sasuke was still very tenacious.

However, everyone present knew that Sasuke could no longer escape because a group in black robes with red clouds surrounded their battlefield.

They were Akatsuki Organization members.

At least all the ninjas present believed that under the encirclement of Akatsuki Organization, Sasuke would definitely not be able to escape. That was the strongest mercenary organization in the entire world, Akatsuki!

After commanding the captains of the various combat forces to take charge of the finishing work on the battlefield, Uehara also rushed to the battlefield near Naruto and Sasuke.

“Is the battle not over yet?”

Uehara walked to the Akatsuki group side. When he saw Deidara’s hand desperately chewing on the clay, his eyebrows couldn’t help but twitch, “Deidara, what are you doing again?”

“I’m going to give Sasuke a super surprise art!”

Deidara spat out clay from his two palms and slowly gathered it into a big bird with a strange look. He said with an ugly expression, “There are only two Uchiha left in this world, right? If one is killed, one less…”

Uehara, “…”

You were really narrow-minded!

Back then, when Itachi pulled Deidara into Akatsuki’s organization, he used his Sharingan to make Deidara fall into the illusion and almost killed himself. From then on, Deidara began to target any Uchiha.

Was the miniature telescope on the left eye cool?

In addition to taking photos and investigating, it was mainly to guard against Sharingan genjutsu.

C4 ·Garuḍa was cute, right?

It was usually not very conspicuous. Once used, it is a super scale figure made according to Deidara’s appearance and body shape. Once it explodes, it could emit countless clay spiders that could almost be called micrometers. It could make people’s bodies explode to ashes inside and out…

This technique was targeted at Itachi.

Even after Itachi died, Deidara did not give up on targeting Uchiha. It was as if there was no fun in his life if he did not target Uchiha…

Sometimes, Uehara was really a little worried about Deidara. What if he saw a bunch of Uchiha in the Pure Land after Deidara died?

Wouldn’t he go crazy?

Uehara slowly raised his finger. After obtaining the news that Orochimaru was about to revive the Juubi from Kabuto, he decided to harvest his leeks.

“Forget it; I’ll deal with him!”

“Don’t. Let me go!”

“You stay here obediently…”

Sasori grabbed Deidara’s arm and said with dissatisfaction, “You really don’t want to live! Weren’t you almost killed just now?”

“What’s going on?”

Uehara was surprised for a second.

There shouldn’t be anyone on the entire battlefield who can threaten Deidara, right? Moreover, although the Akatsuki organization members were not considered affectionate with each other, they would definitely save their companions if their companions were in danger…

Therefore, Uehara did not care about Akatsuki’s situation.

But he did not expect that this amusing idiot Deidara was almost killed?

Sasori hesitated for a second before he whispered, “Just now, he wanted to blow up Sasuke, but no one could stop him. In the end, he was caught by Sasuke’s Susanoo. If Naruto hadn’t saved him, he would have almost died in Sasuke’s hand…”

“Then why don’t you stay here obediently?”

Uehara grabbed Deidara’s shoulder. He shook his head and said, “The current Sasuke is even stronger than Itachi! Whether it is genjutsu, taijutsu, ninjutsu, dojutsu, there are almost no shortcomings…”

After he finished speaking, Uehara added, “Of course, to me, he doesn’t have any strong points.”

He was really confident in his words.

However, the strength that Uehara had always displayed was almost without a bottom line. No one knew how strong he was.

Deidara looked at him speechlessly, then raised his eyebrows and said, “Don’t underestimate that guy Sasuke; his Susanoo attacks are very fast…”

“Don’t worry.”

Uehara chuckled and walked step by step towards the center of the battlefield, “In this world, no one knows better than me how to deal with Sasuke.”

After saying that, Uehara’s figure floated up and flew in Susanoo’s direction. But he met a Rasenshuriken, which was sent flying!

No wonder no one can participate in this battle…

Even if it were just a simple technique, it was not something that the others present could withstand!

Uehara subconsciously moved to the side, avoiding the Rasenshuriken. He threw out a fireball and completely shattered it.

“Uehara, don’t come over!”

When Naruto saw that Uehara was in danger, he couldn’t help but shout, “Leave Sasuke to me!”


Sasuke stood in the middle of Susanoo, controlling Susanoo to raise the bow in his hand again, and sneered, “Who do you think you are?”

“I am…”

Naruto controlled a huge chakra palm to form a Rasenshuriken. He shouted, “Naruto!”


Sasuke suddenly closed his fingers, and his face gradually became serious, “Then I’ll show you the legendary power of the Uchiha clan…

This was a power that surpassed Madara. Naruto, congratulations on becoming the first person to see this form and die under it!”

In the next moment, the purple Susanoo suddenly changed!

A pair of legs appeared under the body of the purple Susanoo, directly raising its height!

Countless purple chakra appeared on Susanoo’s body, gradually changing this increasingly huge Susanoo into a new form, almost completely changing its appearance!

Just its size had completely surpassed its previous state!

Under the feet of the purple Susanoo was a pair of huge purple boots, its size had become abnormally large, and its somewhat strange appearance had become somewhat sinister at this moment.

Sasuke’s body was also wrapped in Susanoo’s head, and he slowly covered his eyes, feeling the pain and strength when Susanoo was opened.

It had to be said that this Susanoo’s form was the first time Sasuke used it.

This form was only the fourth form, not the true complete form. But for Sasuke, the burden was already not small.

Sasuke glanced at Uehara, who was still stubbornly rushing over, and said in a low voice, “Although I feel that this eye power has not been fully developed, Susanoo’s fourth form is already enough to deal with you…”


Uehara was silent for a while.

Then Uehara slowly stretched out his finger and condensed a wind ball. He flicked this wind ball into the air.

The next moment, the dust in the sky that was gathered by countless ninjutsu was instantly blown away by the wind ball. The sunlight slowly shone down and fell on the purple Susanoo.

The sky becomes clear.

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