Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 346: Senpai, I Didn’t Expect You to Really Betray Our and Itachi’s Dreams

Chapter 346: Senpai, I Didn’t Expect You to Really Betray Our and Itachi’s Dreams

What a sin!

Uehara looked down at the list handed to him by the intelligence personnel.

This list was the second batch of Impure World Reincarnation Ninjas sent by Kabuto and Orochimaru, which was also used to resist Allied Shinobi Forces to buy time for Orochimaru to revive the Juubi.

Konohagakure Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas: Second Hokage Senju Tobirama, Third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen, Konoha White Fang Hatake Sakumo, Hyuga Hizashi, Kato Dan, Sarutobi Asuma, Gekko Hayate, Shin, Aburame Torune and Fire Temple Chiriku…

Kumogakure Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas: Third Raikage Ai, Golden Horn, Silver Horn, the former Hachibi Jinchuriki Blue B, the former Nibi Jinchuriki Yugito Nii, and the Magnetic Release Ninja Toroi…

Iwagakure Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas: Second Tsuchikage Mu, Gari of the Explosion Release, the former Yonbi Jinchuriki Roshi, the former Gobi Jinchuriki Han…

Iwagakure Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas: Second Mizukage Hozuki Gengetsu, Fourth Mizukage Karatachi Yagura, the former Rokubi Jinchuriku Utakata, Momochi Zabuza, Suikazan Fuguki, Kuriarare Kushimaru, Munashi Jinpachi, and Akebino Jinin…

Sunagakure Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas: Fourth Kazekage Rasa, Pakura of the Scorch Release…

These are the lists of the Impure World Reincarnated prominent members and some Jonin, Chunin, and even Genin Ninja from the Five Great Ninja Village. They were all experimental subjects that Kabuto had once studied, Impure World Reincarnation.

Most of these Chunin and Genin level ninjas were prepared by Kabuto. This number was definitely higher than the number of people in the Anime. Perhaps the pressure on Kabuto was too great…

After all, he alone had to fight a great war in the Ninja World…

There was also a living commander other than these Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas.

Kabuto also sent a living person to lead these Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas.

That was Sasuke, who had just changed his Mangekyo Sharingan and opened his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

“If you want to avenge your Uchiha clan, then take these people and kill the Allied Shinobi Forces with all your might and stop them from approaching Orochimaru-sama… If you have the ability, then you can even lead these people to kill through the Allied Shinobi Forces Command Headquarters.”

Kabuto’s voice was full of bewitchment, “Sasuke, this Fourth Ninja World War might be the final war of the Ninja World. Perhaps this is the only chance you have in your life. Don’t you want to rebuild the glory that belongs to the Uchiha clan…”

“I got it.”

Sasuke pulled off the gauze in his eyes, and with a Kusanagi Sword, he led the army of Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas to the battlefield.

After transplanting Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke felt his eye power had become full and powerful again. He had obtained Mangekyo Sharingan that would never be blind, and his confidence swelled again.

In the entire world, there was absolutely no one who could be his match now!

Sasuke had long known the story of Madara and his brother. Sasuke was very clear that he had already possessed the power that Madara had once possessed!

No, Sasuke believed that he should have surpassed Madara!

Therefore, when Jugo saw that Sasuke was rushing to the battlefield in an imposing manner, he couldn’t help but scratch his head and honestly ask.

“Kabuto-sama, what’s wrong with Sasuke?”

“Maybe he’s inflated!”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses and manipulated his sacrificial materials because he was now preparing to revive the other protagonist of this Fourth Ninja World War.

Uchiha Madara.

As Kabuto prepared Madara’s body, he asked, “How is it on Orochimaru-sama’s side? Has he not thought of completely reviving Juubi?”

“Not yet…”

Jugo shook his head hesitantly.

Kabuto shook his head and sighed faintly, “It seems that he is still so afraid of death… Jugo, you go and tell Orochimaru-sama that if he dies here, I will help him revive!”


Jugo nodded hurriedly. Just as he was about to rush back to report, he suddenly turned around and said, “Kabuto-sama, isn’t it good that Orochimaru is dead? Why should we revive him?

He is not a good person… “


Kabuto chuckled and shook his head. He stretched out his palm and patted Jugo on the shoulder, “I was just saying it verbally… I was actually lying to him. Go quickly!”


Jugo hurriedly nodded.

To be honest, Jugo could not tell whether Kabuto was telling the truth or not. He felt that every word Kabuto said was heartfelt. But he also thought that every word was as light as a feather, fake as if it had no weight.

The world was really complicated.

Jugo sighed with emotion for a while and went straight to Orochimaru’s lounge. He told Orochimaru that if he died, he would definitely be resurrected.

The corner of Orochimaru’s eyes twitched.

Now, Orochimaru was in a very good state. The Gedo Mazo had already extracted eight of Bijuu’s chakra, and only Kyuubi’s chakra remained.

Minato stood beside Orochimaru, waiting for Orochimaru to extract Kyuubi from his body. He was also there to monitor Orochimaru.

On the battlefield.

Uehara stood on a high platform overlooking the battlefield.

There are thousands of Impure World Reincarnation Ninjas on the opposite side of the battlefield, from the forerunners of the various villages to some ten-year-old Genin. Still, he doesn’t know how Kabuto controlled them…

Without a doubt, he dug a lot of graves!

“The situation doesn’t seem too good!”

Jiraiya walked to Uehara’s side and looked at the Impure World Reincarnation Army, divided according to their Ninja Village. A hint of worry appeared on his face, and he said, “The enemy is more than we can imagine, or even stronger than we can imagine…”


Uehara nodded his head and looked at the unique Impure World Reincarnated Army. He couldn’t help but frown, “There are too many of your Konoha Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas…”


Jiraiya’s face couldn’t help but darken as he casually replied, “This was all done by that fellow, Orochimaru. That bastard never respected the deceased…”

Because Orochimaru’s life view was very simple and unadorned.

Only when a person is alive would everything be meaningful. Once a person dies, it would ultimately be meaningless no matter what you left behind in this world.

Orochimaru would not respect any dead person.

No matter how many contributions the dead had made, Orochimaru would definitely find a way to dig up his grave as long as they died.

Uehara nodded with a strange expression.

Now it seemed that he had picked a good candidate. Even Orochimaru’s best friend thought that Orochimaru was the mastermind behind the scenes. This proved that there was a problem with Orochimaru’s character in itself.

“Well, get ready to launch the charge!”

Uehara raised his palm and stared at the distance. His voice gradually became heavy, “Before that fellow Orochimaru can revive the Juubi and become its Jinchuriki, we will break through the defenses of the Impure World Reincarnated Army.”


Jiraiya nodded.

One figure after another appeared behind him.

Their two special battle teams were the main fighting strength, so they could only rely on the huge Allied Shinobi Forces to break through the enemy.

The only problem was that the number of Sealing Ninjas was not enough.

Therefore, this war with the Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas might be quite difficult.

Uehara stared at the distance. He then closed his palm and shouted, “Everyone pays attention to protecting the Sealing Team. Everyone… charge!”

Uehara raised his palm, and a fireball slowly floated into the sky. Then, it suddenly fell in the direction of the Impure World Reincarnated Army. Then an explosion sounded. The fireball blasted hundreds of the Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas away!

This scene attracted the cheers of Allied Shinobi Forces!

In the next moment, countless people roared and pounced in the direction of the enemy. Countless Shuriken and Explosive Tags threw themselves at the enemy’s head!

Second Tsuchikage and Third Hokage in the Impure World Reincarnation Ninja stood up simultaneously. The two of them formed a seal simultaneously and shouted, “Doton, Doryū Jōheki(Earth Release: Earth-Style Rampart)!”

A long wall blocked countless Shuriken and Explosive Tags!

After the First Division, led by Darui, launched a long-range attack, the Second Division and Fifth Division quickly rushed forward under the lead of Kitsuchi and Mifune!

Third Division.

Kakashi stared at a figure in the Impure World Reincarnated Army. It was his father, Sakumo. He did not expect his father to be among the resurrected ninjas.

A complex look appeared on Kakashi’s face. He slowly clenched his fist and shouted, “Third Division! Attack from the left and right!”

Fourth Division.

Gaara did not care about his father Rasa’s situation at all. He directly waved his hand to gather his troops and rushed forward to protect the charging Kitsuchi’s troops.

At this moment, the Fourth Ninja World War had finally begun completely. A large-scale and largest war had begun!

Deidara held a lump of clay in his hand and chuckled, “Uehara, when are we going up? I can’t wait!”

“Let’s go!”

Uehara nodded gently.

One by one, the figures in black robes with red clouds followed behind him. Their movements became faster and faster, and they directly started running in the end!

Uehara rose into the air and punched at an Impure World Reincarnated Ninja. With a wave of his hand, he directly smashed the body of that Impure World Reincarnated Ninja!

“Hahaha… this style is truly worthy of Uehara!”

After laughing and laughing for a while, Deidara stepped on a clay bird and rushed to the rear of the enemy, sprinkling countless bombs!

“Still so rash…”

Sasori frowned and looked at Deidara. He shook his head and summoned the puppets of Third Kazekage and Fourth Kazekage, then released a sand gold and magnetic iron sand to cover the surrounding enemies!

“There are many people on this battlefield who can threaten us!”

Kakuzu nodded with emotion. One by one, Earth Grudge Fear came out of his body. For a time, flames and gales swept the surroundings while lightning penetrated the enemy formation instantly!

Unfortunately, the Third Hokage Hiruzen was proficient in all five elements. He brought his shadow clone and quickly stopped the Earth Grudge Fear rampage.

However, Jiraiya reappeared and entangled Hiruzen. A surging flame gushed out from Jiraiya’s mouth and quickly drowned Hiruzen and his shadow clone!

Just as Jiraiya’s flame burned, a loud voice resounded on the battlefield!

“Suiton: Dai Bakusui Shōha (Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave)!”

A massive stream of water gushed out from Kisame’s mouth and drowned out all the fire-release ninjutsu. At the same time, it also quickly created a sphere-like lake!

Kakuzu looked at Kisame, who stepped on the waves and rose into the sky. He opened his mouth and cursed, “This bastard always likes to use large-scale water release ninjutsu… In the future, I must take away this guy’s heart!”

This battle was completely chaotic!

Everyone quickly found their own opponents!

Only Uehara relied on his strength to break through the Impure World Reincarnated Army forcefully. No one was able to block a single attack from him!

“Don’t even think about breaking through here!”

An Impure World Reincarnated Ninja suddenly appeared in front of Uehara. He brandished a ninja blade in his hand and was about to slash Uehara to death!

In the next moment, a huge hole was punched in his chest!

Just as this Impure World Reincarnated Ninja was waiting to recover, a scroll instantly sealed up this ninja!

It was obvious that a Sealing Team member had discovered that Uehara’s combat strength was formidable, and he had been following behind, sealing up the ninjas that he had blown up.

It had to be said.

Although the quality of this Regimental Commander was not very good, his strength was also unknown. But he had never found any enemy who could withstand one move of Uehara.

Just when the group of people was fighting fiercely.

A tall purple-colored Susanoo suddenly appeared behind the back of the Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas. That Susanoo slowly pulled up a bow and arrow in its hand!

The direction of the bow and arrow was the place with the most people on the entire battlefield!

For Sasuke, it didn’t matter who died on the battlefield. He didn’t care about the situation on the battlefield at all. He just wanted revenge!

A giant purple arrow suddenly shot into the crowd!

The ninjas under the giant arrow subconsciously felt pressure and could only watch as the purple arrow approached them. Their faces began to show a touch of despair.

This level of power was clearly not something they could resist!

But Uehara suddenly appeared under the giant arrow and suddenly kicked the giant arrow into pieces. He raised his head and looked at Sasuke, who was not far away.

Uehara waved his hand and sent an Impure World Reincarnated Ninja who tried to sneak-attack him flying. His eyes were still fixed on Sasuke, and he said coldly, “Hey, Sasuke, after seeing me, you didn’t even say hello. Isn’t this too much!”

“Sorry, Senpai.”

Sasuke manipulated his Susanoo to condense another purple arrow, and a black flame appeared on the arrow!

Sasuke firmly stared at Uehara and said in a low voice, “Senpai, I thought that Kabuto had been lying to me, but I didn’t expect that you have already colluded with the five great powers and betrayed our and Itachi’s dream!”

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