Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 341: Intelligence Brought by Killer Bee

Chapter 341: Intelligence Brought by Killer Bee

Orochimaru, the enemy, was already in position.

On the way to Akatsuki’s base, Uehara was still silently cursing Kabuto, who forced Orochimaru to take his place. This Kabuto was really not a good person…

Uehara was still worried about how Kabuto would get Orochimaru to believe him. He initially thought Kabuto would cry miserably, talk nonsense, or throw dirty water at others.

However, he never thought that Kabuto, a gentleman with glasses, would use his actions all the time to prove to Orochimaru that all his escape routes had been cut off.

Only by becoming the Juubi Jinchuriki would he be able to turn the tables.

Any other option would only be throwing their lives away for nothing.

Even if Orochimaru wanted to return to Ryuchi Cave and become a harmless eight-headed snake, he would have no chance. This was because Kabuto said that Uehara would definitely go and kill him.

Even if Orochimaru wanted to hide somewhere in the Ninja World, it would be useless because all the Sensory Ninjas were gathering together to search for his tracks. Moreover, once he hid, Kabuto would directly betray him.


This Kabuto, can’t he be a good person?

Akatsuki Base.

After silently cursing Kabuto in his heart, Uehara appeared at the organization base. All the members of Akatsuki had gathered.

A row of S-class missing-nin wearing a black robe with red clouds.

According to their lineup, if they enter the Allied Shinobi Forces, he doesn’t know whether those ninjas would be afraid of Orochimaru or more fearful of their Akatsuki Organization…

It was really hard to say.

To be honest, Uehara was really a little worried about this problem. After all, Hidan was a person who often caused trouble and had to be watched more… And Deidara was also a simple-minded child.

The fixed mounts that Akatsuki used were Uehara’s ancient dragons. Their speed was also very fast, and they would not be late for the gathering time of the Allied Shinobi Forces.

On the way to the gathering point of the Allied Shinobi Forces, Uehara did not forget to send a message to Kabuto. After Kabuto and Orochimaru finished extracting Hachibi’s chakra from Killer Bee’s body, he would use Killer Bee to bring back some news.

In a cave thousands of miles away.

Orochimaru closed his palm and controlled Gedo Mazo to spit out a chain from his mouth. It then pulled out the Bijuu’s chakra from Killer Bee’s body.

No matter how Hachibi resisted, he was unable to resist the power of Gedo Mazo. However, before Hachibi was pulled out of Killer Bee’s body, he left a tentacle tail in Killer Bee’s body. This was the last bit of chakra it left for Killer Bee.

This bit of chakra could only let Killer Bee live.

Unfortunately, they were in the enemy camp; whether Killer Bee could survive or not depended on his luck.

“This method of extracting chakra is faster than the method of Akatsuki!”

After Kabuto praised him, he waved his hand to let Minato take Killer Bee away, “Fourth Hokage-sama, help me take Hachibi Jinchuriki out. Put them together with White Zetsu’s offerings. After he dies, I will use Impure World Reincarnation to bring him back.”


Minato nodded silently.

When Minato walked out with Killer Bee, he happened to meet Obito. He suddenly called out to Minato.


Obito glanced at Killer Bee in Minato’s hand and asked curiously, “Didn’t you say that Jinchuriki would die if we pulled the Bijuu away? Doesn’t this guy look like he is not dead yet?”


A drop of cold sweat suddenly appeared on Killer Bee’s forehead.

Minato shook his head and explained softly, “Hachibi Jinchuriki is different from the other Jinchuriki. It should be because the Bijuu in his body has plenty of Chakra. He will probably die a bit later after extracting the Bijuu Chakra…”

“Oh, then why don’t we just kill him?”

A red light flashed in Obito’s eyes, and he reached out his palm to grab Killer Bee, “In this case, he would die faster!”


Minato grabbed Obito’s arm.

He said in a low voice, “Everyone will recall their lives before they die. I think it’s better to let Killer Bee think for a while before he dies!”

After saying that, Minato suddenly asked, “Why did you suddenly come back? Didn’t you bring First Hokage-sama with you to assassinate Uehara?”

“I failed.”

Obito shook his head and said in a heavy voice, “Originally, I had lured him to the best place, but unfortunately, First Hokage was not his match.

How strong could that guy be? Even the Ninja God, who was close to his peak, was not his match. That bastard almost sealed even the First Hokage…”

“How is this possible?”

A hint of surprise flashed across Minato’s face.

Obito stroked his mask and said in a gloomy voice, “After all, the Impure World Reincarnation still has a certain degree of strength weakening, especially for the First Hokage.

Forget it; since we can’t kill their strongest person to weaken the Allied Shinobi Forces, we can only wait until the war begins before thinking of a way. “


Minato was silent for a while and did not answer.

After a while, Minato seemed to have thought of something. He hurriedly shook his head and said, “Forget it; I will throw Hachibi Jinchuriki out first!”


Obito nodded and suddenly said, “Right, Sensei, although you have the Yin Kyuubi Chakra in your body, we will still not let go of the Yang Kyuubi Chakra in Junior Brother Naruto’s body.”


Minato stopped in his tracks.

The next moment, Minato strode out with Killer Bee in his arms again. It seemed that Obito’s words did not affect him.

After Minato walked out with Killer Bee in his arms.

This Fourth Hokage carefully observed his surroundings before crouching down in front of Killer Bee, “Hey, Kumogakure’s Hachibi Jinchuriki. I know you are still alive!”


Killer Bee lay on the ground and did not say a word.

Minato looked at the Killer Bee, who pretended to be dead, and lowered his voice, “I am also a perfect Jinchuriki who can communicate with Bijuu in my body. I am very clear that Hachibi will definitely find a way to let you live in this situation. I have already sensed that there is still Hachibi’s Chakra in your body!”

This time, Killer Bee could not pretend to be dead. He could only raise his head weakly and say, “Bastard! I’m done for! Namikaze Minato, I didn’t expect that… I will still die in your hands!”


After Minato shook his head, a serious expression flashed across his face, “Right now, Kabuto is helping Orochimaru bring Hachibi into Gedo Mazo. He has yet to control my consciousness fully. Now, you have to escape immediately!”


A look of surprise flashed across Killer Bee’s face.

Minato looked at Killer Bee and nodded, “You have to run away immediately. You have to be fast because after they have rested for a while, they should soon extract the Yin Kyuubi Chakra from my body. They should not send me to kill you!”

“Let’s… go together!”


Minato shook his head and said in a deep voice, “Go back immediately and report this position to the Allied Shinobi Forces! Also, tell Uehara and Naruto to be careful!”


Killer Bee nodded hurriedly.

After watching Killer Bee’s figure disappear, Minato’s face slowly drooped because everything just now was out of his control.

Obito also came out and stood next to Minato. He whispered, “It seems that Uehara wants to do something to Naruto…”


Minato nodded and said with an ugly expression, “But now we can’t judge his purpose at all. We can only watch him manipulating everyone in this world behind the scenes… What does this guy want to do?”

Unfortunately, neither of them knew.

Neither of them noticed that an Impure World Reincarnation figure left the cave after Killer Bee left. It was Itachi.

This chess piece finally moved.

On the body of the Ancient Dragon.

Uehara stood in front and slowly put down his finger.

Just now, it was he who controlled Minato to save Killer Bee. After Killer Bee escaped back, he would bring some information to the Allied Shinobi Force. In addition to the information about Orochimaru, there was also a piece of information that was beneficial to Uehara.

Moreover, the Sensor Division of the Allied Shinobi Forces must have also discovered the traces of a great battle. After the great battle between Uehara and Hashirama, the terrain there had completely changed.

The information of Sensor Division…

The information that Killer Bee stole…

The information of Uehara himself…

Although the most important thing was to let Killer Bee bring Orochimaru’s hiding place information back. At that time, the Fourth Ninja World War would officially start!

As for the information that Killer Bee brought back, it only made Uehara more trusted by the Allied Shinobi Forces. This is just a passing incident, and it just so happens that the Five Kage doesn’t trust him enough yet…

“Wow, wow, wow! We’re here!”

Deidara laughed as he stood on the head of the Ancient Dragon. He looked down at the dense crowd of people in the distance and shouted, “What a spectacular sight! If a C4 ·Garuḍa is thrown down, it will definitely let many people experience how great my art is!”


Uehara looked at Deidara speechlessly, then turned to look at Sasori, “Sasori-senpai, I might need to command a large army. I’ll leave Deidara to you.”

“… Yes.”

Sasori nodded and looked at Deidara. He agreed in a low voice, “Don’t worry. I will take good care of him and not let him mess around.”

Kisame grinned and chuckled, “When we land, our disguised identity will be the second team of the special battle team of the Allied Shinobi Forces… I am really curious about the expressions of the ninjas in our hometown who saw us!”

“Who knows!”

Ringo took a bite of the apple and snorted, “You make it sound like Kisame-senpai used to be very popular in the village… Those people don’t like us who bear ninja swords. They should be afraid of us more!”

Suigetsu carried his Kubikiribōchō and said with a smile, “I haven’t seen Terumi-sama for a long time! I’m really curious about her expression when she sees me… I have Kubikiribōchō now!”

“If she sees me, she won’t be too happy…”

Mangetsu’s expression was not very good. He looked at the gathering point of the Allied Shinobi Forces and rubbed his forehead, “After all, I lied to her for so many years…”

To tell the truth.

It would be truly awkward.

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