Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 320: Akatsuki’s Last Two Actor

Chapter 320: Akatsuki’s Last Two Actor

Black Zetsu was actually quite confident.

As long as Uehara was still willing to communicate, it would definitely be able to convince him.

Black Zetsu then used the same story that was told to Kisame with some other details, slowly telling a tale of how Madara had entrusted his dream to the Child of Prophecy called Nagato.

Even though Uehara had heard this story before, his eyelids could not help but tremble.

In Black Zetsu’s description, Madara became an old man with very delicate and kind feelings. After he finally obtained the Rinnegan, he got the guidance of the Sage of the Six Path and found the right way to save the world.

Unfortunately, Madara’s life was coming to an end.

“Before he died…”

When Black Zetsu talked about what happened before Madara died, he slowly lowered his head. There was even a trace of sadness in his voice, and he became determined again, “Madara-sama has finally made up his mind. He has decided to gamble the Rinnegan he obtained in a new era!”


Uehara was shocked.

It sounded really moving!

The words that Black Zetsu said sounded a little familiar to him!

It had to be mentioned that Black Zetsu’s acting and lines were really realistic. Compared to the two eliminated guys, Obito and Itachi, his acting was much more realistic…

To be honest, if not for Uehara secretly controlling all of this, he would really think that he had come to a fake ninja world…

This guy, Black Zetsu…

As expected, he was his biggest rival for the Best Actor!

After a moment of silence, Uehara continued, “Senpai, it’s a pity that you seem to have abandoned the wish of the legendary Madara…”

“Strictly speaking, it is not considered betrayal.”

Black Zetsu shook his head and continued, “Madara-sama’s true wish is for the peace of the entire Ninja World. As long as we can make the Ninja World peaceful and let the light of the Eye of the Moon Plan envelop the world, the entire Ninja World will never have any more disputes!”

After saying this, Black Zetsu looked at Uehara and continued, “Uehara, Nagato has inherited Madara-sama’s eyes and wishes. You have inherited Nagato’s will… This is the so-called inheritance of will in the world of ninja.”


Uehara frowned in confusion and said in a low voice, “Is it really so noble? But according to Konoha Ninjas…”

“They are all weak.”

Hearing Uehara talk about Konoha, Black Zetsu quickly continued to argue, “The weak can only see the crisis in front of them. Only the strong can see through time and see the essence of the war in the ninja world. “

After saying that, Black Zetsu seemed to be afraid that Uehara would doubt Madara’s character, so he made a strong statement, “And why did Madara-sama think of Eye of the Moon Plan? It was because he got the stone tablet left by the Sage of the Six Path…”

When Black Zetsu spoke of the Sage of the Six Path, his voice became a little hoarse, “According to legend, a thousand years ago, the Sage of the Six Path hoped that the Ninja World could be peaceful forever. Under his powerful strength, naturally, no one would dare to overstep his will…”

At this point, Black Zetsu’s voice gradually lowered, “The Sage of the Six Path thinks too deeply. If the Ninja World is still peaceful, then it naturally doesn’t matter. However, he guessed that after he died, there might be more wars in the entire Ninja World, so he left behind a solution to the war.”

“It’s Eye of the Moon Plan?”

Uehara forced himself to suppress his emotions.

To be honest, he really wanted to laugh in his heart.

Black Zetsu hated the Sage of the Six Path so much in his heart, but now he wanted to use the Sage of the Six Path’s name to fool him; this guy was really not easy!

Moreover, this Black Zetsu was really good at acting!

Wasn’t the reason why there had been so many wars in the Ninja World for a thousand years all because of him?

Unfortunately, Black Zetsu did not know what Uehara was thinking.

After seeing Uehara’s expression change slightly, Black Zetsu continued in a deep voice, “That’s right, it’s Eye of the Moon Plan. Back then, after Madara-sama obtained that stone tablet.

He used his Mangekyo Sharingan to decipher the secret of the stone tablet, so he inherited the Sage of the Six Path’s will!

“Where is that stone tablet?”

“In Naka Shrine of the Uchiha clan.”

Black Zetsu looked at Uehara and said in a low voice, “If you obtain the Rinnegan, you can also decipher that stone tablet. At that time, you will understand that I have never lied to you and also understand the will of the Sage of the Six Path and Madara-sama.”

“I understand.”

Uehara seemed to be a little tempted.

As for what he was thinking in his heart, of course, it was impossible to deny it.

The two of them should know what was going on with that stone tablet.

Uehara was silent for a while, then suddenly said, “Did you tell me that you could revive Nagato-sama before? Is this true?”

This was the most important thing.

I have to think of a way to make Black Zetsu agree to resurrect Nagato.

The only troublesome thing was that this bastard, Black Zetsu, actually wanted to transplant the Rinnegan on him and continue the Eye of the Moon Plan…

This was really worrying.

Could it be that once he becomes the leader of Akatsuki’s organization, he must have the standard Rinnegan?

Why could it be good? Black Zetsu just wants him to transplant the Rinnegan!

This was putting a time bomb on him!

He was really curious, how did Black Zetsu’s brain grow actually to put a time bomb on his head? The mastermind behind the scenes!

When Uehara saw that Black Zetsu was still silent, he continued softly, “Senpai; if I remember correctly, after Nagato-sama used the Rinne Rebirth, his life was already exhausted. Even after reviving him, he wouldn’t be able to hold on for too long, right?”

“Then we can only use another method.”

Black Zetsu no longer remained silent and revealed a smile, “After Orochimaru and Kabuto obtained Nagato’s corpse, they will definitely not give up on using Impure World Reincarnation to control Nagato to become their battle force. So they will definitely turn Nagato into a battle force at his peak state…”

Black Zetsu looked at Uehara and continued in a low voice, “At that time, as long as we use Rinne Rebirth on Nagato, he will be able to revive at his peak state…”


Uehara slowly tilted his head and looked at Black Zetsu. He suddenly said, “Back then, when you recruited Kabuto to join us, you asked him to resurrect Madara at his prime. Could it be that you also had this idea in mind, wanting Nagato-sama to resurrect him…”


Black Zetsu hurriedly shook his head and explained softly, “It’s only because the Eye of the Moon Plan has the variable, Obito. Only Madara-sama can deal with him…”

“Alright, I admit that I do have this thought.”

Black Zetsu looked at Uehara’s playful gaze and laughed involuntarily, “I am Madara-sama’s will. It doesn’t seem strange to want to see Madara-sama have a chance to come back to life!”

When he said this, Black Zetsu suddenly paused, and his voice suddenly became excited, “However, Madara-sama has given the future to the people of the new era, so he might not be willing to revive…

In fact, I just want to let him see that after the light of the Eye of the Moon Plan shrouded the earth, this world has become the world of his dreams, just like his dying wish.”


Uehara really had nothing to say.

Once you encounter something that you can’t solve, you use words that can move others. Uehara feels that he has learned something from Black Zetsu…

If it were anyone else, maybe they really couldn’t bear to continue to doubt it…

After all, it seemed to be telling the truth!

No matter who it was, would they not be moved when they met someone who had the chance to revive their most important person? With such frank words, the matter was already over. Did they have the nerve to continue pursuing the matter?

However, Black Zetsu was even more talkative than him. In Black Zetsu’s mouth, Madara had been completely described as a saint.

If the Ninja World had the Best Actor Award and the Ninja World did not give it to Black Zetsu, Uehara would disagree!

Of course, if they did not give Uehara a Best Actor Award, Uehara would also not agree!

Uehara sighed and slowly lowered his head. He then whispered, “Senpai, I can understand your feelings. Before Nagato-sama died, he actually told me that he had no regrets when he died”

Uehara gradually became a little emotional. He looked at Black Zetsu and continued, “But I can’t bear the pain of him leaving… So when I heard that there was a chance to resurrect him, I knew that it would go against his wishes, but I still couldn’t stop my heart beating!”

Uehara’s eyes were even a little watery.

Black Zetsu looked at Uehara, whose face was emotional, and wanted to cry. He sighed and shook his head. He suddenly felt a little guilty in his heart.

It deceived Uehara like this, and in the end, it moved Uehara?


It was always so easy to be deceived by feelings.

Uehara also wiped his eyes and used Water Power to make his eyes wet. This guy Black Zetsu was really not so easy to be deceived…

After a wave of lines and acting skills, the last two acting kings of the Akatsuki organization restrained their emotions and finally talked about their serious business.

“Actually, I have already planned to give up on the Eye of the Moon Plan.”

Uehara rubbed his eyes and held his temples. The first sentence he said made Black Zetsu’s heart tremble. Were his feelings wasted?

Damn it; it’s been a thousand years!

Black Zetsu had never been so affectionate before!

Even when it looked up at the moon, it could not say such affectionate words when it missed Kaguya!


Uehara glanced at Black Zetsu, and the corners of his mouth curved imperceptibly, “After I get the whole story from Senpai, I will find a way to continue the Eye of the Moon Plan for the wishes of the Sage of the Six Path, Madara-sama, and Nagato-sama…”

Uehara slowly clenched his fist and said with a firm gaze, “These wishes will definitely be fulfilled in our hands! This is our duty… Zetsu-senpai, follow me and carry on carrying out the Eye of the Moon Plan!”

At this moment, it was as if a ray of light was shining on his body.

No, there really was a ray of light shining on Uehara.

Amegakure’s rain had stopped at some point in time. A ray of sunlight passed through the thick cloud layer and landed on Uehara.

“Hehehe… Of course.”

Black Zetsu looked at Uehara and nodded. The joy in his hoarse laughter could hardly be suppressed, “Uehara, it is because I saw that you have the possibility of inheriting their will that I am willing to come and find you.”

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