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Chapter 306: No One Knows Water Ninjutsu Better Than Me

Chapter 306: No One Knows Water Ninjutsu Better Than Me

In the face of Uehara’s challenge, Kabuto definitely did not dare to refuse.

Even if Kabuto knew that he was no match for him, at least he had to resist and show his strength and value to his superior.

Kabuto’s eyes stared closely at Uehara’s movements and slowly closed his fingers. His eyes revealed a touch of splendor in the next moment, indicating that he had entered Ryuchi Cave Sage Mode and was fully prepared.

Unfortunately, in Kabuto’s line of sight.

Uehara’s palm once again caught Minato, who was rushing over. He punched Minato heavily and smashed this Fourth Hokage into fragments!

This scene made Kabuto a little panicked.

Kabuto couldn’t help but lick his lips. Looking at Uehara, who was walking towards him step by step in the distance, his voice became a little depressed.

“I hope I won’t lose too ugly…”

Just as Kabuto finished speaking, he saw Uehara’s palm suddenly reach out and grab Tobirama, who was using the Flying Thunder God to attack!

Uehara grabbed Tobirama’s throat and smashed his knee into Tobirama’s chest, instantly shattering Second Hokage’s body!


After seeing this scene, a bitter smile appeared on Kabuto’s face, “Why do I feel that something is wrong? Am I not good enough?”

Uehara will not treat him the same as the Impure World Reincarnation ninjas, right. He is now flesh and blood.

Unless he uses Kamui’s Sharingan…

However, Kamui’s Sharingan was not a threat to Uehara. He still had ways to crack Kamui. Moreover, Obito was still here. So Kabuto could not easily expose his ability in front of Konoha ninjas.

Coincidentally, a spatial vortex appeared beside Kabuto at this time. Obito’s figure quietly appeared and brought Uehara’s instructions, “Kabuto, I am looking forward to your Sage Mode. Don’t disappoint me.”


Kabuto shook his head speechlessly.

This word of anticipation was really frightening.

Even Ryuchi Cave White Snake Sage had already admitted that he was no match for Naraku-sama. What could his Sage Mode do?

It was really incomprehensible!

If Kabuto remembered correctly, Uehara was also very good at Sage Mode. It was a new Sage Mode that even White Snake Sage had personally praised. Could it be that defeating Ryuchi Cave Sage Mode proved his strength?

Of course not.

Well, there was also a part of the reason.

Uehara mainly wanted to improve his Sage Mode. After obtaining Orochimaru’s curse seal, he received Sage Mode’s first stage.

During the Chunin Exam, Uehara obtained the second stage when he broke Jiraiya’s Mount Myoboku Sage Mode.

Later on, Uehara obtained a Sage Mode third upgrade reward from the advancement mission to defeat the five Kage-level ninjas.

However, his Sage Mode had a total of four stages.

According to the situation, he only needed to defeat the Ryuchi Cave Sage Mode and should be able to obtain the Sage Mode final stage!

According to Uehara’s judgment. After using Sage mode, in addition to his physical fitness, he would get an overall enhancement and a new ability… This ability was very likely to be another trump card for him to defeat a Six Path level enemy in the future!

It seems like he has a lot of trump cards…

But other than Hashirama, who would complain that he had too many cards?

“This is really the most troublesome battle…”

Kabuto stared at Uehara, who was getting closer and closer. His fingers slowly rose up in front of his chest. He started to control the ninjas under his technique again!

In the next moment, Guy, Second Mizukage Gengetsu, Second Tsuchikage Mu, and Fourth Kazekage Rasa, who were under his control, quickly withdrew!

These Ninjas stood in front of Kabuto one by one.

A light flashed through Kabuto’s glasses, and the corners of his mouth slowly curved up. His voice was so low that it was almost imperceptible, “Since you appeared in front of these people as a savior, let me help you… become a real savior!”

As a qualified subordinate, how can he be unsatisfactory!

Moreover, Kabuto himself also wanted to see how strong Uehara could be!


A trace of seriousness flashed across Kabuto’s face. He watched as Uehara walked over and whispered, “Try to stop him as much as possible! I hope that your strength will let me see the apex of this world!”

“Then let me go first!”

Gengetsu raised his fingers and circulated the chakra within his body. He took the lead to launch an attack towards Uehara, who was approaching step by step!

Kabuto secretly nodded his head.

It seemed that among the Impure World Reincarnation under his control, only Gengetsu did not seem to be defeated by Uehara. Should he be able to persist until Second Hokage and Fourth Hokage’s Impure World Reincarnation body recovered again?

“Mizudeppō no Jutsu (Water Gun Technique)!”

Gengetsu’s fingers were like a pistol, and a splash flew out from his fingertips, shooting towards Uehara’s head like a bullet!

Gengetsu’s mustache trembled, and he revealed an evil smile, “Hmph, just one attack is enough to pierce through the enemy’s head…”


A wave suddenly swept out from the ground, drowning out the Mizudeppō no Jutsu (Water Gun Technique). The speed at which this wave appeared was too fast!

Even Gengetsu was a little surprised. His eyebrows could not help but furrow, “Can the Mizudeppō no Jutsu (Water Gun Technique) be stopped at this distance…”


Uehara held his forehead with one hand and raised his finger at Gengetsu, “There will always be people who are unwilling to give up. When will you understand that using Water Ninjutsu in front of me is ineffective…”

In the next moment, that wave suddenly began to split into drops of water. Uehara flipped his palm again, and tiny lightning appeared within the water droplets, and then these lightning bolts disappeared!

Uehara made a gesture of shooting. The countless water droplets were like bullets, and with the support of Lightning Chakra, they shot towards Gengetsu at high speed!

Uehara watched as countless water droplets shot towards Gengetsu and casually waved his palm, “The kindness for a water drop is reciprocated by a spring… There is no need to be too polite!”

“Bastard, is that the way the word is used?”

Gengetsu almost wanted to pull out his mustache.

He only shot a water bullet at Uehara, and Uehara directly gave back several thousand water bullets. This guy’s water ninjutsu was indeed terrifying!


Gengetsu’s body instantly turned into liquid. Their Hozuki clan’s Hydrification technique can resist all physical attacks!

After Gengetsu allowed the water bullets to enter his body, he suddenly felt that something was wrong with his body!

“Wait… Your Mizudeppō no Jutsu (Water Gun Technique)…”

Before Gengetsu could finish speaking, countless tiny bolts of lightning appeared on his body, making him unable to maintain his Hydrification state!

A burst of crisp and numbing electric current spread throughout his body!

“Oh, I forgot to tell you.”

Uehara glanced at Gengetsu and shook his fingers, “I added some lightning chakra inside. This matter should not be too difficult for you, right?”

“… Hmph!”

Gengetsu’s beard trembled. He stared at Uehara’s figure and revealed a confident smile, “Of course… It won’t! Water Release: Oilization!”

In the next moment, Gengetsu’s entire body turned into oil!

This Second Mizukage used his own method to find a way to avoid the restraining effect of lightning ninjutsu in his Hydrification Technique. After all of it turned into oil, he became even more flexible!

“Jōki Bōi (Steaming Danger Tyranny)!”

A fat clone appeared on the battlefield!

This fat clone was created by Gengetsu using water and oil. The outside was oil, and the inside was water. This clone could be used to fight, but it could also turn the water inside into steam and detonate!

Once the steam-exploded, it would become a disaster!

For example, Second Tsuchikage was injured by the steam explosion, so his entire body was covered in bandages.

“Suirō no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique)!”

The moment this clone appeared, it was directly imprisoned by Uehara using the Water Prison Technique!

In the next moment, Uehara suddenly clenched his fists. He controlled the water in the water prison to tighten, crushing Gengetsu’s fat clone!

“Mizu Fūsen no Jutsu (Water Balloon Technique)!”

Gengetsu snapped his fingers. At this moment, he seemed to be even more satisfied than Uehara, as if he was the one who controlled the battle!

It had to be said that other than Mangetsu, the other ninjas in Hozuki’s clan seemed to be quite proud… Maybe Mangetsu also had this problem, but he had never shown it in front of Uehara.

After Gengetsu snapped his fingers, bubbles appeared around Gengetsu. These bubbles floated in the air and slowly flew toward Uehara!

These bubbles could explode at any time!

“How many times do I have to say it…”

Uehara glanced at Gengetsu and imitated him. He also snapped his fingers, “No one in the whole world is better at water ninjutsu than me! No matter if you are Second Hokage or Second Mizukage, there is no difference in front of me… “

Dense bubbles fell from the sky and instantly drowned Gengetsu. A continuous explosion sound echoed on the battlefield!

Gengetsu’s body was directly blown into pieces!

Even Tobirama and Minato, who had just recovered, were affected by this!

“Who else?”

Uehara looked at Kabuto, as well as the few Impure World Reincarnation Ninjas in front of him. Guy, Mu, and Rasa…

Yes, all of the remaining ones were defeated by him once.

“Let’s attack together!”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses.

In the next moment, Guy, Mu, and Rasa split up and attacked Uehara from different directions!

Rasa controlled his gold dust to roll up from the ground and sweep towards Uehara. The gold dust that covered the sky was like a mountain pressing down!

Guy swung his fist at Uehara from the flank, sending out an air pressure, which converged into the appearance of a white tiger. It was his currently strongest technique, Hirudora(Daytime Tiger)!

Mu appeared above Uehara. He closed his hands and gathered a white light to shoot at Uehara. Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique was activated!

When these attacks gathered together, it was enough to form a deadly attack!

No matter who it was, they would never dare to underestimate this level of encirclement!

Uehara looked at the incoming attack and stared at the serious Kabuto. The corners of his mouth slowly curled up, “Kabuto, if that’s the case, there’s no way you can stop me…”

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