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Chapter 304: Should We Be Thankful That Uehara Has Become Our Teammate Again...

Chapter 304: Should We Be Thankful That Uehara Has Become Our Teammate Again…

“An unimaginable power.”

There was a faint light in Kabuto’s glasses.

When Kabuto saw Uehara kick Bijudama away with his handsome kick and easily defeated Tobirama and Minato, he was like a god playing a game, casually watching the enemy recover on the field…

Kabuto’s mood was beyond excited!

Was there anyone in this world who was stronger than Uehara?

The stronger the power Uehara displayed, didn’t it just prove that it was right for him to choose to side with Uehara?

The only downside was that this superior was too fancy.

Kabuto wanted to stand next to Uehara as a loyal subordinate instead of opposing him. This was too much psychological pressure for him!

“Let’s continue!”

After Minato recovered, he glanced at Tobirama beside him and then at Obito, who had been afraid to make a move.


Tobirama nodded and glanced at Minato. He said in a deep voice, “Next, let me be the main attacker! Fourth Hokage, Uchiha Clan evil little brat, the two of you will be on the side to support me!”

Tobirama also knew what Obito had done, so his way of addressing Obito was impolite. If not because Uehara they were facing was a strong enemy, Tobirama even wanted to get rid of Obito.


Minato nodded.

“… Okay.”

Obito’s face turned black under the mask, but Uehara’s threat was even greater, forcing him to suppress his dissatisfaction with Tobirama.

At this moment, Obito also understood why the Uchiha Clan could not get along peacefully with Konoha. The root of the disease was with Tobirama, this bastard!

After the three of them made a simple plan for each other, they rushed again in Uehara’s direction!


Uehara twisted his wrist and looked at the three figures who were rushing toward him in rapid teleportation. He sighed faintly, and his voice was so low that it could not be heard, “You prisoners who are bound by chains, have you forgotten whose hands the chains are in?”

He was the one who controlled Minato and the others!

No matter what plans the three of them had, they would never be able to hide it from Uehara, who was controlling them! However, it seemed like they were also aware of this, so most of their plans were rather sloppy, and it all depended on their performance in the battle!


Uehara also rushed towards them, his body leaving afterimages on the ground, and then he suddenly soared into the air, throwing a punch down from the sky!

The three figures on the ground each used their own technique to retreat. They had seen Uehara send Kyuubi flying with a single punch, so they did not dare to take Uehara’s fist head-on!

The ground was directly smashed into a huge deep pit by Uehara!

Obito’s body turned into a virtual state. After watching the impact of the fist penetrate his body, he snorted coldly and plunged a wooden thorn into the ground!

The next moment, Obito coldly stared at Uehara and suddenly raised his finger, “Humph… Mokuton, Sashiki no Jutsu (Wood Release: Cutting Technique)!”

Wooden thorns rose from the ground!

The sneak attack this time was too sudden. No one could avoid the attacks of these wooden thorns. Even if Uehara’s physical skills were powerful, he would be unable to dodge due to the strong inertia after landing!

Uehara, however, suddenly released a circular ring of fire from his fist without changing his expression, instantly burning all the wooden thorns into ashes!

“Is this all you can do?”

Uehara said coldly. After ignoring Obito’s threat, he continued to meet Minato and Tobirama.

As long as Obito dares to release his virtual state to attack,

He would definitely become the target of Uehara’s attack. Moreover, he would not dare to put Uehara into Kamui’s space…


Obito gritted his teeth and watched as Uehara walked out of the deep pit. He suddenly realized that he seemed unable to do anything in this battle…

This feeling… was really not good.

On the other side.

After Minato and Tobirama fought again, the cooperation between the two of them had obviously become much more coordinated. The Flying Thunder God Mark they left on each other made them change their positions at will.

Even so, it was still dangerous in the battle with Uehara!

Because no matter how fast Tobirama or Minato was, they could not compare to Uehara’s ability to seize the opportunity!

This guy, Uehara’s taijutsu, was too tyrannical!

Minato’s figure flew around, occasionally waving around Uehara with Kunai or a Bijudama. Still, it was only used to threaten Uehara, forcing Uehara to kick his Bijudama or Kunai to slow down his attack.

“Are you joking me?”

Uehara waved his hand to grab Minato’s neck, but it fell on empty space. However, he did not care at all. He just turned around and kicked again!

This kick directly hit Minato’s neck, directly smashing Fourth Hokage to the ground, and Uehara took advantage of the momentum to step on his chest!


A bright light flashed in Tobirama’s eyes.

Flying Thunder God Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique (Hiraishin Goshun Mawashi no Jutsu)!

In the next moment, Tobirama and Minato changed their positions at the same time, and Tobirama’s figure appeared at Uehara’s feet!

Tobirama reached out and grabbed Uehara’s ankle. Explosive tags floated out of Tobirama’s body and stuck tightly to Uehara!

“Do you want to use Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags Technique?”

Uehara lowered his head and looked at the explosive tags stuck on his legs. His face revealed an intriguing smile, “I thought you would have something new…”

“No need. It’s fine as long as it’s simple.”

Tobirama’s eyes tightened slightly, and he said in a low voice, “Since you have learned this technique, you should know the power of this technique! And this technique is the most suitable technique to cooperate with Impure World Reincarnation!”


Uehara rubbed his forehead, and a ball of lightning suddenly burst out from his body, destroying all the explosive tags stuck on his leg!

“Well, your effort is pointless. “

Uehara bent down and punched Tobirama, smashing him into pieces. In the next moment, his figure appeared next to Minato again!

Just as this Fourth Hokage condensed a Bijudama and wanted to continue the battle, he was pressed down by Uehara in a few moves!

This Bijudama was directly pressed against Minato’s body by Uehara!


An earth-shattering sound echoed across the battlefield!

Uehara slowly walked out of the smoke. Behind him, Minato and Tobirama were still slowly recovering. It was clear that the two of them had lost again and again.

“Should we be rejoicing?”

Tsunade watched as Tobirama and Minato were easily defeated by Uehara again, showing everyone his fighting strength that could definitely be called a monster!

A complicated look flashed across Tsunade’s face, “Now… should we be glad that this little brat Uehara has become our comrade?”


Gaara controlled the sand cushion to float to Tsunade’s side. His expression was not particularly good, “This bastard’s acting is really good! Two months ago, when this guy fought with us, he still looked like he couldn’t fight back!”

To be honest, Gaara was really speechless!

Now, facing the siege of Second and Fourth Hokage, Uehara directly defeated the two of them with a strong posture and even seemed to be at ease.

Then what about a few months ago?

Damn it, what was this bastard doing a few months ago!

A few months ago, this bastard, was formulating and implementing a plan to encircle the members of the Akatsuki organization with several of their Kage-level characters. The few of them encountered the obstruction of Second Hokage and Second Mizukage.

What was Uehara’s performance at that time?

In the face of Second Hokage Tobirama’s powerful water ninjutsu, Uehara fought with all his might, which made the Kage-level character of several Big Countries Great Ninja Village present a little embarrassed…

At that time, everyone’s hearts were pure.

Whether it was Tsunade, Terumi, or Gaara, they all thought that Uehara had tried his best and would not give up until he broke through Second Hokage’s obstruction.

Even if Uehara was Amegakure’s ninja, the three of them were still a little touched by Uehara’s desperate resistance.

Now, it seemed that Uehara’s acting skills were really good back then.

They couldn’t see any flaws when he was drawing water!


After coughing a few times, Nagato covered his lips and said, “Everything that Uehara did to you at that time was because of us…”

“Forget it.”

Tsunade waved her hand and sighed, “If we ignore what he did as a member of Akatsuki’s organization, we really just hope that he can stay as Amegakure Ninja. After all, he was indeed a good person when he was active as an Amegakure Ninja…”


Gaara was silent for a while.

A moment later, Gaara nodded and sighed, “If I didn’t know that guy destroyed Sunagakure, maybe I really wanted to be his friend.”

Although Uehara was very vicious and often criticized the actions of their Big Country Great Ninja Village, but after removing those politics, Uehara also liked to help others.

In a sense, if Uehara were not a member of Akatsuki’s organization, they would definitely treat him as a friend sincerely.

Even Naruto could not help but lower his head and whisper, “Back then, when Uehara was still our friend. It was indeed a happy thing…”

Naruto paused and scratched the back of his head. He said, “But it’s not bad now! At least Uehara has become our comrade-in-arms again. We will return to the past sooner or later…”

Gaara shook his head in dissatisfaction. After all, he had a deep hatred for Uehara, “Even if we are facing a common enemy now, I will still suspect that these Akatsuki guys are still deliberately deceiving us.”

After Gaara said this, he continued in a deep voice, “Maybe they are deliberately acting to gain our trust. In the future, they will even take away Kyuubi from Naruto’s body…”

“Don’t worry.”

After shaking his head, Nagato looked at Uehara in the distance and said softly, “When this battle is over, I will give you a suitable answer.”

“I hope so!”

Gaara frowned and looked at Nagato.

After saying that, Gaara urged the sand cushion under his feet to rise into the air, bringing him to another battlefield. It was Rasa, who had broken away from him and was chasing him again.

Although Uehara’s combat strength was very strong, there was still no progress in their current battle situation because they had not found a way to break the Impure World Reincarnation technique.

However, they at least saw a glimmer of hope.

Tsunade looked at the process of Tobirama and Minato recovering their bodies and said in a deep voice, “The more serious the damage to Impure World Reincarnation ninja body, the longer their recovery time will be. We can take advantage of this time to seal them…”


Nagato nodded his head and used his chakra to condense two black sticks slowly and threw them at Tsunade, “Hokage-dono, go and give these to Uehara. These black sticks can stop the chakra movement; maybe it can help…”


Tsunade turned around and looked at Nagato. She frowned and said, “Can your body still hold on? I feel that your aura is a little weak…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Nagato shook his head and looked at Konan, standing beside him. He then forced a smile on his face, “Don’t worry. I will hold on until I finish what I need to do…”


Tsunade fell silent.

On the battlefield.

Uehara no longer paid attention to Minato and Tobirama, who were still recovering. His eyes slowly moved and finally stopped on Kabuto.

At this moment, his meaning was very clear.

“Kabuto, it’s your turn.”

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