Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

Chapter 458 - master does not wish to renounce asceticism  

Chapter 458: Chapter 458, master does not wish to renounce asceticism

Ling Xuan said, “Your Highness, you must be joking. I am the National Master of Great Tang. How can I renounce asceticism when I was born a Buddha? The princess is intelligent and beautiful. She will definitely have a good marriage fate waiting for her.”

Lu ang said, “Why can’t I renounce asceticism? My sister likes you. Even if you are a eunuch, you have to become a man!”

Lu Weiyang tugged at the corner of Lu Ang’s clothes and said, “Second brother, forget it. If he doesn’t want to, why force him? It’s not like I, Lu Weiyang, can’t find a prince consort. There are many men in Chang ‘an who want to be my prince consort and my male companion. I don’t want him anymore!”

Lu Weiyang did not want to use her status to pressure Ling Xuan. What was the point of using her status to force Ling Xuan to submit.

He had already made up his mind. To be his son-in-law was not to willingly renounce asceticism.

Even if she allowed Ling Xuan to renounce asceticism, it would only be an unfortunate fate.

If she could not forget it for half a year, then it would be a year. It would only take a few days for her to be moved. She should be able to forget about it for half a year.

On the way down the mountain, Lu ang saw his unhappy sister and said, “If you really can’t bear to part with Ling Xuan, just ask Big Brother to issue an edict to force him to renounce asceticism. Why Are You So Unhappy?”

Lu Weiyang said, “The marriage that he was forced to get is just a bad fate after all. He can’t bear to part with his tathagata…”

Lu Ang did not know how to comfort Lu Weiyang. After bringing her back to the manor, he told Qian Qingyu about it. Qian Qingyu was really surprised when she heard about it. “The princess actually fell in love with a monk?”

“Princess Datang fell in love with a monk, but I don’t know if Weiyang is alone,”Lu Ang said. “In the future, the Chang ‘an Temple should order that handsome men should not be monks.”

Qian qingyu said, “The princess has never been wronged before. She must be very sad this time, right?”

Lu ang said, “She has not spoken all the way. She is not so dispirited usually. She does not want to use her identity to threaten Ling Xuan. This matter must not be known to her parents.”

Qian qingyu sighed. “Sigh, what should we do?”

She fell in love with a monk, who was also the state preceptor of great Tang. He was born a man who was known as the son of Buddha. The one who suffered was still Lu Weiyang.

“Your Highness, Princess, the princess has left.”

Lu Ang and Qian Qingyu looked at each other and chased after her.

Lu Weiyang walked to the main street. Whenever he saw a jewelry shop, he would walk into the Lingluo shop. Every shop would spend at least 100 taels of silver.

For a time, the news spread to all the shops on the main street of Chang ‘an city, hoping that Lu Weiyang could come from her own shop to spend money.

Lu Ang was not happy at all when he saw Lu Weiyang, who had changed her personality and was not stingy at all. This was Lu Weiyang, who would not even send a message with three taels of silver. If she was not extremely uncomfortable, she would have spent so much silver at once, would she really do that?

Qian Qingyu went up to Lu Weiyang and advised, “Weiyang, there are all these in the palace. There is no shortage of them. You better not spend more silver coins.”

Lu Weiyang sniffled and said, “Second sister-in-law, don’t tell me I can’t even spend silver coins?”

Qian Qingyu looked at Lu Weiyang with heartache and said, “Yes, you can spend as much as you want. If you feel uncomfortable, just cry it out. It will be fine as long as you cry it out. There are thousands of good men in this world. Don’t keep it in your heart all the time.”

Lu Weiyang leaned into Qian Qingyu’s embrace and said, “Why can’t he renounce asceticism for me? What Buddha? What National Advisor? As long as he is willing to renounce asceticism, these aren’t problems. But he isn’t willing…”

“It’s fine if he doesn’t like me, but I know that he loves me. I can understand that he has feelings for me.”

Qian qingyu sighed helplessly. “Weiyang, time will take care of everything. Everything will be fine.”

Lu Weiyang returned to the Princess’residence in a daze. Lying on the bed, her eyes were slightly red. It was the first time she liked someone so much. She was willing to spend money for him, but he was not even willing to return to the secular world.

Lu Weiyang took off the Buddhist beads in her hand and placed them in front of her. She wanted to throw them away, but she was reluctant to do so.

“Princess, Princess Nihon is here to see you.”

Lu Weiyang heard Xiao Mang’s voice and said, “Let her in.”

Qiao Nihon entered Lu Weiyang’s room and said, “Have you changed today? Everyone in Chang ‘an is praising you for your generosity. Normally, you aren’t even willing to spend a single cent. Today, you actually spent so much silver. You Don’t feel bad about it, right?”

“The heartache of spending silver is nothing compared to the heartache of him not wanting to marry me.”Lu Weiyang turned the prayer beads in his hand and sighed.

Qiao nihong said, “Who is so blind?”?

When Lu Weiyang heard Qiao Nihong’s words, he said, “Cousin is right. He just doesn’t have eyes, so he deserves to not eat meat for the rest of his life. He has to abide by his rules and regulations for the rest of his life.”

“You really like a monk?”Qiao nihong said in shock, “Didn’t the fortune-telling in Yuan Xi temple say that it was a great fortune? You actually fell in love with a monk?”

Lu Weiyang said, “Cousin, don’t tell me I can control my feelings?”

Qiao Nihon said, “That’s true. But since the fortune of the Yuan Xi Temple said that it was a big bad fortune, he didn’t want to renounce asceticism, so that’s it…”

Lu Weiyang pursed his lips and said, “But cousin, I really feel bad, really, really bad!”

Qiao Nihong hugged Lu Weiyang and said, “It will all pass.”

Lu Weiyang gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. “This is the first time in my life that someone has treated me with such contempt. I want to choose my son-in-law. I want him to see that I don’t want him.”

Qiao nihong said in shock, “Choose your son-in-law?”


In the abbot’s courtyard in the Prime Minister Temple.

Ling Xuan’s fingers were stroking the chess piece that Lu Weiyang had once touched. He was thinking about meditating and cultivating, but his mind was filled with scenes of that delicate and pretty girl.

Ling Xuan Sighed. He had broken the rules of the mortal world. Even if he cultivated Buddhism, he would only be fooling himself.

But he was born a Buddha, and he was also the National Master. How could it be so simple to renounce asceticism and take a wife?

“Master Fang Zhang, the Crown Prince of Uncle Zhao’s family outside requests to see you.”

Ling Xuan said to the little novice monk outside, “Let him in.”

Zhao Qingquan entered and gave Ling Xuan a Buddhist proclamation. “Master Ling Xuan, I want to ask you to help me play a game of chess.”

Ling Xuan frowned. “Play chess? Why?”

Zhao Qingquan said, “It concerns the future of Uncle Zhao’s residence. I hope you can help me, Master.”

“Who do you want to play chess with?”Ling Xuan asked.

Zhao Qingquan said, “Princess Weiyang, I fell in love with Princess Weiyang when I saw her on the street. Princess Weiyang is good at chess, and she likes to play chess very much. Recently, she even announced to the whole of Chang ‘an that she wanted to choose her son-in-law from chess. Over the past half a month, I’ve looked for quite a few saints to play chess. I’m still afraid that I can’t beat Princess Weiyang, so I want to ask you to help me.”

Ling Xuan saw this layman’s cousin and said, “How can anyone help me when I’m playing chess?”

Zhao Qingquan said, “The last time the princess played chess with me for an entire afternoon, I think the princess must have some feelings for me as well.

“It’s just that my chess skills aren’t good enough to guarantee my victory in the consort selection ceremony.

“If I have the help of a master, I can gain the recognition of Princess Weiyang and become the consort, which will be of great benefit to Uncle Zhao’s residence.”

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