Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: The War for Survival, Lin Chen’s Trump Card!

Chapter 47: The War for Survival, Lin Chen’s Trump Card!

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The range of the skill exceeded 1,000 yards!

The skill damage was also extremely high.

After all, Lin Chen’s defense, including equipment damage reduction, was not low.

However, he had already run to the periphery of the skill damage, but the Ox Demon’s Flurry skill could still greatly reduce Lin Chen’s health.

Fortunately, in the pet possession state, the damage was shared.

Therefore, Lin Chen and Flying Rat each took half of the 54,000 HP that was lost.

The current Lin Chen could still fight.

It was just that his HP was a little low.

It didn’t matter. The Ox Demon’s Flurry skill had already passed.

Lin Chen waited for its skill to end before immediately using another Slide Kick.

The speed of 560 yards per second allowed the damage of this skill to reach 300%. With Lin Chen’s current dual attack, he dealt 200,000 damage to Demon Ox. Then, Lin Chen dodged and circled behind.

Strengthened Sucker Punch!

Bosses that had just released their ultimate skills would enter a temporary weak state.

They were no longer immune to the stun effect!

Therefore, this skill made it enter a temporary stunned state.


Lin Chen no longer hesitated and used the last forbidden spell.

He shot into the sky.

In three seconds, he flew a thousand meters into the sky!

In fact, Lin Chen even saw the airship floating in the air.

And the elves on the airship.

At that moment, Lin Chen and Mo Yi looked at each other.

The next moment, Lin Chen retracted his gaze.

There was no sadness or joy in his eyes.

However, Mo Yi looked shocked…

“Is this… another forbidden spell? Celestial is indeed so powerful. His soul is still below that of a God Apostle, and his level is not even 130, but he has so many skill points and can learn four forbidden spells!”

Mo Yi’s words revealed 30% surprise, 30% displeasure, and 30% envy.

As for the rest, it was a rare admiration.

Without a doubt, regarding Lin Chen’s performance today, although Mo Yi was unwilling to admit it, she knew very well that she had not been so powerful before she reached Level 130!

How much would he grow in time?


Lin Chen, who was in the sky, began to descend rapidly.

At this moment, a skill effect appeared under his feet. It looked like he was stepping on an ancient divine elephant. The divine elephant also stood on one leg, and its foot went straight for the Ox Demon below.

The Ox Demon had just woken up from its dizziness and it had lost its target.

After searching for two seconds and when it was still unable to find its target, it shook its head and walked towards the other Ox Demon. However, at this moment, Lin Chen’s attack arrived.


When Lin Chen’s attack landed, the Ox Demon also discovered it.

It looked up.

Then, it let out a cry and actually jumped up high, wanting to fight Lin Chen head-on!


The huge collision caused the surrounding air to fluctuate.

The damage of this attack had reached 550%. Moreover, it was against the weakened Ox Demon.

What was a weakened state?

First of all, all its defense was ineffective!

It was in a state where its defense was broken.

Secondly, the Overlord Body effect disappeared.

In the end, the damage received would not be reduced!

In other words, all the damage from this attack was true damage!

Lin Chen, who had been possessed by the Flying Rat, had a physical attack of 120,000.

Then, multiplied by 550%, that would be 660,000!

This attack reduced Ox Demon’s health by 16.5%. Perhaps Ox Demon wanted to fight head-on and cause both sides to suffer heavy losses, but Lin Chen had the divine elephant protecting his body. Although he only had three seconds of invincibility, Ox Demon could not cause any damage to him.

Then, Lin Chen slid away like a loach.

He circled behind Ox Demon again.

Seeing that Ox Demon had less than 10% HP, while all of Lin Chen’s Forbidden Spells were on cooldown, it didn’t matter.

He just needed to use ordinary skills.

In less than ten seconds, the tall Ox Demon finally fell with unwilling anger.

At the scene, many treasures dropped.

There were bags of gold coins and soul crystals.

To Lin Chen’s surprise, there was actually a special tool: the Sacred Magic Stone!

Others might not know what this thing was for.

However, Lin Chen knew very well.

This was because among the eight special materials required for his Level 9 Godslayer Array, the Sacred Magic Stone was one of them.

He hurriedly collected all the spoils of war!

He did not expect so many items to drop after the Level 130 Boss was killed.

Lin Chen’s health was not healthy at this time.

But, there was still an Ox Demon.

At this moment, Snow Foam shouted, “Lin Chen, come quickly. We’ve already worn down half of this Ox Demon’s HP. I also have three priests to help heal us.”


The Vermillion Bird’s clear cry announced that it had also been healed and returned.

Lin Chen no longer hesitated and quickly came to Snow Foam’s side. As he enjoyed the healing of the priest, he attacked the Ox Demon with Snow Foam and the others. When the Ox Demon’s HP fell to 35%, Lin Chen directly asked everyone to retreat 1,500 yards away.

Then, he got Vermillion Bird to continuously attack from afar to trigger the Ox Demon’s Flurry skill.

Now, it could be considered a team fighting the Boss. Snow Foam, the Elementalist, Ling Xiaoya, the Electric Mage, and their magical pets all had super long-range attacks. Lin Chen waited for the effect of the Ox Demon’s Flurry to wear off before charging at it again.

In the end, the spoils of war and the soul were all taken by Lin Chen.

Each of the two Ox Demon souls gave Lin Chen 12,000 cultivation experience!

Now, Lin Chen’s soul cultivation had reached 72,000 EXP!

He was only 28,000 points away from cultivating his soul to Level 8!

This was definitely a terrifying cultivation speed!

Most importantly, Lin Chen’s cultivation was not a blank sheet of paper.

Every time he devoured a soul, it was the result of an intense battle!

In other words, Lin Chen was becoming more and more experienced in battle.

Coupled with his accumulation in the game in the past, Lin Chen was definitely a master in terms of fighting!

This time, the Ox Demon did not drop any more Sacred Magic Stones.

However, a dazzling soul crystal dropped!

This thing was very precious.

Next, it was time for everyone to rest.

However, not long after, the monsters began to attack again like a tide.

Meanwhile, the advance monsters that were attacking the city had also reached Level 120.

In other words, they all had souls.

However, their souls might be very weak, even inferior to Lin Chen’s.

This proved to be the case.

Not only were these souls weak, but their speed of escape was also very slow.

As a result, Snow Foam and the others could capture a lot. In addition, Snow Foam’s soul cultivation was relatively low, so she gained a lot this time.

Of course, Lin Chen followed the principle that no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat. He also kept killing monsters and devouring them!

When the nine waves of monsters finished, his Soul EXP reached 80,000.

He was only 20,000 points away from leveling up!

“The souls of these monsters are too weak. I devoured hundreds of them, but I only got 2,000 EXP…”

In the end, Lin Chen gave up on these mosquito meat.

He was speechless.

The soul of a small monster only gave him 20 EXP. How could he play this?

This wasted at least a few minutes of Lin Chen’s damage output.

Next, it was the Boss’ turn to attack.

A Level 140 Fire Raven walked out of the monster’s nest!

This thing could be seen as a mini Vermillion Bird.

It was also on fire.

In addition, there were two Level 130 Ox Demons!

“The highest level we have is not even Level 130, but the monsters attacking the city have only reached 50 waves, and a Level 140 Boss has already appeared. I don’t believe that the White Elves didn’t secretly cause trouble!”

Snow Foam complained again as she asked Lin Chen, “What should we do? Why don’t we just give up! All of us will follow you to Sky Moon City.”

She was very depressed.

That was because in Ice Nation, the White Elves had even openly come to suppress her and all of Ice Snow City.

Snow Foam was not a person without confidence.

However, under such a tense situation, she really did not dare to take the risk.

She didn’t dare to bet the lives of so many people from the Blue Planet!

Moreover, her suggestion and decision were actually very rational.

She would abandon a city, but she would save the great majority of lives here!

To be honest, Lin Chen also agreed.

However, he hoped more that Ice Snow City could display its unyielding spirit and stand firm in Ice Nation!

There were not many cities remaining that belonged to the people of the Blue Planet.

Every city could be said to be extremely precious.

They could be additional strongholds for the people of the Blue Planet.

“No, it’s not the last moment yet!

Lin Chen did not choose to give up.

That was because he still had a trump card that he had yet to use!

That was, Lin Chen could still possess others!

Pet Possession was at most three at once!

It was equivalent to saying that Lin Chen had actually not revealed his true strength until now.

Moreover, Lin Chen had already broken through to Level 130!

When he faced these Bosses, the damage bonus from the Boss’ level suppression was actually very small.

Therefore, Lin Chen looked at the three Bosses that had just left the monster nest.

Lin Chen said, “Continue to defend. I won’t participate in the rest of the battle. I’ll kill my way to the monster nest!”

“You’re crazy!”

Snow Foam was in disbelief. “Lin Chen, listen. You’re the hope of all of us. Don’t do anything rash! At most, well just give up Ice Snow City.”

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing!”

Lin Chen turned around.

Then, he saw more than just Snow Foam’s face.

There was also Ling Xiaoya.

There were also many beautiful faces in the Thousand Mile Snow Guild.

They were all from the Blue Planet.

At this moment, there was no need for more words.

He could feel a lot from their actions.

Lin Chen gave everyone an encouraging look and smiled. “Don’t worry, everyone, wait for me. If you discover that no Boss came after the next monster attack, I should have stopped it. At that time, hurry up and heal your injuries…”

“I’ll go with you. At most, we’ll die together!”

Ling Xiaoya suddenly spoke.

However, Lin Chen rejected her and turned to leave.

Perhaps because of Ling Xiaoya’s words, the originally quiet guild members instantly…

They couldn’t hold it in at all.

The members of Thousand Mile Snow Guild were all girls.

Tears welled up in their eyes.

In front of them, a lonely figure walked.

His back view was lonely.

However, he also had an indomitable aura!

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