Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

While Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao were flirting in the Instance Dungeon, at the resurrection point of Firmament City…

A young girl who had some close-fitting clothes left was cursing as she had just revived. “What’s wrong with you! The server is about to be shut down, but you’re not letting us have fun. There’s actually a gold digger! Boohoo, I’m such a cute girl, but they actually dared to kill me and even snatched all my equipment!”

The girl was indeed very cute.

Her style was a typical anime girl’s.

In fact, she was a streamer called Ling Xiaoya. She was quite famous on the Internet. This time, she was also here to take advantage of the remaining popularity, so she entered the game to experience it. However, she did not expect that the entire team would be wiped out just as she reached level 30.

Even the equipment of the people that Ling Xiaoya spent money to hire and help her level up had been robbed.

Hence, Ling Xiaoya could not help but complain.

She even complained about it in the world channel.

Moreover, she had even named the robbers in the world channel.

[Ling Xiaoya: Ghostly Violence, Psychopath, Night Ninja… Do you people still have a conscience? You want to kill newbies too? I just became an adult and can finally play this game. Yet, I encountered you unlucky things!]

Of course, Ling Xiaoya’s complaints did not cause much of a stir.

Only some of her fans followed suit and stood up for her.

However, the few gold diggers did not seem to care at all.

At this moment, they had already arrived outside Sky Moon City.

Psychopath said with a playful tone, “I didn’t expect the group of people we killed just now to be a female streamer’s party… Haha, I’m dying of laughter. There are quite a number of fans!”

“F*ck, it’s true! There are many videos of her on social media. She’s my type, but what should I do? It’s all Forest Dawn’s fault. We’ve been squatting in Sky Moon City for the entire day and haven’t seen him. My hands are itching. Aren’t we just sweeping the map and killing a few random people to have fun?”

Ghostly Violence said with a smile.

At this moment, Night Ninja said, “Stop squatting. A brother said that Forest Dawn is clearing the Southern Heavenly Gate Instance Dungeon. He hasn’t come out yet. Let’s continue sweeping the map and get more equipment and items. Although the price of goods has dropped drastically, we can still earn 200 to 300 a day if we work hard.”

“Let’s go!”

The three of them left Sky Moon City.

Lin Chen naturally did not know that these people were the gold diggers who had targeted him back then, nor did he know that they had actually come outside Sky Moon City to wait for him. At this moment, Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao were still in the dungeon.

However, they were not flirting while enjoying the scenery at Twin Hearts Lake. Instead… they were using the bug in the Southern Heavenly Gate dungeon to continuously gain experience.

This lasted for two hours.

The so-called Southern Heavenly Gate farming EXP bug was actually not a bug. It should be said that the game mechanism was intentional. After all, the map of the Heavenly Palace was not open to pets previously.

The level was too high and not suitable for the players who had reached the peak of Level 100.

Therefore, the Heavenly Palace did not have a leveling map before.

This dungeon became a place for them to level up. With the Giant Ape General’s ability to summon Giant Ape Warriors, they could continuously farm monsters for as long as they wanted… Now, Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao had farmed for another two hours, pushing Vermillion Bird and Stegosaurus to Level 120.

Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao had also reached Level 115.

It was about time.

Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao left the dungeon.

Then, the two of them went offline and prepared to have lunch.

However, before logging off, Lin Chen returned to Sky Moon City and stored all the crafted items in the warehouse. Then, he gave out another 1,000 sets of orders.

The more crafted equipment, the better!

As long as he had enough equipment, even if he did not get a nine-star equipment, Lin Chen could still forge the nine-star equipment he wanted.

Moreover, he could get any attribute he wanted.

This was the essence of crafting equipment.

The first step was to make thousands of crafted equipment. If all of them were appraised with high-level appraisal talismans, there would usually be an enchantment with full attributes, and those enchantments could be taken by using the Heavenly Artisan Crystal.

After that, he could use a piece of trashy nine-star equipment, and use the Heavenly Artisan Crystal to extract all the bad enchantments. Then, he would take the full attribute enchantments from the other Heavenly Artisan Crystals and transfer them to the nine-star equipment.

It was very difficult to snatch good nine-star equipments on the market.

However, he could receive a lot of trashy nine-stars.

Lin Chen had already asked Zhang Chunlin to collect them.

When he went online after dinner, if he still couldn’t craft a nine-star equipment, he would make a good one himself.

Lin Chen had yet to open the two Supreme Gift Boxes.

There were also superstitions involved in opening this thing. It was best to gather four before opening it. It was said that most people directly obtained a neat set of pet equipment at once…

In any case, he had to reach Level 120 today. All his equipment was +18. In addition, he had to open up his pets. Tomorrow, he would challenge the new dungeon!

Lin Chen had a plan.

After clearing the new Instance Dungeon and obtaining the reward, there weren’t many improvements to be done in the game. But, continuing to collect items and playing with Liu Mengyao while Lin Chen made some arrangements in real life could be done.

Although Lin Chen was not a saint, he still had to do some things.

It was out of a sense of responsibility.

Once the game invaded the real world, even if every city had one or two more air raid shelters or shelters, they should be able to let more people survive.

Of course, that was something Lin Chen only did when he had the time.

He planned to try to contact the Dragon Kingdom’s military and write them a suggestion letter…

Then, he would do what he could.

After logging off, Lin Chen bumped into Bai Shuyi again in the living room. The two of them greeted each other. Then, Bai Shuyi said, “Our guild leader wants to talk to you and ask if you’re willing.”

“No problem. I’ll add her this afternoon.”

Lin Chen agreed.

From the moment Bai Shuyi confessed her intentions until now, Snow Foam had yet to directly private message him. Instead, she asked Bai Shuyi to ask for Lin Chen’s opinion and strive to obtain Lin Chen’s permission before talking. From these actions, it could be seen that Snow Foam, the guild leader, had a high emotional intelligence.

At least, it did not make Lin Chen feel uncomfortable.

Otherwise, she could have directly clicked on the rankings in the game to find Lin Chen and sent him a private message.

However, she did not do so.

Lin Chen was the one who made lunch. He had been an orphan for many years. If he did not know how to cook, he would really starve to death. Bai Shuyi also approved of Lin Chen’s culinary skills. She even teased, “I didn’t expect you to have such a skill. Hehe, Yaoyao will be in for a treat in the future!”

Lin Chen chuckled…

Ever since he went online, he couldn’t bear to look at the word ‘treat’ anymore.

After eating, Lin Chen picked up his phone. Since Liu Mengyao said she wanted to take an afternoon nap, that was her freedom to do so. Lin Chen left a message and went online first. He first added Snow Foam as a friend.

[Snow Foam: Hello!]

[Forest Dawn: Hello, Guild Leader Snow Foam.]

[Snow Foam: Haha, don’t call me that. Then should I call you the number one on the level rankings, the number one Wind Mage in New World?]

[Forest Dawn: Am I also number one in the Wind Mage rankings? Hehe, it seems that New World is indeed dying.]

[Snow Foam: You really know how to joke! Seriously, you should know why I’m looking for you to talk… Do you really think this game will have a chance to reopen in the future?]

[Forest Dawn: I don’t think so! But I believe that such a big game has suddenly collapsed, so they definitely have to compensate us. Otherwise, how many of the billions of players on the Blue Planet would jump off a building?]

[Snow Foam: But the announcement of New World already said that they can’t afford it.]

[Forest Dawn: Anyway, it shouldn’t be wrong to keep your account, right?]

[Snow Foam: Haha, I think so too… By the way, I heard that you want to borrow our Elder Bai for the new dungeon?]

Elder Bai was Bai Shuyi.

In the guild, those who managed to get to her position would definitely have a specially assigned party. Now that Bai Shuyi wanted to clear the dungeon with Lin Chen, the previous party would naturally be disbanded.

[Forest Dawn: If it’s not convenient, then forget it.]

Lin Chen did not want to owe anyone anything during their first conversation.

[Snow Foam: How is it inconvenient? I heard from Shuyi that there are only four people in your party, right? Then there’s still a seat. Could I come over too?]

[Forest Dawn: Sure, welcome!]

That was the end of the conversation.

During this time, Lin Chen was also checking his mail.

Good lord, all of them were mailed by Zhang Chunlin.

A thousand Heavenly Artisan Crystals came.

In the past, this thing would cost 100,000 per crystal. He did not even dare to think about buying 1,000 crystals at once.

And now…

Zhang Chunlin’s price: 80,000!


It cost 100,000 real life money per crystal before. Now, he had bought 1,000 crystals for 80,000.

In addition, there were a total of 100 dazzling pet eggs.

Price: One hundred thousand!

Zhang Chunlin also left a message: This thing is really a headache to synthesize. It was originally 98,000. The extra 2,000 is for my studio employees.

Lin Chen had no objections.

In addition, Lin Chen also paid for the various materials and items that Zhang Chunlin had sent over.

A total of 1.3 million!

Zhang Chunlin immediately sent a message after receiving the money.

[Zhang Chunlin: Do you still want to continue the acquisition? I think you have enough things. To be honest, brother, you’ve really helped me this time. To be honest, Ye Tenglong was still laughing at you in the class group chat just now. I directly called him an idiot and left the group. From now on, Lin Chen, you’re my big brother. I won’t allow anyone to insult my big brother!]

[Forest Dawn: Why are you paying attention to him? Continue to help me collect. Anyway, you can collect whatever you can now. Be careful to lower the price.]

[Zhang Chunlin: A starving camel is still bigger than a horse. No matter how low the price is, it can still charge a few million a day. Are you sure you still want to spend so much money?]

[Forest Dawn: …]

[Zhang Chunlin: I know. I was being nosy. I won’t ask what I shouldn’t ask!]

Lin Chen was amused.

Even though Zhang Chunlin was about to go bankrupt, his mentality was still very good!

Serves him right for being able to develop in the game!

Although now, the game was dying now.

Next, Lin Chen began to open the eggs.

A hundred dazzling eggs…

What Lin Chen was thinking was that if he could not bring so many pets with him, and he did not want the Perfect quality ones, how should he deal with them?

Could it be that he was going to set them free?

That was naturally impossible!

He opened the recruitment hall of the City Lord Residence and directly recruited a group of beast tamers.

Then, he would take care of them all.

Lin Chen wanted to see if these pets could also form a fighting force when the game invaded the world in the future!

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