Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

The effect of the Storm Force Field was still there.

Stegosaurus’s HP was back to full.

The current situation was that Lin Chen and Vermillion Bird were working together to deal damage, and Stegosaurus could somewhat manage to withstand the monsters, so the battle continued.

However, there was something here that required a lot of attention.

Lin Chen specifically instructed Liu Mengyao, “We can only pull three of the Giant Ape Generals at a time. If we exceed that, we might trigger their special skills… To be safe, we should only pull two at a time.”

The Giant Ape General had a skill—Summon Giant Apes!

When the Giant Ape Generals were injured to a certain extent at the same time, they would summon a group of Giant Ape Warriors. Their technique was similar to Sun Wukong’s clones. Lin Chen even suspected that the setting here was based on Sun Wukong’s setting in Journey to the West.

In short, they were very similar.

He had to be careful.

If it was Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao in the past, the two of them probably wouldn’t even be able to withstand these small monsters. Now, they might be able to pull a large group of small monsters around. Most importantly, there was the artillery, Vermillion Bird, and Lin Chen, who was covered in top-grade equipment.

They would definitely be able to clear this dungeon.

The key was that their time had to be fast.

They had to end the battle within 50 minutes.

He had to deal with it quickly, but he could not deal with too many Giant Ape Generals at once.

This was the troublesome part of this instance dungeon.

Hence, Lin Chen still focused on clearing out the monsters. As for the Giant Ape Generals, he would deal with them one by one later.

Killing 8,000 Giant Ape Warriors was also very time-consuming. Even though Vermillion Bird’s skill damage was enhanced in the Storm Force Field, and together with Lin Chen, he could roast and kill a Giant Ape in an average of five seconds, the actual battle was far from as simple as it sounded.

However, what Lin Chen didn’t expect was that he wasn’t the busiest, nor was it Vermillion Bird or Stegosaurus. Instead, it was Liu Mengyao, the Priest.

In such a battle, her healing was the guarantee that they wouldn’t be wiped.

Therefore, Liu Mengyao’s skills never stopped. She kept Lin Chen and the two pets at full health!

Ten minutes later, the two skills, Storm Force Field and Scorching Heaven and Earth, ended.

At this moment, the ground was already densely packed with the corpses of giant apes.

Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao had both reached Level 102.

Vermillion Bird and Stegosaurus had both reached Level 107.

However, there were still at least 3,000 monsters that had not been killed.

At this time, the Storm Force Field had entered its cooldown period. Without the Storm Force Field’s large-scale damage output and crowd control skills, the efficiency of killing these small monsters could not keep up.

It was not worth it.


“Next, I’ll get rid of those elite monsters.”

Lin Chen knew that the Elite monsters in the Instance Dungeon, which were the Giant Ape Generals, were all in charge of guarding a region. There were a total of 16 Elite monsters. Previously, he had killed four of them, and there were still 12 of them. Among them, six of the Giant Ape Generals had now become commanders with no army.

Then, he would take them down one by one!

This way, they could ensure that they did not summon new monsters.

So now it was time for single target DPS.

This was the stage for Lin Chen’s performance.

First, he had Stegosaurus attract the aggro of the Giant Ape General. Then, he used the Wind Blade and the Sandstorm Swallow skill to temporarily blind the Giant Ape General.

Then, he kept raising his hand for Wind Blades.

In five seconds, Lin Chengan dealt 130,000 damage.

The Giant Ape General’s HP was dropping rapidly. In the end, it was taken away by Vermillion Bird’s Flame Beam!

It was very efficient.

Lin Chen and the others immediately rushed to the next point. Lin Chen even realized that his Wind Blades could directly attract the aggro of the Giant Ape Generals. This was even easier. One by one, the Giant Ape Generals were lured out to kill them.

It was equivalent to wasting about ten minutes to run the map and kill all the Giant Ape Generals.

This time, all the Giant Ape Generals were gone.

At the same time, a loud roar came from the center of the map!

Giant Ape King!

Title: War God!

Of course, according to the plot of the game dungeon, this title of War God was self-declared by the Giant Ape King.

“Which rascal dares to help the Heavenly Palace stop me?”

The Giant Ape King roared.

At the same time, all the surviving monsters ran towards the center of the map.

At this moment, even when Lin Chen attacked the monsters, he could not attract their aggro.

They seemed to have gone crazy. They only had eyes for the king and not their enemies.

“I didn’t expect these giant apes to be so fanatical about chasing celebrities.”

Lin Chen made a joke to Liu Mengyao. Then, he got Vermillion Bird to cooperate with him and use his damage output skills to kill a group of Giant Ape Generals. Then, he said to Liu Mengyao, “Perfect. Let’s rush over now and clear the dungeon!”

“The Giant Ape King can also summon Giant Ape Warriors. Can the Stegosaurus withstand it?”

Liu Mengyao was a little worried.

“Even if it can’t take it, it has to.”

Lin Chen did not say anything else. They had already come this far. Could it be that they still had to retreat?

That was not Lin Chen’s style.

The current situation was that according to the normal process of the dungeon, they should first clear 8,000 monsters, then defeat the Giant Ape Generals one by one, and finally fight the Giant Ape King alone. During this period, the Giant Ape King would summon three waves of Giant Ape Warriors. They would summon 500 Giant Ape Warriors with 70% HP, 1,000 Giant Ape Warriors with 50% HP, and 2,000 Giant Ape Warriors with 30% HP.

In addition, the Giant Ape King had 1,000,000 HP!

Its attack power was 68,000!

Not counting defense, even the current Stegosaurus could only withstand four to five attacks from the Giant Ape King.

Just as Liu Mengyao had said, Stegosaurus probably wouldn’t be able to take it.

After all, it was a pseudo-extraordinary, not a true extraordinary pet!

“If it really doesn’t work, I can only go up or let Vermillion Bird go up. At the critical moment, I’ll tank it!”

Lin Chen made up his mind.

Then, they rushed to the center of the map.

As soon as they met, they started fighting.

Lin Chen had calculated the time. Now that the dungeon had progressed for 35 minutes, the cooldown of the Storm Force Field was just ready. It immediately covered the entire central battlefield, and Vermillion Bird’s Scorch Heaven and Earth was used immediately.

Then, Vermillion Bird used all kinds of damage skills.

However, it had the same goal as Lin Chen…

Giant Ape King!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Roar, roar, roar!

The giant beasts on the battlefield kept making sounds, including the sounds of Lin Chen and Vermillion Bird’s skills, the roars of the Giant Ape King, and the continuous roars of the Stegosaurus. In an instant, they were in a messy cacophony.






At this moment, the Giant Ape King was extremely furious!

“Despicable and insignificant humans, how dare you tease me like this? I’ll let you experience the power of the War God!”


The Giant Ape King was more than ten meters tall. When it stood up, it was like a small mountain.

It punched the ground.

The ground was cracking, and cracks extended all the way to Lin Chen and the others’ feet.

A damage number appeared above the heads of Lin Chen, Liu Mengyao, Vermillion Bird, and Stegosaurus…





Good God.

This attack had taken away 6,500 HP from Lin Chen.

His HP immediately entered an unhealthy state. 40% of his HP was gone.

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