Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Even though Lin Chen still had nearly ten million in his hands…

Lin Chen still felt that it was not enough.

After all, the more money he had, the better, especially at such a time.

Therefore, although they had just met, Lin Chen had already set his sights on Bai Shuyi’s car.

What was a car?


This thing was definitely worth a lot of money as collateral.

But how should he do it?

Lin Chen sized up Bai Shuyi, but Bai Shuyi was also sizing him up. The two of them looked at each other and immediately looked away, feeling a little awkward. It was Bai Shuyi who spoke first. “This is New World’s gaming helmet, right? This game is about to go cold, and you’re still playing it?”

“Yeah, until the end,” Lin Chen explained.

Then, he saw Bai Shuyi take out a gaming helmet from her suitcase.

“Eh, you’re playing too?”

Lin Chen asked, “What level are you? What’s your class?”

Speaking of games, they had something in common.

Moreover, Lin Chen was clearly very enthusiastic.

The awkwardness between the two of them was gone.

Bai Shuyi smiled and said, “I’m Level 100, a female warrior. I’ll change my class to a Valkyrie in the future.”

“Valkyrie, you’re amazing.” Lin Chen smiled and immediately said, “If you’re still playing the game, do you want to join us in the Instance Dungeon? I’m confident that I can get the first clear of the new Instance Dungeon. When the time comes, the rewards will be very generous.”

“The game is about to shut down. What’s the point of rewards?” Bai Shuyi sized Lin Chen up with a disdainful expression and asked, “Forest Dawn, you really don’t remember me?”

“Who are you?”

Lin Chen was stunned for a moment before he realized…

Good lord, I was wondering why a girl like her would dare to come and live with me. It turns out that she’s an acquaintance!

From the game?

“You’re not… Delicate Little Bird, are you?”

Lin Chen finally remembered.

He remembered that when he first entered New World, he was still a newbie. Like many people, he didn’t know anything. Then, in a team dungeon, Lin Chen met his current girlfriend, Liu Mengyao.

At that time, there was another female character in the team, and her game ID was Delicate Little Bird.

Lin Chen still remembered that she and Liu Mengyao played games together.

After that, Lin Chen and the girls even reached Level 50 together.

However, later on, Delicate Little Bird had leveled up and her equipment was not bad. She was considered a pay-to-win player and especially liked to fight. She was not like Liu Mengyao who just liked to play the game quietly, nor was she like Lin Chen who could only be a casual player. Therefore, Delicate Little Bird had a conflict with a small sect during a conflict in the game. In order to prevent Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao from being affected by her, Delicate Little Bird had left the party after being chased by her enemies in the game.

She joined the Thousand Mile Snow Guild.

It was said that later on, Delicate Little Bird even became an elder of the Thousand Mile Snow Guild.

Lin Chen originally thought that she would be a little girl in real life, similar to her game ID. He did not expect that after seeing her in person, she would not be ‘small’ at all. Instead, she would be ‘big’.

It could only be said that game IDs were indeed not trustworthy.

Lin Chen was 1.85 meters tall, only about ten centimeters taller than Bai Shuyi.

Such a girl wearing ten-centimeter high heels, coupled with her explosive figure and majestic bosom… There was really no part of her body that could be associated with a ‘Delicate Little Bird’.

But Bai Shuyi smiled and said, “That’s right, I’m Delicate Little Bird!”

“Your ID is really…”

Lin Chen smiled awkwardly. “I can’t tell at all.”


Bai Shuyi rolled her eyes and said, “Men are all lecherous, so are you… My ID is based on your girlfriend, but I’m not as artistic as you guys. Tsk tsk, Dream of Yaoguang, Forest Dawn… I’ll be called Delicate Little Bird. So what?”

“Nothing, as long as you’re happy. Haha!”

Lin Chen was amused.

He thought of something funny.

After Bai Shuyi joined Thousand Mile Snow Guild, she could fight freely. Then, she obtained a full set of level 60 top-grade equipment. When she reached level 60, she killed the small sect alone.

Because of this, not only was Delicate Little Bird notorious in the game, but many people were also amazed by the strong combat power of a girl. However, she chose such an ID that made people’s imagination run wild. Due to the huge contrast, Bai Shuyi could be considered a celebrity in the game.

“What are you laughing at!”

Bai Shuyi said grumpily, “I’m tired. Where should I sleep?”

“Oh, that room.”

Lin Chen smiled and said, “It’s all tidied up and the bedding is new. You can go and rest anytime.”

“Time to sleep. Good night!” Bai Shuyi did not talk much with Lin Chen.

However, the two of them had been teammates in the game before and had often bickered. Now that they were interacting, there was nothing that would make the other party feel uncomfortable.

Lin Chen was also very happy.

The person who bought the house was someone he knew.

That would make things easier!

It was now fine for him to delay transfering the house’s ownership for a while.

Then, in a few days, he would use this house to see if he could get some more money from the Internet.

There was also Bai Shuyi’s car. Lin Chen had been worrying about how to use it. Now, they were all familiar with each other. If he drove her car out for a bit, Bai Shuyi should have no objections, right?

While overjoyed, Lin Chen suddenly remembered that with her relationship with Liu Mengyao, wouldn’t Liu Mengyao also know about him selling his house?

This time, Lin Chen felt awkward.

So, he quickly sent a message to Liu Mengyao, “You know everything?”

About ten minutes later, Liu Mengyao replied, “I was just taking a shower… Shuyi is at your place? How is it? Are you happy and surprised to see such a beauty?”


Of course, Lin Chen could not randomly reply to this.

“No, it’s more like a shock!”

Immediately after, Lin Chen replied, “No wonder you wanted to say something when you went offline today. So you already knew about me!”

“That’s right!”

Liu Mengyao replied quickly, “What else? When I found out that you sold your house for my dream, I thought you were a fool, but I liked it very much.”

There was even a shy emoji afterwards.

“So, you didn’t hesitate to give me all your savings?” Lin Chen saw Liu Mengyao’s reply and immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he started chatting happily with Liu Mengyao.

Even though they were only a couple in the game.

Even though the two of them had never met before in real life.

However, after years of being together day and night in the game and being a couple, the two of them were no different from lovers in real life.

“What I’m thinking is that if I sell my real life house, I can earn more money in the future. In fact, when we get married in the future, I can even give you a bigger and better house. But right now, I only want you to be happy. I want to accompany you until the end of the game. I know that you must feel terrible when the game stops, even though you’ve never shown it!”

Lin Chen’s words touched Liu Mengyao.

Even though he was only making empty promises.

But girls loved this type of thing.

Moreover, he had already sold his house to play games with her!

‘What do I do?’

She was completely warmed by him!

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