Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Was everything finally going to end?

At this moment, all Lin Chen could see was the ruined city.

All kinds of buildings were shattered and collapsed.

Countless people were like ants that were being harvested by a monster that was more than a hundred meters tall.

Right now, his mind played visions like a powerpoint slide…

He knew that he was going to die soon!

Just like everyone else, he would be trampled mercilessly by this monster!

At this moment, Lin Chen was filled with regret…

He knew the monster’s name.

He was not the only one. Many people knew about it.

Dark Demon Dragon!

This was a level 80 boss in New World, the game of the century that was popular throughout the entire Blue Planet!

Half a month ago, the New World online game announced that the server would be shut down.

Hence, many people broke down.

The entire internet was wailing!

After all, this was a VR online game of the century that had been running for 20 years!

It could be said that it contained the memory and youth of two generations.

There were more than a billion players on the entire Blue Planet!

Hence, people sold their equipment and gold coins crazily.

Everyone only had one thought: recoup their losses!

The more extreme ones would even delete their accounts in anger!

Lin Chen was one of them.

Before the game stopped service, he sold all his equipment, materials, and gold coins at a low price.

After all, he still had to live.

But who would have thought that the moment New World officially stopped its servers, everything would change…

First, the terrain of the Blue Planet changed and expanded rapidly.

A scarlet blood moon hung high in the sky.

Then, the bosses in New World actually invaded reality one after another.

They treated human lives like nothing and wreaked havoc everywhere.

The entire world became like hell!

At this moment, not far from Lin Chen, a person in game clothes was vomiting blood.

He was also a player of New World.

Unlike Lin Chen, this person did not delete his account or sell his equipment.

Therefore, he inherited his abilities in the game.

However, this person’s level didn’t seem to be high.

“I only have a score of 80 and inherited 80% of my strength. My level has dropped from 80 to 64. I can’t take it at all… I’m leaving. You guys are on your own!”

That person complained before summoning his mount and running away.

The game invaded reality, so…

Players could also inherit their game abilities!

What if Lin Chen hadn’t sold his account?

Lin Chen was filled with regret.

He couldn’t help but think of his own account.


Some of the comrades he knew in the game.


Suddenly, there was a violent explosion.

Lin Chen was sent flying.

Blood kept spurting out.

His lower body was nowhere to be found…

His entire consciousness seemed to be on the verge of death.

Things had already come to this.

It was useless to regret it now.

Lin Chen, who was on his deathbed, used his last bit of consciousness to make a call.

Soon, an anxious voice came from the phone.

“Lin Chen, where are you? Hang in there and hide! I’ll come and save you right away!”

“Farewell… Mengyao!”

Lin Chen slowly closed his eyes.

The world that belonged to him began to return to silence…

After an unknown period of time.

Lin Chen opened his eyes.

However, a voice sounded in his ears. “What farewell? You’re just spouting nonsense! It’s just New World shutting down! So what, we can play another game! Besides, we can still play this game for another half a month!”

Liu Mengyao?

Lin Chen’s face was filled with disbelief.

How could he still hear sounds even after he died?

This was indeed… Liu Mengyao’s voice!

He could not be more familiar with it.

Liu Mengyao and he were teammates in New World.

Of course, the two of them had another layer of relationship…

They were a couple in the game!

But none of that mattered. The important thing was…

What was going on?

Why did Liu Mengyao say that there was still half a month before New World would stop service?

Lin Chen reflexively looked at the date on his phone…


April 13th!


Lin Chen was incredibly astonished.

‘What’s going on here?’

Could it be that the images of the game invading reality in his mind just now were all a dream?

However, those scenes were so vivid.

He even remembered his phone call with Liu Mengyao!

He remembered that he was about to tell Liu Mengyao that he was going to sell his account.

Liu Mengyao’s response had been…

Lin Chen decided to give it a try. He said into the phone, “But without this game, I’m afraid we won’t have much contact anymore… I-I’m going to sell my account. What about you?”

“Huh? No way!”

Liu Mengyao’s voice came from the phone, “Why should I sell it? It can’t be sold for much now! Besides, there are a lot of memories in here. I’m planning to play until the last second before the server closes.”

As expected, Liu Mengyao’s answer was still the same…

Lin Chen had already memorized the conversation between the two of them.

That meant…

Lin Chen was not dreaming!

He must have… been reborn!

He had returned to the time when the game had yet to be closed!

Moreover, he had not sold his account yet.

All his equipment was there!

At this moment, Lin Chen was very excited.

However, Liu Mengyao’s voice came from the phone, “Hey… why aren’t you saying anything? Don’t tell me… you really want to sell your account?”

He could hear the disappointment in Liu Mengyao’s voice.

She and Lin Chen could be considered to have met in the game.

And to Liu Mengyao, this game wasn’t just a game.

It was still a beautiful memory of hers.

Lin Chen was a part of this memory.

Now that she heard Lin Chen say that he wanted to sell his account and refused to accompany her to the end, she was naturally disappointed.

Liu Mengyao was indeed disappointed by Lin Chen in his memories before his rebirth. However, when the game invaded the real world, Liu Mengyao, who had inherited the game’s abilities, still said that she wanted to look for him immediately…

At the thought of this, Lin Chen smiled and replied, “I’m just joking. After all, you’re not the only one with memories of New World. That’s also my memories and my youth! Don’t worry, not only will I not sell my account, but I’ll also walk side by side with you until the last moment! Moreover, this time, I’ll take you through the dungeon that we haven’t cleared and the game scenes that we haven’t been to!”

“Really? Then it’s settled! I’m going to sleep first. You should sleep early too. Bring me tomorrow!”

Liu Mengyao’s voice came through the phone.


Lin Chen nodded heavily.

He had been reborn.

This feeling was really good!

After hanging up, Lin Chen did not go to sleep immediately. Instead, he logged into the game’s forum.

[After more than ten years of youth, you’re going to stop the server just like that? The New World game is really inhumane!]

[I’ll sell my account at a low price! The higher-ups and planners of the New World are all idiots!]

[I’m having a mental breakdown. What fun is there in only having half a month?I will start a live broadcast to melt my equipment! If I want to quit, I might as well quit now!]


The entire forum was filled with such posts.

Lin Chen could understand how these players felt.

As an online game of the century, New World had indeed carried too much.

It was even the youth of a generation!

In the end, it stopped just like that…

Lin Chen could not help but smile bitterly when he thought about how many people had cursed New World in the past and sold their accounts, himself included. Now that he had been reborn and knew why New World had stopped service, his mentality was naturally different.

All Lin Chen had now was a relaxed attitude.

Lin Chen, who was in a good mood, thought about it and decided to persuade others.

Even if one or two people were persuaded to keep their accounts, when the game invaded reality in the future, humans would have more power to resist, right?

Hence, Lin Chen posted a thread.

[To be honest, a big company like New World has been operating for 20 years. I don’t believe it if you say that the server has stopped. I suggest that everyone not believe it. Perhaps they encountered some technical malfunctions. Perhaps they will overcome the malfunctions in the next half a month and can start the server again!]

Lin Chen meant well.

However, the players were on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Not only did his post not receive any support from others, but in less than ten minutes, more than 100,000 rotten eggs were thrown his way. There were even all kinds of curses below…

“This dog head is a businessman, right? Is he afraid of bankruptcy?”

“Hehe, there’s already more than one merchant account suggesting that everyone not panic and delete their accounts. Now, there’s another one?”

“What bullshit technical malfunction. It’s been twenty years. Has there ever been a malfunction in New World?”

“Let me say something. The account is indeed everyone’s own hard work, but if they don’t destroy their own hard work with their own hands, are they going to donate them to the higher-ups and lousy planners of New World?”


Lin Chen was speechless after being flamed.


His kindness had been treated as ill-intentioned.

Then, he could not be bothered to care about these people. Lin Chen began to pay attention to the trading posts on the forum.

[I’m selling. 100 million gold coins = 100,000. I want it gone fast!]

[10,000,000 gold coins for 10,000. Don’t miss it!]

[Divine Windchaser Deer, a rare mount, selling for just 300…]


Good lord, he did not expect the price of goods in the game to fall so quickly!

One had to know that as the online game of the century, the gold coins in New World had always been valued at 1:1 with real life currency.

But now?

100 million gold coins was only worth 100,000!

From one to one, it had fallen to a thousand to one!

It would probably continue to fall!

In addition, Lin Chen remembered that the Divine Windchaser Deer was a rare mount exclusive to Priests. It was not cheap. In the past, each mount cost tens of thousands, but now it was sold for 300?


He had to buy it!

However, there was no hurry now.

Lin Chen knew that prices would continue to fall in the future.

In particular, when the confirmation of New World’s ending of service announcement was released tomorrow, and the last expansion pack was released, the news of New World’s end would be completely set in stone. The prices would fall sharply even more!

At that time, Lin Chen would be able to get the best prices.

Moreover, Lin Chen did not have much money on hand.

His parents were gone, and he was still studying in university. He didn’t have a job yet, and his food and necessities came from the pension left behind by his parents. The only thing that was most valuable was the house that his family had left for him…

Lin Chen continued to browse through the posts, and his eyes lit up.

[God of Magic’s Hurricane Divine Staff +12, max-level divine artifact, unique in the entire server, sold for 600,000!]

‘Good God!’

This was a max-level Mage Divine Equipment Set. Someone was selling it?

Moreover, it was already +12!

Lin Chen was also a Mage.

He really wanted to buy it.


Six hundred thousand?

It was too expensive!

‘I can’t afford it!’

“Fuck, what are you thinking about?”

Lin Chen gritted his teeth and slammed the table angrily. “I’ll sell the house tomorrow. The game is invading reality anyway. It’s about to be the end of the world!”

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