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Chapter 44 - Hell Fire

Chapter 44: Hell Fire

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This was an extreme sensitivity to danger which was unique to animals. He stared fixedly at the dark corner where a powerful enemy was lurking. Even his centipedes could sense the danger.

With a thought from him, all the centipedes around him shot out like sharp arrows toward the dark corner. He wanted to attack with all his might and let his centipedes bite his opponent to death. This time, more than ten centipedes flew out, including the huge centipede which was as thick as an arm.

However, soon after, his eyes opened wide in shock. He had a look of disbelief because his centipedes had suddenly stopped moving. Then, they were frozen into ice popsicles, falling to the ground. Crack! Crack! They shattered into several pieces.

Then, he felt a bone-chilling cold. Half of his body was frozen. He could not run even if he wanted to. Then, a transparent figure exuding cold air floated out and levitated in the air.

Centipede’s eyes widened in horror. The other party was actually a Great Archmage because only a Great Archmage could levitate in mid-air. Moreover, the other party’s powerful aura was definitely not fake. How could his luck be so bad to actually encounter an enemy like a Great Archmage?

“Spare… Mercy…,” Centipede said with difficulty.

“Tell me your identity and background!” Romo said calmly.

Centipede looked into the other party’s emotionless eyes and did not dare to hide anything. He said directly, “I don’t have a name, I only have a code name, and that is Centipede. I’m an assassin from Hell Fire.”

“Hell Fire?” Upon hearing this name, Romo immediately frowned because he knew this assassin organization. That’s right, he had long known of this assassin organization, and it was even 500 years ago.

500 years ago, this assassin organization was already a powerful assassin organization in the Northern Empire. It was rumored that their organization had as many experts as the clouds, and even had many Great Archmagi. Furthermore, they were all adept at assassination. This was because many famous Great Archmagi had died from assassination by the experts of this organization. Furthermore, their organization had no bottom lines. As long as one could pay the price, they would accept any mission, whether it was a commoner or a Mage. They would kill without exception. At that time, it could be said that they were in the limelight, causing people to tremble in fear upon hearing their name. At that time, Romo had heard that there were already a few righteous organizations working together to weed out this notorious assassin organization. However, before this could happen, Romo had already died.

Romo did not know if this had been carried out eventually, but what he knew now was that Hell Fire had not been uprooted because they were still around even now. From this, it could be seen how powerful this assassin organization was.

Romo had originally thought that he could just kill him, but who would have thought that the other party was actually an assassin from Hell Fire? Romo had to consider this carefully because his current strength was not enough to fight against this organization, especially since his family clan was still very weak. If his family clan was targeted by this assassin organization, then it would be dangerous.

Romo then asked the other party some more questions. To Romo’s surprise, things were not as bad as he had thought. The mission for this centipede to assassinate Arthur had not been assigned to him by the Hell Fire Organization; it had been a private job. Originally, he was going elsewhere to carry out a mission, and was passing through Winterfrost, when he received the mission from Cyril. As the target of the mission was a child, he felt that it was very simple and the remuneration was generous, so he accepted it. In order not to share the profits with the organization, he had not reported the mission to the organization.

“So, you’re the only one who knows about this. The people from the Hell Fire Organization don’t know about this, right?”

“Yes, Senior. I’m willing to atone for my sins. I’m willing to kill that Cyril for you. He was the one who gave me this mission. Please don’t kill me,” Centipede pleaded.

Romo relaxed and laughed coldly. Even if it was to keep it a secret, he would not let Centipede live. Romo’s gaze turned cold. Then, the cold aura swept across the other party’s body, and he was immediately turned into an ice sculpture. In order to eliminate the evidence completely and prevent the Hell Fire from finding him, Romo subsequently crushed Centipede’s corpse and the carcasses of the real centipedes into pieces. They turned into a field of red snow and drifted away. This way, the evidence was utterly destroyed. Even if someone from the Hell Fire were to really come looking for him, he would not be able to find any traces.

After he had settled this problem, Romo took out a conch again. This conch was no ordinary conch. There were some magical formations imprinted on it. In reality, this was a magical tool. It had two functions. One was positioning, and the other was remote communication.

This Magic Conch belonged to the Saruman who had been killed. It had been put away by Grimm and his son previously, but they did not know the use of this thing at all. They thought it was just a trivial gadget, so they placed it directly in the ancestral hall and did not care.

However, in reality, this Magic Conch had always been in an activated state. The faint magical waves constantly emitted from it proved that there had been someone trying to contact Saruman. Unfortunately, Saruman was already dead, and it was impossible for him to reply.

And the person who had been trying to contact Saruman had to be someone very close to him, otherwise, they would not have had the Magical Conch connection. Now that Saruman had been uncontactable, the other party might already be on his way to find him.

This was the last matter Romo wanted to resolve. He could not watch helplessly as the other party came looking for him. The other party might even be a Great Archmage. If a Great Archmage were to attack, his family clan would be in danger. He could not let this happen. He had to nip the danger in the bud.

Romo knew how to use the Magic Conch. He immediately injected a trace of magical power and instantly sensed the other party’s location.

Romo’s eyes flashed. He looked in a direction, and then his silhouette flickered. He immediately flew in that direction. He wanted to find that person and kill him.

After flying for more than a thousand kilometers, Romo looked at the endless mountains in front of him and frowned. “This is actually the Calamity Mountain Range? That person is actually in the Calamity Mountain Range?”

Romo felt that this was a little troublesome because the Calamity Mountain Range was a well-known danger zone in the Magic Martial Continent. The Calamity Mountain Range stretched for hundreds of kilometers and there were many powerful magical beasts living in it. These magical beasts could even easily kill a Great Archmage at the peak of the realm. Therefore, even a Great Archmage would not dare to enter easily. At most, they would just explore the periphery..

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