Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

Chapter 42 - Plundering Luck

Chapter 42: Plundering Luck

At that time, the two people beside Saruman were Grimm and his son. They were completely stunned at that time and only reacted after a long time. However, after that, they immediately collected the items left behind by Saruman. After all, these were left behind by a Great Archmage, so they were naturally very valuable. And the most important item was this cultivation technique, the Luck-Plundering Technique.

After they returned, the father and son were afraid of being discovered, so they had agreed not to tell this matter to a third person, not even their family head, who was also Maril’s father. Moreover, Saruman did not have any background, so even after he died, no one came to investigate the cause of his death. No one even knew that he had died. This matter seemed to have passed just like that. Then, they became bolder and bolder, and they took out this Luck-Plundering Technique to study.

Initially, he did not believe in luck, but ever since the birth of Little Arthur, who Saruman had said was blessed with great luck, the Nicholas family clan had undergone a tremendous change. Their businesses had exploded, and there were consecutive members in their family advancing to the realm of Great Mage. Moreover, when he went to attend Little Arthur’s full month banquet, he saw Ron, who had been a loser, rise up again and even become stronger than him. All of this convinced him of one thing, that there was really such a thing as luck.

In order to prevent the rise of the Nicholas family clan, Maril had decided to use the Luck-Plundering Technique immediately. To increase the success rate of the Luck-Plundering Technique, he had hired an assassin to assassinate Little Arthur. Unfortunately, the other party did not succeed. However, he still decided to proceed to use the Luck-Plundering Technique. Otherwise, with the other party’s strong luck, if he did not plunder immediately, he would probably not have another chance. Hence, he decided to plunder tonight.

However, they had never expected that there was a Great Armage hidden in the other party’s family clan. In the face of absolute strength, all their schemes collapsed with the first blow.

After he had finished speaking, Cyril begged Romo for mercy with tears streaming down his face, “I’ve told you everything. Please don’t kill me. I won’t dare to target your Nicholas family clan again. You can even make me your dog, as long as you spare my dog life. I beg of you!”

In order to survive, Cyril had become completely shameless. The pride he had previously as the Young Master of the Grimm family clan had also vanished. Now, as long as he could live, he would do anything.

Romo glanced at him in disgust. He could not be bothered with such a person. Even if he wanted to keep a dog, he would not keep such a dog. Cyril’s current state was really disgusting. With a thought from Romo, that gust of cold air instantly pounced on Cyril, turning him into an ice sculpture. He remained still in a kneeling position, begging for mercy.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

At this moment, the ancestral tablet and urn of the Grimm family clan in the large formation started to vibrate by themselves. They even made buzzing sounds, as if they were angry at Romo for killing their descendants.

Romo sneered and said, “Why, are you guys even angry with me for killing your descendants? You guys really don’t know what’s going on. This isn’t over yet.”

After Romo had finished speaking, he poured a stream of magical power into the magic formation. Instantly, the Luck-Plundering Magical Formation started to work again. However, this time, it was working in reverse. As the formation continued to work, traces of the luck of the Grimm family clan were extracted by the formation and then merged into the luck of the Nicholas family clan.

Reverse Luck Plunder! This was the greatest flaw of the Luck-Plundering Formation. When one was plundering the luck of others, if the luck of the other party’s family clan was very strong, then it was very likely that not only would one fail in plundering, one’s luck would also be plundered by the other party. This was reverse plunder! Furthermore, the person in charge of the formation would also suffer a certain tribulation later on. This was the flaw of the cultivation technique which the System had previously mentioned. However, if the party being plundered were to plunder instead, as it was a counterattack, and the party being righteous, they would not suffer a tribulation. Therefore, after Romo knew that this was the Luck-Plundering Formation, he decisively plundered instead. After all, there would not be any no side effects.

As the luck of the Grimm family clan was rapidly sapped by the large formation, the ancestral tablet of the Grimm family clan in the large formation also vibrated more and more vigorously. It seemed as if it wanted to hold firmly onto the luck of their family clan, but in front of Romo, this was useless.


After the last trace of the family clan’s luck had been sapped, the ancestral tablet of the Grimm family clan cracked open with a bang. The faint layer of golden light above it vanished completely and it became a dead object. The urn also exploded, and ashes scattered all over the ground.

Looking at this scene, the expression in Romo’s eyes did not change, let alone show any pity. The Grimm family clan had brought this upon themselves. It was not his fault. If he had not had the System and had not woken up, the Nicholas family clan would have been the ones whose luck had been plundered. Without his protection that night, Little Arthur would have died without a doubt. Then, his great luck would have been lost, and the family clan’s situation would deteriorate further and further. In the end, they would be reduced to an ordinary family clan, and even their family would be ruined and their family members killed. Therefore, everything had its own cause and effect. For their current vile predicaments, they only had themselves to blame for not having planted good causes.

At this moment, the ten plus Magic Stones in the large formation were gradually sapped of their energy and reduced to dust. Without the support of energy, the large formation stopped completely.

[Ding… Mission accomplished.]

[Ding… Received mission rewards!]

[Ding… Received 10 Super Experience Talismans.]

[Ding… Received 50 Family Clan Luck Distribution Points.]

[Ding… Received a Personal Luck Strengthening Talisman!]

[Ding… Received a Hundredfold Cultivation Acceleration Talisman!]

[Ding… Received a Special Talent Development Talisman!]

A series of System prompts made Romo very happy. He had not expected the mission rewards to be so many, and each of them was very good. However, now was not the time to waste checking out the rewards. Romo still had other things to do, and the effect of the Spirit Demon Talisman was not over yet. This was equivalent to a Great Archmage at the full level. He could not waste this precious time.

Romo took a look at the ancestral hall of the Grimm family. With a thought, a burst of mental strength was emitted, and a box flew out from under their offerings table. In this box were the items left behind by Saruman, hidden here by the Grimm father and son. They had not had the chance to use them, but now they all belonged to Romo.

After he had finished taking the items, Romo’s silhouette disappeared directly; he had already left the Grimm family. As for what had happened in the ancestral hall, no one in the Grimm family was alerted..

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