Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Attacked

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“I don’t want it,” said Sonia verbally, although she had, in fact, wanted it very much. If she could have her own child, she would be willing to even take medicine every day.

Avril could tell immediately that Sonia did not mean what she had said. She teased and said, “Alright, I know you have not asked for it. I take the initiative to give it to you. Hahaha…”

The two of them chatted and laughed heartily along the way.

“Sha sha sha ~ ~ ~”

At this moment, Sonia’s ears twitched, and she immediately became alert. Originally, Sonia only had the strength of a level-5 Mage, but ever since she cultivated the Wave Meditation Technique, her strength had advanced by leaps and bounds. Now, she was already a level-7 Mage, and her hearing and reaction time had improved by a lot, otherwise, she would not have heard that faint sound. More importantly, she had an inkling of danger.

She looked behind suddenly and caught sight of the shadow of a brown thing slithering rapidly in the grass beside the road, and pouncing directly at Avril. That was definitely something no good, and the inkling of danger had come from it.

“Dodge!” Sonia shouted, pulling Avril away as she shot an Ice Arrow directly at it with her magical power.


The Ice Arrow had hit that brown thing, but it made a metallic sound as if it had hit steel. The brown thing fell to the ground with a thud. Only then did Sonia see that it was a half-meter long huge centipede! Its dark brown carapace glistened with a metallic luster. Her Ice Arrow had hit its carapace just now, producing that sound of metals striking. Even her magical Ice Arrow had failed to kill that thing; it could be seen how powerful its defense was.

Then, the centipede continued to attack Sonia. However, Sonia was not afraid at all, and she immediately activated her magical power. Instantly, seven magic runes appeared and quickly set up a magic formation. Then, a large sheet of ice extended out from her body and covered a large area of the ground nearby with a layer of ice and snow; the centipede was also the main target of the cold attack. Immediately, the centipede’s speed of movement was significantly reduced, after it was hit by the cold attack.

“Go and die.”

Then, Sonia condensed a giant icicle and hurled it at the centipede. Poosh! This time, the huge centipede was killed by Sonia.

“Ah! Help!”

At this moment, before Sonia could heave a sigh of relief, Avril’s terrified screams had come from behind her.

Sonia’s heart skipped a beat. Not good! Avril was under attack, and she still had Little Arthur in her arms. Besides, Avril was far weaker than her, and she was only a level-3 Mage. On top of that she was holding a child; she could not even exert half of her strength.

Sonia immediately looked behind and saw that there were two centipedes behind her. However, they were only half the size of the centipede that had been killed. Even so, they were still very scary. Avril was so frightened that she did not dare to move, let alone kill them.

Hurriedly, Sonia shot another Ice Arrow, but it only managed to send one centipede flying. The other centipede was about to bite down on Little Arthur. If he was really bitten, Little Arthur would not be able to survive.

But just as the centipede’s poisonous fangs were about to bite down on Little Arthur, a beam of golden light suddenly burst out from Little Arthur’s body. The golden light went right through the centipede’s gaping mouth and thereafter, the entire centipede was reduced to dust. It had helped Little Arthur survive this crisis.

At the same time, in the ancestral hall of the Nicholas family clan, the System’s voice suddenly sounded in Romo’s mind.

[Ding! Warning! Warning! Found a descendant with the luck level of Destiny’s Child in danger!]

[Ding… System has automatically generated an urgent mission: Save the 18th generation descendant, Arthur Nicholas!]

When Romo heard the System’s voice, he was stunned for a moment, and then he flew into a rage.

Who the heck is this? How dare he come again to harm the future lion of the Nicholas family clan? He is really courting death!

Romo was indignant. He was about to expend all his Faith Points to kill the other party. Before he could react, he heard the System’s voice.

[Ding… Ancestral Protection Talisman activated.]

[Ding! Arthur Nicholas’ crisis averted!]

[Ding… Urgent mission accomplished!]

[Ding! The host has received the mission rewards: The host has received 10 Tenfold Cultivation Talismans! The host has received 10 Distribution Points for the family clan’s luck.]

Damn, what’s going on? I haven’t even started yet and it’s already over? Isn’t this too fast? Ancestral Protection Talisman? Oh right, I had bought a discounted item previously and had used it on Little Arthur. I really did not expect it to work so well. It has directly defused a crisis and also accomplished a mission for me; it is simply worth its value.

No, I have to hurry and see how Little Arthur is doing. He is the future lion of the Nicholas family clan. Nothing must happen to him.

Romo thought worriedly. He had not even taken a look at the rewards before he opened the System Shop, and bought a Visitation Talisman. This Visitation Talisman could allow Romo to track and visit a descendant, but the effect was only 24 hours.

Romo immediately used the Visitation Talisman on Little Arthur. Then, his vision blurred and another scene appeared. It was the scene of where Little Arthur was, still far out in the city.

“Avril, how are you?” Sonia ran quickly to Avril and asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. Oh, right. Arthur…” A pale Avril shook her head. She immediately checked on Little Arthur, who was in her arms, and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Little Arthur was unharmed. Fortunately, Little Arthur was fine. Otherwise, she would have died.

Sonia looked around again to make sure that the crisis had been resolved, but she still did not dare to let her guard down. Instead, she said to Avril, “Let us go home now.”


Romo kepting watching till Sonia and Avril, who carried Arthur, had returned home before he relaxed a little.

Damn it, Little Arthur had been in danger again.. Who had done this? Could it be the same person who had tried to steal Little Arthur’s luck? Wasn’t that person injured by the System’s counterattack? How did he make a comeback so quickly? Or was it someone else? No matter who it was, don’t let me find out. Otherwise, I’ll definitely kill him!

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