Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

Chapter 320 - Ghost Deity in Despair, Not Dead

Chapter 320: Ghost Deity in Despair, Not Dead

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The entire mystic realm space had suffered a violent impact. As it shook violently, it was as if the heavens and earth had been overturned. The huge magic formation that covered the entire mystic realm was also flickering crazily, as if it would collapse in the next second.

The Ghost Deity in the air was already extremely weak. He did not care about the damage to the mystic realm. He only stared fixedly at his opponent’s previous position with a pair of sinister eyes.

When he could not see anyone, he finally laughed crazily and violently, as if all his grievances and resentment had been released. “Haha… ant… ant!”

That cold smile had a hint of weakness and arrogance, inexplicably showing some madness.

“Hmm?!” In the next moment, the pupils of the weak Ghost Deity constricted, and the smile on his face suddenly froze. He screamed in horror, “How… how is this possible?!”

How could there be a little nether flame there? And it had even leapt lightly becoming a larger cluster of nether fire?!

“No… Impossible!” He erupted with the magical power in his body to block in shock and screamed in disbelief. “This is impossible!!”

At the same time, the strange nether flame descended in front of him, and then… it suddenly exploded!!

In the blink of an eye, his entire body was swallowed by the sea of flames.

At this moment, the Ghost Deity was in a mess. He had even lost his state of mind which he had cultivated for countless years. His mind had fallen into an abyss of fear and even despair!

While he was squeezing out the magical power in his body to resist the damage from the Soul-Devouring Nether Flame, his twisted face was still roaring, “No! Impossible!! He’s not dead?! It’s impossible for him to be alive!!!”

The truth was already in front of him, and he could not accept it. The strange nether flame was still around, and its master was not dead!

However, the move that had erupted earlier had even caused the mystic realm which had been affected to collapse. How could the enemy, who was in the center of the explosion, not be dead?! Even a top-notch Heavenly Divine Mage would have been annihilated in body and spirit if he had received this move. How could he still be alive?!

The Ghost Deity’s previous understanding had all collapsed. He charged crazily and furiously at the nether flame, wanting to break free.

But now, whether it was the power of the nether flame or his own strength, they had all been greatly reduced. He was no longer able to break the seal of the nether flame!

… . .

At the spot where Romo had disappeared earlier, there was a slight distortion in the space that was difficult for the naked eye to sense. An inexplicable force was gathering here.

The dazzling sacred light earlier had indeed destroyed his entire body.

However, it only destroyed his body.

The true power of the Inviolable Soul Body could be seen at this moment.

That beam of sacred light had indeed exceeded Romo’s expectations. Despite the powerful strength of a pseudo Heavenly Divine Mage, his entire body had vanished instantly.

With this move, his entire soul was scattered. It was like the elements of heaven and earth, surviving in this world in a special state!

With the Inviolable Soul Body, the soul would not be injured. Even if the soul was injured, it would be able to recover. It was just that the recovery time needed would be longer.

Romo’s consciousness was still clear, and he continued to watch the battlefield with an extremely strange perception. Therefore, he could control the Soul-Devouring Nether Flame to continue attacking after the sacred light attack.

The moment his body was annihilated by the sacred light, his Inviolable Soul Body had already begun to be restored. However, the damage was too great. It would take a long time to restore his soul.

Romo was not sure how long it would take to restore his soul.

However, he was certain of one thing; no matter how long it would take, he would still be safe!

Even if the time limit for temporary use had reached zero and his Inviolable Soul Body still had not been restored, it would not matter. When the time came, his soul would dissipate, and his consciousness would still be sent back to the ancestral hall by the System!

This meant that Romo was destined not to lose from the beginning of the battle!

And this was also the core reason why a level-1 pseudo Heavenly Divine Mage dared to attack a level-6 Heavenly Divine Mage directly!

Currently, the remaining time limit for the use of the soul body was more than 50 days. Seeing how the Ghost Deity in front of him was resisting weakly, if nothing unexpected happened, this Ghost Deity would be killed by the Soul-Devouring Nether Flame soon!

The Ghost Deity, which was wrapped in the nether flame, was still roaring helplessly. Romo was calm as he continued to control the Soul-Devouring Nether Flame to devour the enemy’s magical power.

In this mystic realm of Laha Island, which had mostly collapsed, a ball of nether flame floated in the air. From time to time, violent roars could be heard from inside, spreading in all directions. In the silence of the world, this was the only movement. The entire mystic realm was filled with a strange atmosphere…

The Ghost Deity had already sunk completely into the depths of the swamp of despair. In the endless silence, he had sensed that the footsteps of the Grim Reaper were approaching, and his own will was repeatedly approaching collapse…

Romo, on the other hand, was so relaxed that he diverted his attention to visit the descendants of the family in their dreams…

… . .

In the Holy Light City, everyone in the Nicholas family was already asleep.

Romo visited Norton in his dream and told him about Hera’s tablet.

He did not say what had happened in the background. He only said that he had re-established the ancestral tablet of his deceased wife, and that all the descendants of the family clan would worship one more old ancestor from the next day.

After exiting the dream, Romo returned to the ancestral hall to check on his wife’s soul in the sacred tablet. He sensed that she was still in a deep sleep without any response.

He searched every corner of the System Shop, but he could not find any System tools that would be of any help to his wife. He had no choice but to give up on this path for the time being.

There should not have been any mistake in the Ancestral Sacred Spirit Transformation by the Ancestral Protection System. After all, Romo had also transformed into such a special state.

Perhaps it was because Hera had been previously affected by the mutation and nurtured into a ghost puppet that her consciousness was still in deep sleep after she had successfully transformed into a sacred spirit.

Romo was confused. He did not know what to do to wake Hera up.

Although his wife had already transformed into the sacred spirit in the same state as him, he still could not use himself as a reference. After all, the System was only in him.

At this moment, he could only take it step-by-step.

… .

The next morning.

After Norton had woken up, he immediately went to the family ancestral hall to check. He found that there was indeed an ancestral tablet beside the tablet of the Old Ancestor!

Norton naturally took the Old Ancestor’s instructions to heart. After he had left the ancestral hall, he summoned his clansmen immediately to carry out the arrangements.

On this day, all the members of the Nicholas family came to the ancestral hall to pay respect to their Old Ancestor as usual. However, there was one more old ancestor today to pay respect to.

While the descendants were paying their respects, the System notifications sounded in Romo’s mind from time to time. He did not care about this. Instead, he focused on probing the state of his wife’s soul in the sacred tablet.

Soon, he was pleasantly surprised to find something—

When the descendants of the family clan paid their respects, traces of special energy substances flowed into Hera’s sacred tablet, and Hera’s soul gave a very subtle response!

The energy of faith could indeed be received by Hera, who had turned into a sacred spirit!

From the looks of the current situation, he could use the System he had to quantify and use the faith energy. The soul of Hera, who had been converted into a sacred spirit, could also absorb the faith energy she had obtained on her own!

It was like absorbing energy to heal oneself… After accumulating enough faith energy, Hera might wake up!

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