Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Shocked

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At the same time, they started to worry for Ron. “Ron cannot even use magical power now, so how can he be a match for the other party? Sigh, when this punch lands, he will be sent flying.”

But then, everyone saw that when Howen’s punch came flying and was clearly going to land on Ron’s chest, Ron’s body had retreated slightly, and the area where the fist was landing upon, had cleverly deflected the other party’s punch. This caused Howen’s punch to only brush past Ron’s body, but not harm him at all.

Hmm? Howen was shocked. Although his punch seemed to have hit Ron, in reality, Howen was very clear that his punch had hit air. It did not have the feel of hitting a human body at all, and Ron did not seem to be in any pain. This was enough to tell that Ron had somehow dodged the punch.

However, Howen was, after all, a top student of the Sky Blue Magic Academy. He had the guidance of a master teacher, and he had often sparred with others in the academy and had a wealth of combat experience. He immediately began to change his strokes and he quickly threw yet another punch. However, just like the earlier one, it was dodged by Ron again. Then, Howen continued to throw several consecutive punches, but the results were all the same.

However, in the eyes of the onlookers, it was Howen who had punched Ron many times in a row, and in the end, Howen retreated quickly and jumped out of the battle arena.

“Damn, what’s going on? How can Ron still stand after Howen has punched him so many times?

“That’s right. He should have already collapsed after taking so many punches.”

“He’s trying hard to hold out.”

The people around were all discussing fervently. It was obvious that these people were weak in their power. The only ones who could understand the situation were the Nicholas family clan and City Lord Lein.

City Lord Lein was very powerful. He also had a greater perspective of things. He could see clearly every single detail of their battle. Hence, he knew that Ron had used a very brilliant movement technique to dodge the opponent’s attack. This made the eyes of City Lord Lien light up. He had never seen such a movement technique before.

“He can actually dodge so many punches; it looks like this is definitely a superb movement technique. It has been heard that the Nicholas family clan in the past was a huge family clan which had produced a Great Archmage. They do indeed have some fundamentals,” said City Lord Lein as he sighed.

Howen looked coldly at Ron and said, “I was wondering why you had dared to challenge me. It turns out that you do really have some skills. This is a type of martial movement technique, right?”

Ron also did not hide it. He said directly, “That’s right, this is our family’s martial arts technique.”

That’s right, this had indeed been passed down by Romo. In fact, this was not any martial arts technique, but Kung Fu. Just now, Ron had used Tai Chi’s ‘defeat the strong with minimal effort’ move to deflect all of Howen’s attacks.

Romo had originally transmigrated from Earth. After coming to this world, he had brought the martial arts from Earth and used them. Unexpectedly, the effects had been surprisingly good. It was many times more superb than the crude martial arts of this world. Although it was not as powerful as magical power, it was very effective in assisting combat.

Hence, Romo had passed down the Kung Fu that he had brought from Earth. Till now, it had not been lost, and the family’s clansmen were all still able to cultivate it. Ron had started cultivating it since he was young. In these two years, he was not able to cultivate magical power, so he had spent more time practising martial arts. This had enabled him to master the martial arts skills to perfection. Dealing with Howen was simply too easy.

“Humph, it’s just a movement technique. Do you think you can deal with me with just a movement technique?”

Howen said coldly, and then charged at him again. However, this time, he used even more martial art techniques. Not only did he use the offensive kinds, he even used martial movement techniques. With the combined synergy, his speed was even faster, and his strength was even powerful. His whole being was even transformed into a shadow, and those with weak strength could not even see his form.

Upon seeing this, Klein said smugly, “It looks like Senior is really serious this time. He has actually used three or four kinds of martial skills at the same time. This time, that kid will be finished soon!”

Hearing this, the others also believed that it would be impossible for Ron to last much longer, but he had already been very impressive. After all, everyone had thought that Ron was a loser, but now, he was able to fight against a top student from the Sky Blue Magic Academy for such a long while without being defeated. This was already a feat to be proud of.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The fists and kicks of the two of them collided. Most people could only see shadows; they could not see clearly at all the fight between the two of them because their speed was too fast. The gusts arising from their combat caused such an impact that the entire courtyard seemed to be blown by a strong wind of several levels. This caused the spectators to shout in excitement.

However, after watching for a while, everyone became even more curious. Previously, they saw that it was Howen who was suppressing Ron, but now, they realized that the situation had reversed. Now, it seemed that Ron had the upper hand, while Howen was defending?

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a few more punches, before everyone’s shocked eyes, they saw Howen being sent flying by Ron’s punch.

“What the heck? Am I seeing things? Ron sent Howen flying?”

“Damn, damn, I must be hallucinating. Ron, that loser, has actually defeated Howen with his martial arts skills?”

“Is that Ron still a loser? If with such strength, he is called a loser, then I’m worse than a loser!”

“Damn, could Ron have already given up on being a Mage and have chosen the path of a Martial Warrior instead? I heard that the strongest Martial Warrior can even reach the realm of a Great Mage at full level.”

“That’s very possible.”

Everyone discussed spiritedly. Even Klein and Fiona had looks of disbelief. They knew Howen’s strength. He was even a Magic Warrior. Even if he used only martial arts, he was still very powerful. But now, he was being defeated by a loser whom they had despised?

Fiona immediately wanted to help Howen up, but was held back by Klein. She looked at Klein, who shook his head gently. The meaning was obvious. It was a duel now. Howen had already said that in the end, one of them had to admit defeat in the duel between the two. Otherwise, outsiders were not to intervene. Furthermore, Howen represented the Sky Blue Magic Academy.. If Fiona were to interfere now, it would bring disgrace upon the Sky Blue Magic Academy.

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