Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

Chapter 14 - Confession

Chapter 14: Confession

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In the entire Winterfrost, they had never heard of anyone having a silver-tier meditation technique, let alone a high-grade one. Where did the family head get such a powerful meditation technique?

Without waiting for them to ask, Norton flipped one of his hands. Instantly, a water screen formed and a glowing armor appeared on Norton’s body.

Everyone was shocked again. “Is this the Magic Armor?”

“No,” Norlin said excitedly. “This is the long lost Water Essence Armor of our Nicholas family clan!”

Magic Armor is a very rare defensive magical skill, but one can buy it as long as they have enough money. However, this Water Essence Armor is an upgraded version of the Magic Armor. It is a high-grade silver-tier magic skill. This is not something that can be bought with money. However, this magical skill had been lost. Where did Norton learn it from? 

Everyone looked at Norton in shock, their faces were filled with doubts.

“Big Brother, these high-grade meditation techniques are long lost magical skills. Where did you get them from?” Norlin asked anxiously.

Norton smiled faintly and said, “These have all been imparted to me by our Old Ancestor in the dream! Now, do you believe me?”

“Yes, yes!”

When everyone heard that, they immediately said, “Seeing is believing.” Now that they had witnessed them with their own eyes, how could they not believe?

“Big Brother, what’s going on?” Norlin asked. This was what everyone wanted to know.

Norton said, “Last night, it happened like this…..”

Norton told them everything that had happened in the dream last night. Everyone was dumbfounded. Although there were many magical powers in this world and even legendary gods, they still found it unbelievable that such a mysterious thing had happened to them.

“And these are the secret manuals which the Old Ancestor has imparted to me. I’ve recorded all of them down. You can pass around to read them.” Norton took out the manuals of the cultivation techniques he had recorded. After everyone had passed them around and read them, all of them became thoroughly convinced of the Old Ancestor’s existence.

After they had finished reading them, Norton put the secret manuals away and said, “These secret manuals are our capital for the family to rise up. All of you are the cornerstones of our family clan. You can select the cultivation techniques suitable for you, but you must not reveal these secret manuals and this matter to outsiders.”

Everyone immediately agreed. They had understood the rationale that having a prized treasure would invite trouble. If this matter were to spread, they would surely die.

“Also, that thief, who tried to plunder little Arthur’s luck earlier, has been injured by our Old Ancestor. He won’t come to make trouble for us. We don’t have to worry anymore. However, we still have to work hard to cultivate. We can’t just rely on our Old Ancestor for everything.”

Norton then looked at Sonia and said, “Sonia, you’re the most talented in business. You’ll be in charge of the soap business. The family clan will fully support whatever you need.”

Sonia said gratefully, “Thank you, Father. Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.”

Norton nodded and said, “And there is still your husband, Jack. You have to manage the clothing store alone and also manage the soap business; it will definitely be too much for you to handle. You can get your husband Jack involved.”

Sonia’s eyes teared up when she heard that. She loved her husband, Jack, but Norton had never liked him. Hence, Jack had not been able to fully integrate into their family. She had to even be wary of Jack when doing business. Now, Norton had personally said that she could get her husband Jack involved. This was equivalent to accepting Jack fully and treating him as a member of the Nicholas family.

After he had settled everything, Norton stood up and said, “Alright, that’s all. Let’s go to the ancestral hall now to pay respect to our Old Ancestor.”

[Ding… Worship by descendant. Received 90 Faith Points. The effect of the Faith Candle has been activated. Received additional 90 Faith Points.]

[Ding… Worship by descendant. Received 80 Faith Points. The effect of the Faith Candle Effect has been activated. Received additional 80 Faith Points.]

[Ding… Worship by descendant. Received 88 Faith Points.]



After having received the blessings and protection from their Old Ancestor, many people paid their respects to Romo with gratitude. Hence, the number of Faith Points they contributed was several times more than yesterday. However, they were only the core family members who knew the truth. Those who did not know the truth contributed the same number of Faith Points as yesterday.

Even so, this wave of worship enabled Romo to gain more than 2,000 Faith Points. After the worship, the head of the family, Norton, announced a new family clan rule in front of everyone in the ancestral hall. It was also the most important family clan rule, and it was that everyone in the family clan had to worship their ancestors once a day!

Regarding this family rule, other than the few core members who knew the truth, everyone else was baffled. They did not know the sudden need for such a family clan rule. However, as it was just paying respects to the ancestors daily and offering incense to them, nothing too troublesome, so they all nodded and expressed that they would strictly abide by this family rule.

Upon hearing this, Romo nodded in satisfaction. In this way, he would be able to obtain at least 2,000 Faith Points every day. After the worship had ended, everyone went back to their own work. Many of them were perplexed after the two consecutive days of worship by the entire clan.

Especially Ron. After the worship, he said to his father, Zoro, “Father, what has happened? It has been two consecutive days of paying respects to our ancestors, and Grandpa has even made it a family rule?”

Zoro looked at his son with heartache. If he had not been so seriously injured previously, he would have been a student of the Sky Blue Magic Academy by now, with a high rank and great power. He would not be staying at home all day like he was now, and be even unable to participate in the family core’s meeting.

“Don’t ask too much about this. Just pay respect to your ancestors every day. Your grandfather must have his reasons for doing this.”

“All right,” said Ron, feeling a little disappointed. He said goodbye to his father and left.

On the other side, Sonia and her husband, Jack, had returned to their own residence.

Jack did not inquire about the matter which the family head had asked several core members, including Sonia, to go to the meeting room to discuss. He did not want to ask too much, in case the head of the family, Norton, became displeased with him after knowing about it.. If that happened, it would implicate Sonia.

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