Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration

Chapter 42 - Chapter 42: Civilization Accelerator

Chapter 42: Civilization Accelerator

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The research spaceship approached the aboriginal planet of the Bott Galaxy, but it was still in stealth inode.


If it wasn’t necessary, Li Wenyuan didn’t want to cause a commotion among the natives, because he had already seen the man-made satellite orbiting the planet.

This meant that the civilization here had at least entered the information age, and there was still a possibility of being discovered if one got close.

But drones didn’t have this problem. Drones that were also equipped with full-vision stealth systems were undetectable.

Moreover, they were able to survive in the violent atmosphere of the gas giant hke fish in water, so they were naturally a piece of cake for the environment of an ordinary planet.

Therefore, a large number of drones entered the planet from all directions and began to scan for the existence of human remains.

These invisible drones flew over the city and uploaded the data to the research spaceship.

It seemed that no one had noticed this, but some people on this planet were special…

A high school student left his companions and sighed at how tiring it was to talk to ordinary people.

His name was Digg, a self-proclaimed chosen one.

Ever since he woke up one day and realized that he seemed to have a system, he felt that he was born to be the protagonist.

He returned home as usual, and there was no one else in the empty house.

As soon as he entered the room, he muttered in his heart, ”System, what is today’s mission?”

In the past, the system would quickly tell him about the relevant matters after he asked. However, this time, the system did not respond to him.

This made Digg frown and he kept calling out the system’s name.

After a long time, the system’s reply came.

I Main mission changed: Find a way to survive before the Star Devourer arrives. ]

I Countdown to the end of the world: 60 days ]

This sudden turn of events stunned Digg, and he immediately started screaming in his mind. “System! System! What was going on? Didn’t you ask me to show off in front of my classmates yesterday? Why did it suddenly become the end of the world today?”

He was extremely shocked. The system would give him all kinds of magical rewards after he completed a mission, making him different from ordinary people.

This was also why he felt that he was the chosen one, and he had a lot of trust in the system.

But suddenly, as the news of the Neighboring Star’s death spread, everything changed.  °

“‘Star Devourer’. Such a name… Could it be that my sudden idea is actually real?”

He recalled what he had said to his classmates when he was bragging. “I think It’s a ‘creature’ that ate the star.”

“Did my fantasy come true… No, 1 have to find a solution!”

His mind whirred, and he began to search for clues on the internet about the end of the world.

He didn’t think the system was trying to scare him.

Just like that, a few days passed.

He didn’t come to class for a few days in a row, but the teachers didn’t show any unusual behavior, because as the school’s genius, he could only be seen in the exams.

On the other hand, Digg walked out of his room with bloodshot eyes. It looked like he had not slept for a few days.

“Star Devourer… The end of the world…” He stared at the distant starry sky and seemed to be able to see a huge luminous body gradually approaching.

“The system only needs me to find a way to survive, not to save the world… Is it because this crisis is beyond my ability?”

He felt a sense of despair, feeling that even he, the chosen one, could be so powerless.

“Something’s wrong! There must be a way to solve this!” He encouraged himself, and his gaze at the sky became determined again.

It was also at this moment that his eyes, which had been enhanced by the system, saw a large number of unidentified flying objects flashing past high

“Those are…” He could clearly see the black masses of unknown flying objects flying across the sky, but the passers-by did not seem to have any reaction, as if they could not see them.

“Is this a sign of the end of the world? I have to follow and take a look!”

And so, a chase began.

Of course, Li Wenyuan, who was in space, didn’t notice that a native was chasing the invisible drones. He had gathered the drones now because he had found the remains of human beings here.

I Experimental Civilization Accelerator ]

[ Introduction: This large-scale comprehensive facility is equipped with a large number of modules with different functions and a certain level of artificial intelligence. It can scan the status of species on the planet and analyze the social form, thereby promoting the progress of civilization at the appropriate node. According to our analysis, this facility is still in the experimental stage, but it can also provide us with a new scientific and technological idea ]

( New technology has been added to the technology tree ]

The giant facility hidden in the deep mountains and old forests surprised Li Wenyuan. Although it looked extremely old, its strange function was still working normally.

The scan results showed that there was a small database, a synthesis station, a low-level artificial intelligence, a scanning device that covered the entire world, and a micro-drone used to transport supplies from the synthesis station.

The database here stored all kinds of technology from the primitive era to the early interstellar era, and it was very extensive.

On the other hand, the synthesis station could synthesize many materials that were useful to native civilizations but had long been eliminated in the galaxy. This included all sorts of body-strengthening drugs, technological blueprints and old weapons…

Its scanning equipment could also monitor the situation in space and communicate with the species here.

All in all, this was a comprehensive facility that could rapidly improve the indigenous civilization here.

Li Wenyuan also thought of something. He immediately hacked the internet and began to read their history.

Sure enough, he found that the times here were progressing very quickly. Every once in a while, there would be various talented people, including various scientists, leaders, and progressors… All of them were revolutionary figures that transcended the times.

All kinds of scientific theories surpassed the times, advanced inventions that improved productivity, Wars that changed the fate of history, historical events that concerned the development of the times, and absolutely wise leaders who never made mistakes… They were everywhere in their past.

Throughout their history, it could be said that this civilization as a whole had always been progressing rapidly and had never regressed.

It took them less than 2000 years to develop from the primitive tribal era to the current information age. It could be said that they were improving at a flying speed.

This was undoubtedly very abnormal, and Li Wenyuan also understood that it was all because of the Civilization Accelerator in front of him.

“So, this thing is a ‘cheat’ for the people here?” Li Wenyuan read the history of this civilization with great interest.

In the major countries that discovered this place, there were basically all kinds of cheat-like characters in history. There were even many novels that were created based on the background of those cheater-like characters who had transmigrated back from modern times.

“It’s quite interesting. Then why did the humans leave such a ruin here? Is it for an experiment?” He thought for a moment and called out the new technology in the technology tree.

[ On the improvement of automation civilization ]

[ Technology level: 5 ]

[ Introduction: Exerting external influence on native civilizations is a powerful way to improve. How to subtly and efficiently improve them to the interstellar era has become a problem. Maybe we can try to build a fully-automated complex to achieve our goal. This Milky Way is too empty. Let’s make it more lively. ]

[ Possible technology: Universal civilization accelerator (9.9%) ]

“Empty?” Seeing this word, Li Wenyuan thought of the interstellar civilizations who were watching the fun.

It was impossible for him not to intercept the various messages flying all over the Milky Way. Of course, he also knew why these civilizations were watching the show.                                                                                                                                                                   b

The sentry formation provided a wide range of surveillance, and he had also discovered a Star Devourer heading there.

“Okay, compared to the total number of galaxies in the Milky Way, the current interstellar civilization is indeed a little small.

“But since they want to see the Star Devourers get destroyed so much, I’ll satisfy them. If I can eliminate this creature cleanly, my disguise as the lost empire will be more real.

“In that case, can the native civilizations here realize that this part of the starry sky is actually very lively?”

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