Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 893 - Is Juice Ok?

Chapter 893: Is Juice Ok?

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Is Juice Ok?

“You… Don’t come!” Zhen Yingjun backed off subconsciously and in the corner of his eyes, he saw Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu standing close to him. He immediately took out a gun from his belt and pointed it towards Chu Mengyao, “Don’t come! Forfeit now or I’m going to kill them!!!”

Lin Yi didn’t expect Zhen Yingjun to fight back so violently. He must be horrified! Lin Yi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Did he make the wrong choice? He wanted to scare Zhen Yingjun and tell him to take Ma Zhu and leave so he could find a place to heal, but he was so scared that he threatened him with Chu Mengyao!


A dull noise and a blood-curdling screech filled the air.

It wasn’t the sound of a gun, but the sound of bodies crashing together.

In the next moment, Zhen Yingjun’s gun fell onto the ground as he covered his crotch with both of his hands. His eyes were popping out of its sockets and he panted while yelping…

“Yes!” Chen Yushu gestured a ‘V’ for victory and clapped, “Wow, I made Zhen Yingjun a eunuch!”

Chen Yushu used all her strength on this kick and it was a tragedy for Zhen Yingjun. He never imagined that a weak little girl dared to attack him first! Wasn’t she scared of being shot?

However, he was in too much pain to ask the question!

Chu Mengyao couldn’t help but smile. At the same time feeling that Chen Yushu was being too impulsive, “Shu, aren’t you scared that he’ll shoot me? You sure have the guts! If I die, how could you be the concubine?”

“Oh, Yaoyao sis, you finally admitted that you decided to marry Shield bro?” Chen Yushu replied happily, “He won’t be able to because his gun’s safety lock is still on. I only moved after I saw…”

“How did you know that?” Chu Mengyao was surprised. She didn’t know that Shu made the move after she observed carefully.

“My brother took me to the military and played with guns before!” Chen Yushu spoke as she picked up the gun, “Look Yaoyao sis, the safety lock is here!”

“Be careful, don’t make it go off accidentally!” Chu Mengyao was worried, “Chuck it away!”

As Chu Mengyao finished her sentence, Chen Yushu pulled the trigger with a loud bang.

“Oh…” Chen Yushu stuck out her tongue and threw the gun on the ground, “It really did…”

“Ouch…” Zhen Yingjun rolled his eyes and he was on the verge of crying! He thought that if Chen Yushu made him have erectile problems, he might still be able to recover if he received treatment from Yaowang. But Chen Yushu shot him in the crotch and made him lose hope…

It was a misfire, but it was pretty on point?

Although Ma Zhu was in great pain, he couldn’t watch Chen Yushu kill Zhen Yingjun. His boss ordered him to protect him and he couldn’t run away without Zhen Yingjun!

Ma Zhu clenched his teeth and sprinted towards Zhen Yingjun. He lifted Zhen Yingjun up and quickly left after one last fierce glance at Lin Yi…

Ma Zhu didn’t know why Lin Yi didn’t kill Zhen Yingjun.

“Huh? Where’s Shield bro?” Chen Yushu was just about to cheer for Lin Yi but he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“Lin Yi!” Chu Mengyao saw Lin Yi lying on the ground and immediately rushed over, “Lin Yi, how are you?”

Lin Yi’s face was white and closed his eyes. He was still conscious and spoke in a tiny and weak voice, “Help me to somewhere quiet, I need to heal myself!”

“Okay!” Chu Mengyao was delighted to see that Lin Yi was still alive and quickly reach out to him.

But Lin Yi was too weak as he had no energy left. He tried to stand up with Chu Mengyao’s help but he couldn’t.

Chu Mengyao was hurt to see Lin Yi’s state and wanted to lift him up. However, she hesitated. She wasn’t his girlfriend, isn’t it inappropriate for her to hug and touch him? If others knew about it, how will she marry in the future?

Chu Mengyao valued chastity very much and that was why she reacted so violently after an indirect kiss with Lin Yi. She thought that a girl must stay loyal to one person only. The only one who could have skinship with her was her boyfriend, her future husband!

However, Lin Yi ended up like this to defeat Ma Zhu and to save her. He almost lost his life and she still cared about this? She wouldn’t marry then! Or she could marry Lin Yi! Lin Yi had seen her body when she was in the hospital and why would she care more? As soon as this idea popped out of her head, Chu Mengyao made herself jump!

Were these her real thoughts? Or… Chu Mengyao didn’t know what she would do in the future…

She looked at Chen Yushu and clenched her teeth. She reached out for Lin Yi but realized that Lin Yi was too heavy. If she was going to lift him up herself, Lin Yi will probably fall back down and said, “Shu, come help! What are you standing there for?”

“Oh, I thought that Yaoyao sis wanted Shield bro for yourself!” Chen Yushu quickly rushed over to help.

“…” Chu Mengyao was speechless. Chen Yushu and her carried Lin Yi to the cave they were in before and placed him on the ground carefully and asked, “What do I do now?”

“Use a knife to cut open the wound on my leg. Take the bullet out, let the poisonous blood out, then clean it…” Before Lin Yi could enter the space in the jade pendant, he had to take out the bullet first. Although he didn’t think the poison was too strong or he would be long dead, but he didn’t want to overlook it. What if it deteriorated over a period of time?

“Shu, go get water!” Chu Mengyao urged.

“Huh? But Yaoyao sis, we wasted all the water… Look, there’s still water there…” Chen Yushu pulled down her face and pointed at her excellent work, “Is juice ok?”

“…” Chu Mengyao was speechless but still looked at Lin Yi to seek permission.

“Of course not,” Lin Yi was amused. Chen Yushu was the funny one and she could always find joy in the dark times, “I saw a creek when I was coming up the mountain. The water’s clean…”

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