Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1456 - Wrong Person

Chapter 1456: Wrong Person

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Chapter 1455 – Wrong Person

At that thought, Lin Yi dialled up Jingyi directly.

A while ago, when Chentian had stopped harassing Jingyi, she remembered feeling rather happy about it- it was just that after a while, she realized that she hadn’t heard of Lin Yi for a long time.

It wasn’t that she liked him or anything, but she did find him really special- it was interesting spending time with him, and thought that it would have been nice if they were proper friends.

But not that Chentian was leaving her alone, she didn’t really have an excuse to go looking for him- and only then did she realize how boring life was!

Before Chentian started bothering her, and before she met Lin Yi, Jingyi didn’t think much of anything other than busying herself with company work. Life was fulfilling.

But now, thinking of the things she had done with Lin Yi, Jingyi felt that she wanted a more thrilling life!

Jingyi was someone with many sides – she seemed like the serious type, a businesswoman who was strong- she had that type of image, but in her bones she was really quite rebellious and crazy as well!

Stealing camera recordings with Lin Yi, messing with Chentian together- Jingyi felt a different, special type of thrill from it!

Naturally, when everyone heard that Chentian was now Lin Yi and Er Goudan’s follower, Jingyi did not- she was from House Sun, but she wasn’t involved in the information network there. She had been cut off from her family for a while now after all the drama, and it was only a while back that she had met her brother, Sun Yikai.

So when her phone rang, she just assumed it was something from her company- she picked it up casually, “Hello, this is Sun Jingyi.

“Jingyi, this is the Great Thief of Jiangyiang,” Lin Yi was about to look for the fruit now, and remembering the time Jingyi first called him, he couldn’t help but make a joke.

“Great thief? You’ve got the wrong number… I don’t know someone called the Great Thief…?” Jingyi paused, thinking that the guy had called the wrong number- though, did he just call her Jingyi? That meant that he knew her, and this voice was quite familiar, too…

Jingyi realized in the next moment, “Lin Yi?”

“Yeah, it’s me,” Lin Yi smiled, “It’s been a while- how are you?”

“I’m alright… The same old, busy here and there…” Jingyi didn’t know why, but she was especially happy after hearing his voice, “You? How are you recently, did you forget all about this half lover of yours? You never even asked me out.”

“Ha…” Lin Yi smiled, “That was fake, remember? How am I supposed to ask you out? It’d make more sense for us to get physical or something.”

“Idiot!” Jingyi blushed, “How come this is the only thing you think about? You already have two girlfriends, don’t drag me in with them.”

“Yeah, two girlfriends…” Remembering the time he spent with Jingyi and Xiaosiao, Lin Yi felt reminiscent all of a sudden, “But Xiaoxiao… She’s in a coma.”

“What? A coma? What happened?” Jingyi froze right away- she had a good impression of this girl, after all, and they had worked together to mess with Chentian that one time- she really didn’t expect this out of nowhere. Of course, she would be worried!

“Xiaoxiao…” Lin Yi told Jingyi about Xiaoxiao’s situation, along with how they met each other, and how they got together. It wasn’t some secret or anything, so it was fine.

“Ah- this much stuff happened between you and Xiaoxiao?” Jingyi was completely stunned- never would she have thought that crazy little girl who messed with everyone would have such a deadly sickness and had one foot in the coffin! She never showed anything when they were together!

“Yeah, so… This time, I’m going far away for her, too- to find her this medicine,” Lin Yi said, “It’s going to be a while, so if you get into any trouble, find Wu Chentian.”

“???” Jingyi didn’t know where this was coming from, “Me, Wu Chentian? I’m trying my best to hide from him, why would I go to him? Are you joking again?”

“Chentian didn’t go bother you these days, right? He’s my follower now, and he says you’re his sister-in-law- naturally he would leave you alone,” Lin Yi smiled.

“Ha? He’s your follower now?” Jingyi couldn’t wrap her head around this- Chentian was such a proud man, how would he put himself in that position? Although, it was true that Lin Yi was a mysterious and powerful man at times, but still.. making him his boss?

“Do you want to talk to him for a bit? He’s right beside me,” Lin Yi offered upon hearing hershock.

“Then… pass him the phone then?” Jingyi really did doubt the authenticity of when Lin Yi was saying – was Lin Yi really that strong as to make the heir of House Wu his follower? It really was a bit much.

“Here,” Lin Yi passed the phone to the lively Chentian.

“Jingyi sister-in-law, it’s me! I’m sorry, I really crossed the line when I kept bugging you!” Chentian had wanted to apologize to her since a long time ago, but never had the chance. Especially since he had just bounced back from his injuries and became a Mystic early phase- he had been worshipping Lin Yi the whole time. In his eyes, Lin Yi boss really was an all-powerful man! There was no way he would disrespect a woman of his.

“Wu Chentian, are you sick?” Jingyi’s face reddened after getting called sister-in-law, “What the hell are you calling me?”

“Sick? I’m not sick… Ah, no, I am sick, I got beaten up, and now I can’t even get out of bed…” Chentian remembered that Lin Yi told him to keep his condition a secret- he couldn’t let anyone know he was healed.

“What are you talking about?” Jingyi couldn’t follow this insanity.

“Alright, let me explain,” Lin Yi took over the phone helplessly, “Chentian has just recovered from a serious injury, don’t tell anyone. He’s now a physical-spiritual practitioner, Mystic class- if you get into trouble after I’m gone, call him to help you out!”

“Injured? Since when?” Jingyi paused, “He’s really a Mystic physical-spiritual practitioner? Seriously?”

Jingyi pinched her leg- was she dreaming or something? Why did this feel so ridiculous?

“You didn’t know about this?” Lin Yi paused. This girl was supposed to be from House Sun, wasn’t she? The fact that Chentian got injured was something all the houses knew, “Did House Sun not tell you?”

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