Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 10866 - Chapter 10866: Chapter 10855: The Great Battle!

Chapter 10866: Chapter 10855: The Great Battle!

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“You’re much more childish than me.” Jiang Xiaoshang looked at him with


While Lin Yi was thinking about the future, House Kong’s internal situation

was dark.

During this period of time, the Kong family could be said to have suffered consecutive setbacks, suffering a lot of losses.

He had finally released Kong Jian, thinking that he could completely reverse the situation. In the end, he was slapped by Lin Yi in the face. He was slapped in public, but he couldn’t do anything to counter it.

Ever since Kong Shenglin became the first person to ascend the throne, his

Kong family had never suffered such humiliation!

“This can’t go on. At the very least, those traitors must be severely punished. Otherwise, if they continue to cause trouble, the situation will really be out of control.”

Kong Shu, this Eldest Young Master who was extremely good at maintaining his composure in the eyes of many, was currently pacing around anxiously in

Kong Shenglin’s study.

The situation was really critical, and he had no choice but to get angry!

Although the fire had yet to reach the Kong family and only the neutral forces outside were swaying, this swaying itself was an impact and blasphemy to the Kong family’s authority.

Kong Shenglin’s face darkened. Although he did not lose his composure like his son, the rhythm of his fingers tapping on the table was clearly not as calm as before.

” Go and make arrangements. Pick a disobedient family and kill them as an example to the others. Let them see clearly what the consequences of betraying our Kong family are.” Kong Shenglin said after a moment.

Kong Shu’s eyes lit up.

Originally, with his Kong family’s prestige, a casual sentence could make those forces tremble in fear. There was no need for violent actions such as fighting and killing.

To a certain extent, this was a sign that the Kong family’s deterrence had


However, there was no other way now.

Kong Shenglin instructed,” Remember, if you want to do something, you have to do it. If you say you want to kill his entire family, you have to kill his entire family. Not even an ant can be left behind. Since you have already dirtied your reputation, you must achieve the effect!”

“I understand.” Kong Shu nodded heavily.

Just as Kong Shu turned around and was about to gather his aides to carry out this matter, a strange laughter suddenly came from the door.

“Killing people to establish your might? Hehe, the number one person of the Divine Kingdom on land actually fell to such a state. It’s really rare to see.

Looks like I’m here this time.”

As he spoke, a 300-pound fat man entered his sight. With every step he took, the ground shook like a human-shaped hill.

Under Kong Shu’s shocked gaze, this person did not seem to treat this place as the private territory of the first person. After entering, he sat down on Kong Shenglin’s exclusive armchair and casually took the exquisite snacks beside him to eat.

However, after taking a bite, he spat it out in disgust.

Kong Shu was standing too close to him, so more than half of it sprayed onto

his pants. He was about to fly into a rage.

However, when he saw the other party’s half-smile, he immediately became alert and quickly turned to look at his father.

In the end, he realized that not only was Kong Shenglin not angry, but he was also clearly respectful!

Kong Shu was completely shocked.

Who else in the world could make his father treat him like this? Even Gu Jiumu and Chu Hantian, the two top giants, didn’t have the qualifications to do so, right?

Most importantly, other than his fat appearance, the person in front of him did not exude the aura of an expert at all.

Although Kong Shu was a cripple, he had seen many experts from all walks of life since he was young. Even if he had never met them before, he could basically see through the other party’s strength with a single glance.

However, the person in front of him was a complete human black hole in his eyes.

No matter what it was, even the aura that should have been naturally emitted, it was firmly absorbed by its fat body and did not leak out.

A word flashed across Kong Shu’s mind.

The King’s Power!

In the entire Divine Kingdom on land, no one dared to be so presumptuous in front of their father. Only the descendants of the survivors of the war between the humans and the gods, who were rumored to be lurking in the Inner Court, and the powerful kings.

In the past, when he was still young, a mysterious person had come to visit him. It seemed to be the person in front of him.

“You’re not bad, kid. You know that there are some things you shouldn’t ask.”

The fat man casually glanced at Kong Shu.

The owner of the Supreme Board of Directors was the Inner Court. Although this was a secret that was almost public in the highest circles, the royal power could not directly interfere with the affairs of the Divine Kingdom on land because of the constraints of the Supreme Oracle.

As for them personally coming to the Divine Kingdom on land, they were not allowed to do so.

Therefore, even if they guessed their identities, the insiders would never ask them directly because they could not say it.

Hearing the other party’s praise, Kong Shu forced a smile on his face, but he felt a lingering fear in his heart.

If he had not been able to hold back and asked that question just now, it would not just be a matter of lowering the other party’s evaluation. In serious cases, he might even be killed on the spot.

The Supreme Oracle was no joke.

Even if he was Kong Shenglin’s son, he would die immediately if he said something wrong. There was no luck at all.

He had just truly gone around the gates of hell!

Kong Shenglin heaved a sigh of relief. He cupped his hands and bowed.” It’s been many years. Brother Zhongfeng, you still look as elegant as ever.” The fat man ate the snacks in disgust and replied casually.” Elegant as usual, my ass. I’ve been ordered to come out this time. I’ve lost weight.


Kong Shu smiled apologetically.

However, Kong Shenglin agreed.

Although tens of thousands of years had passed since the war between humans and gods, the supreme oracle left by the God of Creation was still a forbidden area that no one dared to touch.

Even though the geographical location of the Inner Court was only a hne away from the Divine Kingdom on land, if the royal power wanted to come out, not only would they have to think of ways to deceive the world, but they would also have to go through all kinds of dangers that ordinary people could not imagine. It was really not easy.

The fatty in front of him, whose alias was Bi Zhongfeng, was still more than 500 pounds the last time he saw him. Now, he was more than 300 pounds. Wasn’t he skinny?

Bi Zhongfeng was not satisfied with the meal, so he asked Kong Shenglin to get someone to make two more tables of desserts. After eating them all, he finally felt a little satisfied and brought up the serious matter.

Brother Kong, you didn’t manage the Divine Kingdom on land well. My lord is very angry.”

This sentence made Kong Shenglin’s heart skip a beat.

Although he was the number one person in the world, and no one could ride on his head in the eyes of outsiders, it was just as Gu Jiumu had told Lin Yi before. The highest board of directors was just a property company that was extended from the inner court to manage the situation of the land god country.

As the so-called number one person, he was at most the person-in-charge of the property company.

Although he had a high degree of autonomy due to the restrictions of the Supreme Oracle, he could even turn the tables at times.

However, if he were to incur the strong dissatisfaction of the Inner Court, his outcome would not be too good. After all, the highest board of directors was a property company, and the entire company was not united..

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