Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 10788 - Chapter 10788: Chapter 10777: The Great Battle!

Chapter 10788: Chapter 10777: The Great Battle!

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With his current level, especially his understanding of the nature of power, a few words of advice was enough to enlighten the people around him.

Of course, his guidance had to be moderate.

Otherwise, no matter how good Lin Yi’s directions were, everyone would lose their direction and become tools that only listened to his instructions. That wasn’t his original intention.

“That’s more like it!”

” Haha!” Dongfang Yan laughed as he put his arm around his shoulder. Then, he pointed at the door.” Oh right, someone is looking for you outside. He said he’s from the Alliance Administration.”

” I’m correcting myself. It’s the Alliance’s exotic beast administration.”

A middle-aged man in a gorgeous uniform walked in with an ultimatum in his hand.

“What are you doing?” Lin Yi glanced at him.

” I’m Sun Zhangqian, the Deputy Director of the Alliance’s Exotic Beast Management Bureau,” the middle-aged man said in a business-like tone.” I’m here today to read out the ultimatum issued by our bureau. According to the regulations issued by the Alliance, we need you to come to my Exotic Beast Management Bureau to register all the information of the exotic beasts under your name within three days.”

” A reminder, the regulations have been authorized by the highest board of directors. No one, including the giant himself, is allowed to deliberately hide and disobey. Otherwise, they will be severely punished.”

His words were filled with pride, and he didn’t treat Lin Yi as a real big guy.

This was not strange in itself.

The world’s perception would always fall behind the objective reality. Even now, there were still a lot of people who couldn’t compare Lin Yi to the giant.

This person was the deputy director of the beast management bureau, and he wasn’t a small figure in the alliance. He must have some background. It wasn’t hard to understand why he deliberately came to Lin Yi to show off and make his presence known.

“Break his legs and throw him out,” Lin Yi said with a friendly smile.

Seeing Dongfang Yan walking up to him with ill intentions, Sun Zhangqian’s expression changed drastically.” I’ll say it again. I’m the deputy director of the Bureau of Exotic Beasts. Our director is a giant from Luoxi Liu. I don’t believe you dare to treat me like this!”

“Luoxi Liu, right? Even in the highest board meeting, he wouldn’t dare to be so rude to me. Who gave you the courage to come here and show off?”

Lin Yi pursed his lips and said,”Throw him out.”

Seeing that Lin Yi wasn’t faking it, Sun Zhangqian couldn’t take it anymore. He threw down the notice in his hand and turned to run.

However, just as he turned around, a huge pressure came from behind. Sun Zhangqian did not even have time to groan before his knees went soft and he fell to his knees.

Dongfang Yan walked up with a light smile. In the next second, he frowned in disdain.

The deputy director of the exotic beast management bureau, who had been arrogant just a moment ago, wet his pants and peed his pants on the spot.

“Big Sister Dongfang, let me do it.”

Jiang Zhi, who was standing at the side, stepped forward with a sinister smile and crushed the other party’s calves. Then, he dragged the other party out like a dead dog amidst the other party’s wails.

Looking at the marks left on the ground, Dongfang Yan was somewhat speechless.” Is this guy’s brain damaged? Is he here to be tortured?”

“He’s just a small fry,” Xu Anshan said calmly.”The one behind him needs to be careful.”

“Giant Luo Xiliu?”

“When did you offend him?” Dongfang Yan raised an eyebrow at Lin Yi.

“Maybe I’m too easy to bully.” Lin Yi smiled innocently.

Everyone was speechless.

As the news of Sun Zhangqian being thrown out like a dead dog spread, the entire internet was in an uproar.

The Assassin Association battle was over, but Lin Yi’s popularity was still high. The trending searches were all related to him, and any movement at the entrance would instantly attract the attention of the entire internet.

Not to mention such a huge commotion.

No matter what, Sun Zhangqian was still someone who could be ranked in the Alliance Headquarters. Lin Yi’s ruthlessness was like throwing the entire Monster Administration’s face on the ground and stepping on it.

Unexpectedly, the public opinion was clearly on Lin Yi’s side this time.

Regarding Sun Zhangqian’s fate, not only did the netizens not have the slightest sympathy, but they were also gloating over his misfortune. He became an online meme that everyone used to make fun of him, and even his exclusive emoji package was released.

The scene was of Sun Zhangqian kneeling on the ground with a line,”I’m just that tough!”

To be honest, it wasn’t that the deputy director of the Exotic Beast Management Bureau was too unpopular. It was just that in the Divine Kingdom on land, the words ” a giant can’t be humiliated ” had long been deeply ingrained in people’s hearts.

Even if many people didn’t acknowledge Lin Yi’s status as a big guy, at least in the mainstream, Lin Yi was a real big guy.

Sun Zhangqian had offended his superiors and disrespected the giant. In the eyes of everyone, it was only natural for him to be punished.

Not to mention breaking his legs, even killing him on the spot was not a big deal.

While the internet was abuzz, Sun Zhangqian, who had been dragged back to the exotic beast administration, was crying to Luoxi.

Unlike the other departments in the Alliance Headquarters, the director of the exotic beast management bureau was Luo Xiliu, the real giant. At least in the general perception of everyone, the exotic beast management bureau was half a level higher than the other departments.

If it wasn’t for that, Sun Zhangqian wouldn’t have the guts to put on airs in front of Lin Yi.

In his mind, even if Lin Yi really did get promoted, he wouldn’t be able to match up to the director in terms of experience and strength.

Don’t forget, Luoxi Liu was not alone. He was a core member of the strongest faction!

The reason why Sun Zhangqian was so confident when he issued the ultimatum was because he felt that he was relying on the power of the strongest faction.

But who would’ve thought that Lin Yi wouldn’t care about him at all?

“Lin Yi didn’t put you and the Monster Administration in his eyes at all! He’s going too far!”

” He didn’t hit my leg,” Sun Zhangqian said indignantly.” He was simply slapping your face, Chief!”

” I don’t know.” Luo Xiliu glared at him coldly.” When did my face grow on your legs?”


Sun Zhangqian suddenly choked, and then a huge ominous feeling rose in his heart, and his expression became incomparably panicked.

As expected, Luo Xiliu said calmly,” Don’t worry about the matters in the bureau for now. Just rest and recuperate. When you’re fully recovered, you can come back.”

Sun Zhangqian quickly said,” Chief, there’s nothing wrong with my leg. I can find a medical grandmaster to treat me. It definitely won’t affect the official business of the bureau.”

He knew very well that once he retreated in the name of recuperating, it would take god knows when he would return..

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