Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1050 - Feng Xiaoxiao's True Goal

Chapter 1050: Feng Xiaoxiao’s True Goal

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Chapter 1049 – Feng Xiaoxiao’s True Goal

The four got in the car, “Where are we going?” Jingyi asked.

“Uh…” Chentian actually didn’t know much about Songshan, and it was just a sudden thought that made him want to buy Jingyi lunch. He didn’t do his research and now he didn’t know where they should go- yet he couldn’t say that out, could he? “Haha, this Songshan city doesn’t really have many good restaurants- they’re far from the ones in Yanjing!”

“Yeah, the best one in Songshan would be somewhere like Starlight Bright Restaurant, and it’s way below that place Iron Fist bro brought us to in Yanjing!” Xiaoxiao nodded, “For someone high class like Iron Fist Bro, it has to be the best of the best!”

“Haha, it’s not really that high class- anywhere that Jingyi likes is high class in my book!” Chentian was in a great mood now that Xiaoxiao had started helping him look cool, “But we’ll just go to Starlight Bright then, it’s not as good as Yanjing’s places, but in a countryside location like this it’s not bad I guess! I always meet my clients there!”

Chentian was running a company here already, so he would look fake if he didn’t even know about these sort of places in Songshan! In order to keep Jingyi from suspecting him, he used Xiaoxiaos words and decided on Starlight Bright right away! He had only gratitude for her great cooperation!

“Chentian bro, what did you say? Clients? Could it be that you’ve started a company here?” Xiaoxiao asked.

Chentian almost knelt down to thank Xiaoxiao!! She treated him nicer than his mother did, she truly did! The way she cooperated with his act of coolness, it really was the best in the world! He was just thinking of mentioning his company somehow!

“Haha, I did open a trading company. Here’s my card!” Chentian said as he took out some business cards from his pocket, giving them to Xiaoxiao, Jingyi, and Lin Yi each.

Jingyi was driving, so she only casually put the card away. Lin Yi took one look and stuffed it into his pocket, while only Xiaoxiao kept staring at it with wide eyes,”Holy moly, is this the legendary golden card?! That’s so amazing, I heard that only the top of the top chairmen use high class cards like this! This is a symbol of success!”

“It’s not that great, just a business card!” Chentian was overjoyed, “A company this big really does need to package itself- I had to get something for representation!”

“You’re right!” Xiaoxiao nodded, ” Looks like your company must be pretty huge, right, Chentian Bro? You must earn a lot?”

“It’s alright, it’s good for an allowance,” Chentian said, nodding, “I’d say around a couple Audi’s worth of money per day?”

“Oh my god, you’re so amazing! It took me many years to save up and buy an Audi, but you already have enough for so many in one day?!” Xiaoxiao opened her eyes wide, sparkling…

“This is just the initial phase- there’ll be more in the future!” Chentian nodded gleefully.

“Then do I call you Chentian Bro or Chairman Wu from now on?” Xiaoxiao asked.

“Haha, anything you want!” Chentian felt his pores opening in pleasure- this Xiaoxiao was born to make him look cool!!

“House Wu is one of the noble houses- with resources and connections, they have it very easy to start a company and earn money- as long as the one running it isn’t an idiot!’ Jingyi said coldly.

“Wha?!” Chentian froze, his face awkward!

Jingyi was right- any member of a noble house wouldn’t have any difficulty running a successful business with the connections that ran along the city. They basically only needed to find the right route, and money would flow in- yet Chentian didn’t make any effort at all, he only wanted to show off to Jingyi, and so he wasn’t earning any money!

So wouldn’t that mean that he was the idiot Jingyi just mentioned? Chentian didn’t have any retorts, either- if he did, he’d label himself an idiot!

“That’s right, but even still there’s people who earn a lot and people who don’t! Like Chentian Bro, with large piles of income flowing in like that every day- that’s very rare even with his advantages, and it shows how amazing Chentian Bro is!” Xiaoxiao said.

Chentian’s brows went up in glee at the words! This Xiaoxiao was such a nice person- with a few words she had turned him into someone who stood out even among his noble house business peers!

“Haha, I guess I am a little bit better than the average person!” Chentian said, pleased.

“Yeah, just one look at how you punished those three idiots earlier- you were so strong!” Xiaoxiao said, worshipping him, “Chentian Bro, when you said ‘you think I look like someone without money?’, you looked so cool and powerful!”

“Haha, that’s true, those three stooges, thinking that paying up would redeem their actions? Yeah right! If I weren’t to beat them up until their moms couldn’t recognize them then I’d drop my name as Iron Fist Wu!” Chentian started laughing loudly, accepting the nickname of Iron Fist Wu. He felt that it was a powerful name!

“Yeah, that bit of money probably they paid you probably wasn’t much at all, right Chentian Bro? Just a day’s income?” Xiaoxiao saked.

“Of course! Five million is nothing in my eyes!” Chentian nodded proudly, “A day’s worth, I suppose!”

“I knew it, I was thinking that you only asked them for money to give them a deep punishment, so they wouldn’t go around breaking cars!” Xiaoxiao nodded.

“Of course, that five million is far from enough to fill my pockets!” Chentian said.

“Oh, but five million may be small change to Chentian Bro, it is big money for a commoner like me! How about this, Chentian Bro, why don’t you give me this money and let me go buy a good car? It’s nothing to you anyway!” Xiaoxiao said seriously.

“Wha?!” Chentian’s eyes went wide, and he froze! He dind’t expect Xiaoxiao to ask for money!

Jingyi was driving, and the words coming from Xiaoxiao almost caused her to drive off her lane- she finally understood what Xiaoxaio was after, she was laying a trap for Chentian, pushing him so high that he couldn’t back down! If he didn’t pay up now, then all those things he said earlier would be bullshit!

Jingyi finally understood why Lin Yi didn’t care about how Xiaoxiao was worshipping Chentian- it was because Lin Yi didn’t care, indeed! He was confident from the start that Xiaoxiao didn’t worship him at all, she wanted to scam Chentian!!

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